Top 7 Industries that Use Flexitanks for Bulk Liquid Shipping

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Bulk Liquid Transport

A flexibag is a collapsible bag that offers convenient transportation of non-hazardous liquids. They typically feature several polyethylene layers as well as other suitable materials and they’re meant to fit in standard 20 ft. or 40 ft. shipping containers for bulk liquid transportation. We recommend these containers, which have become ingenious solutions that have revolutionized the storage and transportation of bulk liquids across numerous sectors. We recognize that they provide compliant and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional transportation and packaging methods. With their broad array of features, they provide a dependable, efficient, and sustainable option, decreasing shipping expenses and improving the integrity and security of transported liquids. We highlight the top industries that use flexibags for bulk liquid shipping.


Flexitank Use in Industrial Applications

Businesses that mainly deal with liquids as the major commodity recognize the challenges that are involved in storing and transporting bulk liquids. The challenges that arise during liquid storage and transportation revolve around quality maintenance, liquid reactivity, and capacity challenges. Subsequently, huge losses can arise, making it necessary to adopt proper solutions to facilitate bulk liquid storage and transportation. That’s where flexitanks come in to offer a pristine solution for storing and transporting bulk liquids.


The introduction of flexibags in this industry has yielded significant benefits in the financial aspect. Specifically, we recognize that the one-time-use containers aren’t merely economical. They also mitigate the probability of cross-contamination during the transportation and storage of agricultural products. Furthermore, they play a vital role when it comes to savings because they don’t require cleaning. Produced from suitable materials, our flexitanks for sale have made it convenient to distribute and store food items, providing a safe and secure means of transporting agricultural products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance and safety are paramount. For this reason, our flexitanks for sale undergo stringent manufacture, making them suitable for transporting bulk liquids without causing contamination. It’s worth noting that the double-layer variants enable the refrigeration of liquids while ensuring that pharmaceutical products maintain a suitable temperature.

Petrochemical Industry

In this sector, our flexibags provide a cost-effective solution for addressing the demand for bulk transportation and storage requirements. The containers have revolutionized this industry by offering the flexibility of distributing and storing up to 24,000 liters of fluid in one container; this wasn’t possible earlier. This has yielded financial benefits while facilitating the seamless distribution of bulk liquids in a single delivery.

Our collapsible bags enable flexibility, permitting contraction and expansion while optimizing space utilization. These operational and financial benefits have transformed the general dynamic of distribution in this industry.

Food Industry

Our flexitanks for sale are ideal for the safe storage of food-grade liquids, for instance, milk, oils, and syrups. When it comes to transporting food-grade liquids, these containers need some specialized coating to avoid microbial contamination, together with maintaining tank cleanliness.

You can count on our collapsible bags to maintain the quality of the inner contents because they comprise appropriate food-grade materials. It’s worth noting that this industry constitutes the biggest share of the bulk liquid business. Therefore, you can count on us to transport water, juices, and several other food products safely in our flexibags.

flexibags for sale - Food Industry

Industrial Products and Chemicals

This industry occupies a huge market share in transporting bulk liquids. You can rely on us to transport numerous kinds of non-hazardous chemicals using our flexibags. After all, it’s much cheaper to facilitate the transportation of chemicals in single-use flexibags because the elevated cost associated with repositioning and cleaning drums or ISO tanks isn’t necessary when it comes to flexibags. Also, the refilling process is time-consuming when using other shipping techniques besides flexibags.

Disaster Relief

Flexitanks come in handy throughout emergencies and disaster relief. When it comes to preparedness, these collapsible bags occupy negligible space and allow easy transportation as well as immediate use. Aside from fuel, potable should be accessible, particularly in areas where there’s scarcity. For example, the storage of potable water is essential in emergency airports, field hospitals, and during natural disasters. Since these bags are safe for drinking water, they’re ideal for such scenarios.

Fuel Industry

Flexitanks are ideal for storing fuels such as gasoline and diesel. When it comes to this application, they’re mostly for storage together with a berm and protective lining, providing extra containment safety to the adjacent environment. It’s worth noting that civilians and the military use these bags for fuel storage during emergencies.


Benefits of Flexitank Use in Industrial Applications

Chemical Compatibility

An important factor to consider when choosing flexitanks for bulk liquid transportation or storage is chemical compatibility. The materials that manufacture these collapsible bags shouldn’t react with the stored liquid. Typically, PU or PVC coatings store liquid because they’re compatible; this prevents storage problems.

Leak Protection

If a flexibag breaks or spills the stored liquid, the costs of cleanup can be more than the liquid itself. Liquid spills can lead to environmental damage and human injury. Therefore, it’s crucial to take precautions and contain leaks during tank usage to store liquid for transport. For this reason, flexitank manufacturers consider the likelihood of leakage which is why flexibags comprise polypropylene layers.

Flexitanks offer a solution for various industries for a huge range of liquids. Furthermore, they provide a range of benefits over conventional tanks, drums, and barrels. If you’re seeking a convenient means of bulk liquid transportation, we recommend flexitank investment for convenience and efficiency.


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