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open tanks

Flexible open tanks or onion bladder tanks are a unique short term portable tank solution designed to be able to take a tank to a remote or difficult location to be used for water or other liquid storage. Onion tanks are designed for on-going use and can last a very long time when well looked after. Onion tanks were engineered to be portable tanks that can be easily transported while empty and easily relocated and they can be used with almost any fittings.

  • Custom size, fittings and accessories.
  • Use with a helicopter to fight bushfires.
  • Convenient for drilling and exploration operations.
  • Spill containment where fast deployment and filling of a tank are critical.

Designed with an open top, self rising tank walls, and easy access fittings, this open top onion tanks can be moved and set up in minutes, making them ideal for any of the following uses:

  • Water Relay
  • Mixing Tank
  • Hot Tub servicing
  • Firefighting efforts
  • Hazardous waste and decontamination
  • Disaster or emergency relief and response
  • Rural or military water storage (potable available)

Key benefits of onion tanks

  • Cost effective.
  • No inflation required.
  • Designed for fast fill and empty cycles.
  • Side support and welded seams for long life.
  • FDA-approved potable water models available.
  • Their low profile allows them to be used in limited height areas.
  • Compact size and light weight makes it easy to transport and relocate.

Are you in need of an open onion tank?