Understanding Bulk Shipping Rules from the US to Canada

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Bulk Liquid Transport

Bulk liquid transportation companies transport huge liquid quantities from one location to the next through commercial vehicles. Businesses transport liquid products such as petroleum and lubricants in this industry to maintain business operations. We recognize that bulk liquid transport is typically more challenging than solid or dry materials because it requires specialized equipment and is potentially dangerous.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Canada and the US have moved to limit entry while discouraging non-essential travel. Despite the stringent restrictions, bulk shipping continues between the two countries. If you’re looking to provide bulk shipping services to Canada, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

Transporting Bulk Liquids: The Process

When providing bulk liquid transportation services, we don’t dispense the liquid in a secondary container for transport. Instead, we discharge the liquid directly into the transporting container. The common means for providing bulk liquid solutions involves bulk trailers-the huge cylindrical containers are stainless steel-made.

Containers come uninsulated, insulated, or have distinct chambers to transport different kinds of liquids. Before liquid transportation, we’ll usually inspect the storage container for leaks, which cause product loss. Once we determine the product and transporting vehicle are secure, we pump the liquid product into the trailer with hoses.

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Steps to Following When Shipping to Canada

Contracting with a Customs Broker

The first step toward shipping to Canada involves contracting a customs broker. This step usually takes place before selecting a carrier for product transportation.  A customs broker describes a licensed agent who offers guidance on completing the border-crossing paperwork and the payment of the associated fees and taxes.

A customs broker will represent you when dealing with Canadian authorities. Furthermore, the licensed individual is responsible for preparing the essential border-crossing documents. You’ll find numerous brokers specializing in US-Canada bulk liquid transportation companies; just ensure you conduct due diligence.

Organize Transportation

You’ll need to organize how to transport your liquid products. Your bulk liquid transport partner could be a person or organization. Whichever the case, we recommend you confirm whether they have the authorization to operate in Canada.

Furthermore, your chosen driver should possess the essential qualifications to transport the shipment. Remember to issue your contact details and broker’s number to your bulk liquid transportation partner. 

Truck Loading

While truck loading might appear like a transition process in the transport chain, it plays an important role in the US-Canada shipping process. For this reason, the process must be efficient. During the loading process, the placement of the PARS sticker should be on the bill of lading.

Remember that crossing the border without a PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System) account is impossible. You’ll typically find the number incorporated in a barcoded sticker for easy scanning. With the appropriate PARS number and the essential border-crossing documents, your entry into Canada won’t be troublesome.

Electronic Manifesto

Your shipment can’t proceed as a shipper unless you complete an online electronic manifest. You need essential information such as the truck weight, PARS number, and bill of lading details to do so. Subsequently, you’ll forward the information and the commercial invoice to the broker, who will proceed to complete an e-manifest.

While the Canadian version of the electronic manifest is termed Advanced Commercial Information, the American version is termed the Automated Commercial Environment. 

Cross-border Shipment

Once you’ve confirmed the completion and submission of the e-manifesto, your bulk cargo will be ready to cross the border.

While in transit, your driver will undergo procedural check-ins before entering Canada. For instance, the carrier must verify with the broker to ensure the border-crossing documents are in order. 

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The Essentials for Canada Shipping

Canadian Paperwork

We recognize that providing bulk liquid solutions to Canada demands extra work than domestic shipping. We urge you to secure three kinds of paperwork when performing cross-border business: a bill of lading, a NAFTA certificate of origin, and a Canadian Customs Invoice.

We recommend you verify the accurate completion of all documentation to prevent delays in delivery and transit. We encourage collaboration with a logistics provider or customs broker on the paperwork to enhance accurate shipments and decrease damage and delays. Bear in mind that some carriers might require it before accepting your shipment.


These procedures ease lags when cross-border business takes place. It’s worth noting that Canadian customs require all shipment information before freight arrival at the border. Consequently, your driver won’t need to wait in long queues and can simply provide an eManifest card to permit border entry.

We urge shippers to schedule shipments beforehand and collaborate with the carrier to ensure proper and accurate paperwork completion.

Navigation of Multiple Quotes

Juggling numerous freight quotes can be tricky, particularly when several national borders are concerned. Cross-border quotes can be complex since several cost-related factors, including exchange rates, need consideration.

The easiest and fastest strategy to request numerous quotes is through online platforms, preferably with organizations that provide simple structures, for instance, uniform pricing. Online quote services can save you money, time, and hassle in bulk shipping.


Providing bulk liquid solutions in Canada is costly, so you might be tempted to omit the insurance expenses. However, making an extra payment to protect your shipment and yourself against fines and the possibility of damaged products will prove beneficial in the long term.

Numerous carriers incorporate basic insurance in their rates. However, we recommend you access insurance from independent providers if you need extra protection. Besides insurance, most bulk liquid transportation companies provide tracking services, which permit online monitoring while your shipment is in transit. This service will keep you informed of your shipment’s delivery and alert you if something happens to your shipment. 

If you’re looking to provide bulk liquid transport in Canada, you must identify the associated policies to ensure you operate your business ethically and efficiently.

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