How to Transport Bulk Liquids 101

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Bulk liquid transport poses some challenges for shippers and recipients. For one, you need to maintain the integrity and quality of the items you are sending abroad. There are also essential documents that must be visible on the tanks transporting your liquids. These include shipping origin, destination, weight, volume, and precisely what is inside the tanks. Whether shipping to storage warehouses or international docks, you need to fully comply with maritime laws and any regulations your destination mandates.

It would be best if you also stayed in contact with your shipping company, and they should provide you with updates and timely logistics. A company like TECHNO GROUP USA has a proven track record of success in bulk liquid transport solutions. With years of extensive industry experience, they have successfully shipped and transported countless volumes of bulk liquids over land, sea, and rail. When it comes to bulk liquid solutions, you can rely on this company and their signature Flexitanks or Flexibags to do the job right.

Why choose Flexitanks for bulk liquid shipments?


Flexitanks are ideal for bulk liquid transport to international destinations. They are multi-layered bags with a capacity of up to 25,000 liters (6,900 gallons). These tanks are versatile, mobile, and easy to load onto standard 20″ containers. Teams can pump your bulk liquids into the tanks from the top or bottom of the units. Like ISO tanks, Flexitanks can hold up to 24-25 tonnes (53,000 – 55,000 lbs) to ensure the maximum pressure limits.

These units improve your ROI and save time and money. They also take the pressure off of teams having to perform repetitive tasks. Flexitanks are the best bulk liquid solutions, especially for time-sensitive shipments. However, it is recommended not to overload any tanks, drums, or ISO tanks. Stay within the maximum limits to prevent leaks and optimize your loads. Your teams can also use weighing jacks to ensure they are not overloading the tanks at any time.

When it comes to bulk liquid transport, you also must check which items are permitted in the country where you are shipping liquids. Flexitanks are ideal for non-hazardous, harmless commodities like water, juice, concentrates, and other safe fluids. For example, if you are shipping beer, wine, and chemicals, look for tanks with barrier coats or osmosis prevention systems. These units will prevent the elements from damaging the quality and integrity of your liquids. In addition, Flexitanks are ideal for oxygen and moisture-sensitive products like the ones listed above. These units are also easy to unload and keep your beverages safe and fresh, even in storage or waiting for pickup and transport.

What are the benefits of using Flexitanks for bulk liquid shipping?

Having bulk liquid solutions to problems saves downtime and overhead costs. However, as a shipper, problems will arise, and you must have timely solutions or risk losing business. Staying in touch with your recipient is essential in preventing costly delays. You and your partner must have all necessary documents in place, including maritime registries, shipping origin, shipping destination, and descriptive words for the content in the tank. These should be preferably in English or translated to English once the tanks reach their destination. A company like TECHNO GROUP USA provides all the logistical support you need to have peace of mind.

They take care of communications, transport, arrival and handle all paperwork and particulars so you can do business accordingly. Here are some more advantages of using Flexitanks, better alternatives to drums, barrels, and ISO units.

  • Faster loading and unloading saves your team crucial time.
  • Cost-effective bulk liquid transportation than other units like IBCs, drums, and barrels. Flexitanks help you save money on packaging costs.
  • Designed for one-time use, so there is never any contamination or cargo to worry about.
  • Maximize your payload due to the low weight of the equipment.
  • Perfect for land and sea shipments to destinations abroad.
  • It can also be used on the rail if needed for domestic bulk liquid transportation.
  • Flexitanks cannot be reused, so there are never any recycling costs or issues to worry about.
  • Flexitanks are not for hazardous goods. You can easily apply identification labels on these units for shipping officials. This saves time money and is part of the bulk liquid shipping criteria.

Having Flexitanks in your bulk shipping inventory

Flexitank kit techno tanks

Bulk liquid transportation 101 can vary due to different rules and regulations. For example, Russia does not allow many items to be exported into its country. So again, it would be best if you found out which liquids, dry goods, or other items are allowed to be shipped before starting the shipping process. The USA and Canada have similar import/export deals, so it’s not as restrictive, except for banned substances and illegal products.

Having Flexitanks is an excellent idea to maintain the consistency of your bulk shipping. However, you may also use different drums and barrels in your inventory. These may be made out of steel, plastic, and fiber. While these are permanent staples in the shipping industry, they pale compared to Flexitanks. Drums and barrels may experience leaks, which can severely impact your business reputation and relations. In addition, these units may only allow you to ship lower capacities of bulk liquid cargo. This can affect your business, especially if you have a client that needs mass liquids or other items as soon as possible. If you are struggling with bulk shipping issues, it is best to contact the experts at TECHNO GROUP USA today. They can help you choose the best tanks to achieve all your desired results.

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