How to Save Money When Shipping Bulk Liquids

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While the transportation of goods is a common practice around the globe, you might not give it much thought if you aren’t in the transport industry. This is especially true when it comes to bulk liquid transportation, which has different requirements from the transportation of solid goods.

Understanding bulk liquid transport helps our clients make prudent choices concerning the proper transportation and storage of the liquid products they offer. If you’re looking to save costs when transporting liquids, our flexitanks provide an effective and affordable way to do so. Here’s a list of ways to save costs.

Reduced Labor Costs

Our flexitanks will decrease your labor costs since they enable easy handling when it comes to unloading and loading. Subsequently, your staff will notice a decrease in the logistic costs. We are confident that the design of our flexibags makes it convenient for our clients to reduce the unloading and loading times compared to using IBC totes or drums.

Typically, we’ll empty our flexibag into a shipping container before attaching a hose to the nozzle to allow liquid pumping. Once we are done with filling and sealing, our flexitanks are ready for use. You’ll notice there’s no need for heavy lifting or drum moving. Instead, we just need to fill our flexibag with a hose, allowing efficiency and affordability.

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Accommodation of More Liquid during Transportation

Affordable bulk liquid transport is possible with our flexibags, which can translate into huge savings than using drums. Consequently, we decrease freight costs.

Decreased Packaging

Using our flexibags for bulk liquid transport eliminates the waste generated by conventional shipping. If you’re shipping huge liquid volumes, you’ll require containers or bottles and other forms of packaging to prevent container breakage.

You might even need to use shrink wrap to maintain the crates in position. In this case, you’re better off using our flexitanks than pay for the packaging required for product shipping. Furthermore, you’ll reduce the money spent on recycling packaging materials.

Shortened Unloading and Loading of Bulk Liquids

You’ll discover that flexitank transportation requires a few people for loading to take place. This can take place in approximately 90-120 minutes. This time is shorter than the duration we would use to fill a 20ft. ISO container. It’s worth noting that once we load a product into a flexitank, we don’t have to change containers, so it moves from the producer to the end user.

During conventional shipping, the product might at times need transferring to various containers, increasing the likelihood of compromising product integrity. Thankfully, our reliable flexibag containers eliminate this.

Appropriate Packing Materials

The right packaging material can help our customers save money regardless of what you ship. For instance, bulk liquid transportation needs flexibags for cost-efficiency. We recommend clients to use the best possible product packaging to avoid unnecessary costs in materials or in the space consumed by the product. Therefore, it’s vital you consider this when choosing packing materials.

Bulk Liquids Transport

It’s worth noting that bulk liquid transportation differs from other forms of transport. This form of transport entails the transport of liquids in bulk, during which we pump such products into our reliable flexibags before moving them to their intended destination.

While this transportation method suits some types of liquids, it’s equally important to recognize possible contamination issues. For that reason, we adhere to stringent cleaning and handling procedures. In the case of ingested liquids, for instance, milk, proper transportation might involve sterilization to ensure our tanks are reliable.

After all, these tanks transport products meant for human consumption, so delicate handling is necessary. Proper handling isn’t just necessary during the shipping. We also recommend it during storage or packaging before shipping takes place.  

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Safe Bulk Liquids Transportation

Safe bulk liquid transportation is an important aspect in this industry. While it’s important we provide bulk liquid solutions at TECHNO GROUP USA, we equally ensure the liquids being transported don’t cause surrounding damage. That’s why we prioritize sustainable packaging. To ensure you choose appropriate packaging, there’s a great need to collaborate with the right provider in terms of packaging and transportation.

The safe transportation of bulk liquids demands the recognition of the product origin and its destination. It’s worth noting that contamination and other issues can arise at the drop-off point or origination point even if proper protection occurs throughout travel.

Remember, the transportation and shipping process goes beyond placing liquids in containers and onto a chosen transport means.

Factors that Affect Bulk Shipping

When it comes to offering bulk liquid solutions, rates differ tremendously based on numerous factors. The goods you ship will therefore determine the charges your transport company will impose. Some of the factors that will determine the amount you spend include:

Weight and Size

When establishing shipping expenses, weight and size are two significant factors that transport companies consider. Therefore, we expect you to provide precise weight and measurements.


The distance we cover when transporting your products will affect your costs. Instead of determining charges based on the miles covered, most transport companies implement a formula to determine risk based on the destination, shipment’s origin, and type. Based on such elements, you might enjoy lower shipping rates with distance, based on haul costs and transport methods.

Bulk shipping of liquids is increasingly gaining popularity, and while it has its benefits, it’s worth recognizing limits exist to bulk shipping and the types of goods you can transport in this manner. You can count on us to deliver if you’re seeking a reliable company to offer reliable transport solutions.

Author: miamiseo