What is Bulk Liquid Food Grade Transportation?

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Food grade transportation is a specialized area, so selecting reliable bulk liquid transportation is crucial to ensuring appropriate handling of your freight. The company you choose must also demonstrate the expertise to transport your freight properly and safely while providing superior customer service.

At TechnoGroupUSA, we’re committed to delivering your product efficiently and safely. Furthermore, our stringent adherence to product safety ensures product integrity during the shipping process.

We take pride in using state-of-the-art equipment accompanied by a thorough sanitizing process to ensure all equipment and handling procedures surpass industry standards. Here’s what you need to know about this area.

Why Choose Us for Food Grade Transportation

When it comes to bulk liquid transportation, various factors are involved in terms of product delivery and logistics. After all, a wide range of items need bulk liquid transport in this area. Moreover, the industry has different guidelines and requirements that need stringent adherence when it comes to items such as oils and dairy products. Here’s why you need our services in food-grade transportation.


An integral constituent that encompasses these products is that our bulk liquid transportation tank undergoes thorough cleaning. This way, we ensure that we maintain products in proper condition. Additionally, we undertake careful inspections of all tanks to ensure that the insulation and lining remain visible.

Shipping Options

In some instances, refrigerated shipping or transportation might be necessary. For this reason, we adopt temperature-controlled bulk liquid transportation for long hauls. Our bulk liquid solutions include flexitanks for convenient product delivery. This approach further addresses environmental concerns and permits our customers to widen the range of their options. Bulk shipping can also take place through ISO tanks, which involve vacuum-sealed and high-pressure tanks.

High Standards

We aren’t merely interested in meeting the minimum prerequisites in this area. Rather, we adopt rigorous standards for quality control. Our stringent protocols offer our customers peace of mind while simultaneously protecting them against compromised products.

We ensure that we protect our customers against any possible pitfalls that could arise at some point in the delivery. Throughout the process, we ensure prompt delivery or pickup to ensure we meet deadlines and establish a stronger bond between us and our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients can be confident that the tanks we use for bulk liquid transportation undergo thorough cleaning and inspection before shipping takes place. In addition, we ensure the tanks we use are in excellent shape, with sufficient lining and insulation. It’s our priority to serve our customers’ transportation needs to their gratification. Therefore, we ensure the safe arrival of whichever product we ship.

Tech-supported Solutions

Such situations demand the adoption of state-of-the-art technology to ensure proper maintenance and allow our customers to access current information regarding their orders. Specifically, our customers can track their order, which our staff monitors and updates during the day. Typically, we’ll communicate with our customers about any pertinent issues that might arise while providing bulk liquid solutions.

Necessary Information to Provide During Food Grade Transportation


Once you engage us to provide bulk liquid solutions, we’ll need crucial information to ensure efficient delivery. Here’s a look at some of the information we require.

Product Details

You’ll have to issue the item’s safety data sheet together with information regarding the major characteristics. One such trait is the item’s spoilage rate. We must establish the duration your product can remain in our tank before spoilage takes place.

Remember, we need ample time to ensure safe product delivery while permitting extra time for unexpected events such as adverse weather or a blown tire. Also, we’ll need to identify the list of products we shouldn’t ship in our tank before yours. This way, we’ll prevent contamination and maintain product integrity.

It’s equally important that we understand whether your product is food-grade (edible), kosher, or food-grade (non-edible). It’s worth noting that shipping kosher products requires a range of extra prerequisites. For instance, some equipment, tanks, and tank washers are solely committed to kosher products. Beware that kosher products become contaminated upon encountering non-kosher materials.

Temperature Control

We understand that certain temperature-sensitive items must sustain a certain temperature during the transport process. This is possible with our tanks, which feature unique in-transit heating units. Alternatively, some carriers steam the tank along the shipping journey to increase the temperature. Just note that not all carriers can handle temperature-controlled shipping, hence decreasing the pool of possible carriers.

Shipping Date

The project timeline is an important aspect of the shipping process. The major consideration is that the specialized nature of food-grade shipping implies a comparatively small pool of carriers. You’ll discover the pool diminishes further because of extra equipment needs. It’s worth noting that seasonal considerations apply with food-grade shipping. Therefore, patience is necessary in cases where there’s truck scarcity. Nonetheless, you can increase your likelihood of securing exact capacity when needed by planning and booking beforehand.

Volume and Weight

When providing bulk liquid transport, we must identify the volume and weight of the product being shipped. These influence the truck that will transport your products and the number needed. Identifying the product volume allows us to determine the transport you’ll need to move the bulk product.

Furthermore, we must ensure the weight complies with federal guidelines. Remember, companies must adhere to maximum weights to prevent over-straining the axles and wheels.

If you’re looking to transport food-grade products, bulk liquid transport is ideal to reduce costs and ensure product safety. 

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