Top Reasons to Use Flexibags or Flexitank for Bulk Liquid Shipping

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Previously, bulk liquid transportation was deemed possible through huge tanks, which caused contamination and spacing concerns. This was due to inappropriate washing techniques and the aging procedure. However, these concerns faced considerable reduction due to the invention of flexitanks, which we recommend for providing efficient bulk liquid solutions. The flexibility of Flexibags makes them popular along with the fact that they’re designed specifically for liquids. Here’s why we recommend them for bulk liquid shipping.

Travel Considerations

At TECHNO GROUP USA, we recommend flexibags for bulk liquid transportation because they provide an opportunity to use other travel choices when transporting products. Traveling across oceans and other water bodies implies that the flexibags will need placement in a 20ft. container for convenience.

The concern for liquid bulk transportation companies that need those shipments made is that flexibags are the only solution because airplanes won’t permit containers aboard. However, they appreciate the convenience that accompanies flexitanks, which our staff can place neatly aboard.

Product Quality

At TECHNO GROUP USA, our flexitanks maintain liquid quality if you’re seeking bulk liquid solutions.  These bags comprise several polyethylene layers, each fitted with a valve and pump, making them waterproof, airproof, and weatherproof. You’ll discover that they’re mostly meant for single-use, which contributes to a decreased likelihood of contamination.

Cost Savings

More shippers are shifting towards flexibags these days because they’re much cheaper, unlike tanks, drums, and other kinds of containers used for bulk liquid solutions. Research suggests that they yield between 25% and 30% cost savings.

Decreased Receiving and Shipping

The convenience that comes with unloading and loading flexitanks offers additional benefits. Rather than trying to use a forklift to maneuver a massive tank into a shipping zone, simply placing a flexibag after another has been approximated to decrease the time to unload and load by 90%.

Furthermore, you can add 30% more liquids to a single load, which implies more revenue as well as containment on shipping expenses. You don’t need to worry about a container, which would typically lead to extra freight charges. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with washing containers, which consumes precious time and costs more money.

They Provide Bigger Quantities than Barrels

Unlike IBCs and drums, you can easily fill up our flexibags at once. That is, you don’t need to fill up numerous containers and load them onto a truck. Our flexitanks allow fill-up once you place them inside a shipping container for efficient use. Subsequently, you can ship higher liquid volumes at once.

Flexibags Can Provide Temperature Protection and Economic Viability

Working with liquid bulk transportation companies comes with savings, which can help improve your company’s bottom line. That implies that businesses that experience tighter profits don’t need to worry about bulk liquid transportation affecting their margins.

Depending on what you’re transporting, you can use flexitanks with thermal insulation. This can be crucial for products that demonstrate temperature sensitivity or shipments that might be traveling through adverse weather conditions.


A major benefit of using flexitanks is that once product delivery has taken place, you can simply recycle the bag. After all, the bag is mostly polyethylene-made, making it environmentally friendly.

Flexibags are Easy Use

Flexibags are easy to use and allow fast connection to hoses for unloading and loading while maximizing container space. At TECHNO GROUP USA, you can be confident that our staff adopts the best practices in unloading and loading.

You don’t need special equipment

The process of loading and unloading liquids from our flexitanks just requires a pump or compressor and a suction hose. Conversely, ISO tanks require expensive machinery, for instance, cranes for offloading and loading tanks from trailers.


Our customers have a chance to offset their carbon footprint when they use our flexitanks for bulk liquid transportation. Flexitanks are economically viable and offer a more sustainable choice for bulk shipping. You’ll also discover that they provide a more sustainable solution than alternative transportation methods such as IBC totes and drums.

Safe Packaging

Our flexibags are water and airproof because they consist of several packaging layers. Each layer consists of pumps and valves, which play a significant role in sealing off air and water. Consequently, this ensures the safe transport of edible oils without posing a contamination risk.

Flexibags Efficiency

Our flexibags provide a more cost-efficient solution over totes or ISO tanks. For this reason, they’ve become the principal substitute for companies seeking savings on transporting any kinds of liquids, including non-hazardous chemicals and concentrates. They also provide lower labor and loading costs without repositioning costs. This makes them suitable for remote destinations.

Fuel Storage

You can easily store liquid fuels such as gasoline and oil in flexibags since they comprise a berm and protective lining to offer extra safety to the adjacent environment.

Food-grade Storage

Our flexibags permit the safe storage of liquid ingredients, for instance, milk and fructose syrup. Currently, the storage bank comprises a new configuration. This means that it can accommodate 2-3 smaller flexibags.

Featuring standard and barrier films, the newly-configured storage tanks undergo autonomous welding and are suitable for food-grade and pharmaceutical products while offering ideal oxygen permeation.

The new tanks comprise a non-slip and non-moveable mat with air vents. The tanks’ new design permits refrigeration and temperature control for liquid shipment that must maintain cold temperatures.  If you’re in the business of transporting products that require temperature control such as milk and juice, liquid bulk transportation companies are now offering reefer containers for cost savings, unlike refrigerated trucks.

If your business deals with shipping bulk liquids, our durable flexibags offer the ideal solution to your needs. Our customers can therefore count on us to offer effective bulk liquid solutions.

Author: miamiseo