13 Jul
200 m3 -1
Shipping Potable Water to Africa in Flexitanks
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Flexitanks are the ideal solution for shipping potable water to Africa. These tanks are also the perfect alternative to outdated drums that are no longer logistically viable. Th...
23 Jun
Importing and Exporting Apple Syrup/ concentrate in Flexitanks
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Bulk liquid transportation doesn’t have to be a burden. If you want a simplified process, Techno Group USA offers reliable flexitanks that offer a cost-effective solution ...
23 Mar
Wine Flexitank
Why You Should Use Flexitanks To Transport Wine
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Transporting any food grade liquid is a difficult proposition, but wine is something that needs the right conditions to be kept well. It’s difficult to keep it in the righ...
13 Feb
What are Flexitank Reservoirs Used For?
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Container trade is responsible for around 60% of all international seaborne trade. The shipping market is worth well over $12 trillion U.S. dollars, with the quantity of shipped...
29 Dec
techno group logistics
Flexitanks vs. ISO Tank Containers for Bulk Liquid Transportation
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
There are numerous logistical challenges that producers and distributors face today. These challenges make it essential to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. By understan...
27 Sep
Understanding Bulk Liquid Transport Equipment
Category: bulk liquid transport
The freight industry trasports three types of goods: gases, liquids, and solids or dry goods. All these three categories of goods have their own specialized type of equipment re...