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Techno Tanks ™ Flexitanks

Techno Group is one of many flexitank companies around the globe, but with one major difference. A proprietary design. Flexitanks also known as Flexibags are the safest, most innovative solution to transporting and storing bulk liquids while preserving the integrity and quality of your product. In Miami, FL we work with a wide array of companies and industries, providing them with the latest solutions to transport their bulk liquids. Flexitanks for sale through TechnoGroupUSA are frequently used to export and import water, wine, juice, concentrates, glycerin, additives and much more.

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Our proprietary flexitank design eliminates contamination risks, environmental hazards and reduces operational costs. Some applications for our flexitanks for sale are:

Flexitanks for Wine
Flexitanks for Oil
Flexitanks for Food Products

Flexitanks are used globally to transport over 60 different non hazardous commodities. Also referred to as flexibags, these single use multi-layered bladders made of polyethylene with an outer covering of woven polypropylene, are replacing the IBC’s and iron drums. These tanks hold up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons) and fit into a standard 20 foot freight container converting it from a dry goods carrier into a liquid carrier. Flexitanks maximize the volume you can transport and protect the quality of your products, as they are made using custom formulated blended polyethylene, the ingredients of which are approved by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) for the carriage of a wide range of liquid foodstuffs. Flexitanks play an important role in modern logistics operations as they reduce operating costs and increase liquidity in organizations as less cash is tied up in the supply chain.
See a list of some of the non-hazardous products you can transport in a flexitank. Contact us if you have any questions or if you are in town and would like to speak about Flexitanks in Miami, FL.

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key benefits of techno tanks™ flexitanks

  • Require no cleaning.
  • Higher transport volume.
  • Work on ocean, land & rail.
  • Small, light, easy to transport.
  • One step loading and unloading.
  • All materials are recycled and reused.

Proprietary Designs

The flexitank market is booming. More and more petrochemical and agricultural companies are enjoying the benefits of this technology.

While manufacturing processes and product quality standards are controlled and regulated by international organizations such as the Container Owners Association, companies lacking clearly defined procedures, expertise and experience are using inadequate materials and techniques to reduce costs therefore increasing risks for their customers.

From design to delivery, our Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are made with the benefit of our clients in mind. Our latest design has already shipped over 100 million liters and has been 100% effective.

See a list of the advantages of using Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks.

Flexitank Usage by market share

  • Chemicals
  • Food Stuffs
  • Oil Products
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Industrial Products
  • Pharmaceutical Goods

Increasingly, a large percentage of the companies around the world that transport bulk liquid due so in a flexitank.


Load double the amount of pre-packaged cargo


Greater visibility to monitor charge and discharge procedures


All our tanks materials are fully recyclable

Safety and reliability

Proprietary design and steel bulkhead system increase safety and reliability


Available in capacities of 10 000 litres to 24 000 litres. Larger by order

Bottom valve benefits

Bottom discharge allows for safer more efficient loading and unloading process

Convenience & adaptability

Flexitanks are cost-effective and convenient solutions compared to ISO tanks & drums, owing to these factors, market players consider this as an essential alternative for saving transportation cost for non-hazardous liquids. No re-positioning costs, low labor and loading costs are some of the factors which make this product an efficient option for bulk fluids to be transported to remote destinations.

Depending on the product and clients preferences, we can add a top valve to the flexitank for top loading, we can customize the valve size to match your needs and we can also add vents to relief pressure.

Additionally, heat pads or thermal insulation can be added to the flexitank to accommodate for the type of product, atmospheric conditions and desired temperature range.

Flexitank Use Projection

Source: Grand View Research

Could your operations be better?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are designed in the United States and manufactured in our state of the art facility overseas in order to offer truly competitive pricing to our clients. Our facility complies with all local and international regulations.

Yes. Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are manufactured to ISO-9001 quality control standards.

Yes.  Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks materials and processes are constantly being redesigned and rigorously tested in house and by external organizations.

Our product line has the following recognitions:

  • Meets all COA Code of Flexitank Requirements
  • FDA Compliant
  • EU Food Grade Certificate
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  • Received Kosher certification

Yes we can. Contact us through our website and let us know of your specific requirements and we will get back to you. You can also request a call back for a more detailed conversation.

Yes. Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks come  with a 6 million dollar product liability insurance for our customers peace of mind.

If you require, we can increase our insurance levels to meet your companies needs.

Yes. Techno Group provides all the required training to capacitate Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks handlers and operators.

The training will take operators through the fitting, loading, transporting and unloading procedures. Basic emergency procedures will also be explained with emphasis on your particular products.

Yes. We normally have Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks in stock in our warehouses in the US and South America with new units arriving biweekly.

Business is not only about products and pricing, it is also about relationships and good service. We stand by our products and our clients and there’s a reason why we rarely have a client leave us. Give us a try!

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