Best Practices for Shipping Bulk Liquid Internationally

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Bulk liquid transport to international destinations must follow specific guidelines and protocols. For one, your cargo must be labeled accordingly for identification purposes. This includes your business name, place of export, cargo volume, and whether it’s liquid or non-liquid items you are shipping. In addition, your label should be placed on a storage tank like the Flexibags offered by TECHNO GROUP USA.

It is also essential to provide any mandatory shipping documentation. This includes manifest, along with recipient and customs information. The best way is to speak to your recipient to ensure they have cleared everything for timely bulk liquid solutions. Remember, all countries are different and may require special codes or registrations before items can be shipped to their destinations.

Here are three steps that must be met to prevent shipping delays or issues:

  • Transportation to international ports: Bulk liquids may be stored at the ports they arrive at after being unloaded. They will then be loaded and taken to your recipient, or they may go to the docks and pick up as planned. Storage areas are owned by the shipping carrier companies you and your recipient have chosen. However, it would be best if you had durable, sturdy, and leaf-free Flexibags or Flexitanks from TECHNO GROUP USA that ensures timely deliverables of your bulk liquids without costly delays.
  • Loading onto merchant carriers: Bulk liquid transportation also includes loading tanks onto the deck of shipping vessels. This is usually done via crane, but Flexitanks are versatile enough to be stored onto twenty-foot shipping containers without slipping and shuffling. They are also easy to load, unload, and keep in warehouses for pickup or before being shipped out again.
  • Unloading at international ports: Your bulk liquid cargo will be loaded onto trucks for final delivery at the international port or destination. TECHNO GROUP USA bulk liquid Flexitanks are ideal for shipping via sea, land, or rail. This makes them exceptionally versatile and the go-to products for international shippers, importers, and exporters. Whether delivering to warehouses or directly to client businesses abroad, make sure all labeled information is readable, and all permits and registrations are fully paid before the shipping begins.

Which options should you consider for bulk liquid international shipping?

Finding bulk liquid solutions does not have to be complicated. Flexitanks are non-reusable, large tanks that store vast amounts of bulk liquids. Load the liquids into the bag and load them onto a 20′ standard shipping container. These units are the cost-effective solution to outdated IBC drums and ISO tanks. In addition, flexibags are designed for one-time usage, so you don’t have to worry about recycling or to clean them to use again.  

These units are made of durable materials that are interwoven for guaranteed performance. This reduces oxygen mitigation securing the integrity and quality of the liquids you want to ship abroad. They are also safe, secure, and easy to place shipping labels for international cargo requirements. You also need to check with your carrier if they accept flexitanks; most companies take them, saving you a lot of time and money. Here are some more bulk liquid transport essentials to keep in mind:

  • Flexitanks have a capacity of 24,000 liters (or 6,340 gallons). This allows them to hold bulk liquids equivalent to any ISO tank.
  • Flexibags are easily manufactured but must meet stringent quality control requirements. This makes them easy to obtain from TECHNO GROUP USA despite the high demand for these must-have shipping units. Flexitanks are also cheaper than costly ISO tanks helping increase your shipping volumes and decreasing supply chain costs.
  • Bulk liquid transportation to international ports requires the proper tanks. However, flexitanks have been proven to work every time, and TECHNO GROUP USA provides timely logistics for new and existing clients.

What else to know for international shipping?

Bulk liquids can be transported to most destinations across the world. However, some countries have stringent guidelines that must be followed accordingly. Another step to consider is if your recipient’s country accepts certain liquids in bulk. It would be best to clarify this before the shipping process commences, saving you time, money, and frustration. Flexitanks can easily hold non-hazardous commodities like bulk water, juices, concentrates, wines, and pharmaceuticals. They can also hold non-liquid dry goods, but it’s essential to check which products can be shipped to your business partners abroad.

Bulk liquid transportation internationally requires an experienced company on your side. TECHNO GROUP USA has years of experience in global bulk shipping. Their products continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews worldwide. Whether shipping via sea, land, or rail, you can rely on this company to meet all your bulk liquid shipping needs within time and budget.

What about international bulk liquid shipping rates?

As part of the best practices for international bulk liquid shipping, TECHNO GROUP USA examines each Flexitank before it goes to market. They also run a battery of tests ensuring quality control and global bulk fluid shipping compliance. This saves you time since you will be busy communicating with your recipients about the pending shipment. However,  TECHNO GROUP USA also communicates with both sender and receiver and provides timely logistics that ensure prompt deliveries worldwide.

This is part of their bulk liquid solutions, so exporters and importers can ensure their items are handled with care and professionalism. Regarding international shipping rates, these depend on the items themselves. For example, expensive wines may require more from the shipping company if they are clarified as a higher freight class. In contrast, regular water or standard liquids may cost less overall shipping charges. Flexitanks are designed to hold all liquids and ensure their integrity and value when loading and unloading.

Shipping and freight class considerations should be made in advance of shipping. You need to check the weight, density, and ease of loading and unloading account. This will speed up the process, and your bulk liquids are always in good hands with TECHNO GROUP USA. As your premier bulk liquid transport company, they will achieve your desired results.

Author: miamiseo