Why You Should Consider Using Techno Group USA Flexibags for Bulk Liquid Transport

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Conventionally, the transportation of huge quantities of liquids takes place in IBCs, plastic, or metal drums. However, the cost of storage tanks or drums can eat into your profits. That’s where flexibags come in. These storage solutions come in handy if you’re looking to transport bulk liquids.

Typically, these storage bags comprise durable plastic material and can accommodate up to 24,000 liters of liquid. Furthermore, they comprise numerous layers to avoid leakage and accidental tears. If you’re looking to use these bags, here’s why you should use our flexitanks for sale.

How Flexitanks Work

Flexibags are huge storage containers that transport non-hazardous liquids such as bulk juices. At the core, these foldable and flexible bags transform a typical shipping container for dry goods into a liquid one.

It’s worth noting that you can load or discharge liquids from the bottom or top of our tanks. When using these storage bags, we fill and empty liquids with special pumps, which must be positive-displacement and self-priming.

Our flexitanks for sale typically comprise anti-suction valves to fix to a pump. You’ll find these valves effective in ensuring leakage prevention throughout the discharge and filling of fluids. Furthermore, they prevent residue from remaining in the tank.

Why Use Our Flexibags

Cost Savings

More liquid shippers are shifting towards our flexibags nowadays. After all, they’re much cheaper than tanks, drums, and other kinds of containers for transporting bulk liquids. In particular, flexitanks accommodate more liquid products than standard ISO tanks.

Our bags are also seamless to unload and load because of valves and pumps. This translates into decreased payroll costs and fewer labor prerequisites. Also, they’re single-use, so you can recycle or dispose at the destination to eradicate return expenses. Our bags ease and decrease logistics expenses, permitting our customers to get their products to the market promptly.


We recognize that numerous products need special temperatures throughout the transport. For products that require heating before unloading, we’re ready to offer heatable flexitanks for sale. If necessary, you can have the containers insulated with unique insulating boards.


Although our flexibags are single-use carriers for bulk liquid transportation, they’re not only recyclable but also durable given appropriate maintenance. This decreases packaging waste, making brands sustainable and subsequently more appealing to our eco-conscious customers. Also, the plastic material and other auxiliary components of the bag typically undergo recycling, unlike containers and drums, which might comprise different materials.

Ease of Use


You’ll find our flexibags for sale easy to use and you’ll save time when it comes to unloading and loading the liquid cargo. You’re probably aware that individual tanks consume time when loading and unloading while it’s possible to fill and empty flexitanks in one go with a hose and pump.

Enhanced Availability

You can position our flexibags for sale anywhere and it’s cheaper to sustain available stock than other storage containers such as ISO tanks, which need cleaning and repositioning upon use.

Selecting the Flexibags

While flexibags for sale are meant to fit into a 20ft container, these storage bags aren’t similar in their construction. We recommend you consider these factors during your selection.


The container works to protect a flexibag against environmental damage and ensures product quality by decreasing moisture, air, and light exposure. Consequently, you should prioritize container quality.  Besides being impact resistant and sturdy, these storage bags should feature locking bars, a safe floor, and corrugated sidewalls for secure bulk liquid transportation.

Valve Design

A flexibag can have various valve designs: top discharging and top-loading; bottom discharging, and bottom loading; and bottom discharging and top-loading. To recognize a suitable one for your bulk transportation needs, we recommend you consider your product’s density, temperature, and viscosity.

Choosing Bulk Transportation

When selecting a carrier for your bulk transportation needs, various factors need consideration. From using suitable equipment throughout transport to ensuring staff has proper training, bulk transportation can be intricate, so carrier selection must entail thorough vetting. Here’s a list of factors worth considering:

Prioritize Safety

The carrier you pick will be responsible for handling various liquids, so it’s crucial they meet the regulatory requirements of state and federal authorities.

Don’t just believe a carrier’s word that they execute safe operations. You might want to inquire about their safety metrics. A safe carrier will be ready to issue these metrics besides having various safety procedures in place, for instance, rigorous training for drivers, innovative safety technology, and consistent meetings to analyze any incidents.

Diverse Service

When seeking a carrier, consider expanding your search outside the local market. You’ll want to investigate national or regional partners with diverse services and the ability to implement short-haul and long-haul projects. Nationwide and regional carriers will enable efficiency even if you just need local transportation due to their extensive fleet.

Timely Delivery

Unreliable service is common. But it doesn’t need to be so. The key to locating a reliable bulk carrier is to collaborate with teams that operate 24/7/365. Someone should always be available to mitigate and troubleshoot the issue regardless of the time it arises. Another vital element in timely, effective service is the fleet service. This means that your chosen carrier should be in a position to provide timely services.

Updated Equipment

Reliable services are necessary if you want efficient business operations. A major factor that will help establish efficient timely service is a carrier’s equipment. You must use a carrier with a huge fleet and suitable containers, hoses, and adapters for the project, but at the same time, understand the equipment’s condition.

Efficient bulk transportation is necessary for any company that wants to set itself apart in the industry. An important way of achieving this is by acquiring our quality flexibags for sale. You want to make sure you invest in the right carrier as well to ensure your needs are met.

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