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Cross pumping operations and emergency services

Cross-pumping or trans-loading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. This procedure is commonly employed when one mode of transportation such as IBC’s cannot be used for the entire trip and you must switch to a flexitank or ISO-Flex at another point. This process is also important and used when you need to pump product from one damaged flexitank into a new flexitank.

We offer emergency services to perform cross-pumps in scenarios where the flexitank bag is damaged and starts leaking product. For the shipper and receiver, it is critical to salvage the product inside the damaged flexitank by pumping it into a new flexitank fitted in a new container and to reload the container back onto a ship en route to its final destination.

Our mobile response team is ready for your cargo. We have a strong hold and can service all of the Americas, from Canada to Chile including the Caribbean and select European nations.

Diligence, quality and professionalism

We have been performing cross pumps worldwide for over ten years. As shippers, we know and understand the importance of getting the cargo to our clients as soon as possible and without any losses or additional fees. We have partnerships with most of the major global flexitank manufactures to provide after sale services for their customers. If they trust us you can too!

Included in the service

  • We coordinate with all the proper authorities.
  • We produce all required documents and permits to perform operation.
  • We provide a new high quality Techno Tanks™ Flexitank.
  • We supply brand new loading and unloading hoses and couplings.
  • We supply brand new pumps that are product specific.
  • We coordinate with insurance surveyor.
  • We perform inspection and proper fitting of new container.
  • We perform cross pump.
  • We clean the leaking container to avoid you fees.
  • We analyze cause of the damage.
  • We dispose and recycle all the materials.
  • We document the entire process.
  • We generate a report with our findings and conclusions.

Emergency process

  1. Contact us
  2. Customized estimate & plan of action presented
  3. Client approval
  4. Team arrives to job location
  5. Cross pump operation performed
  6. Team departs to HQ for damage analysis
  7. Drafting of full report
  8. Materials are recycled and disposed

Are you interested in partnering with us or want more details?

After sale services

Our work does not stop when we ship out your Techno Tanks™. We are well aware that unexpected issues may arise and we want to offer our customers a full service package with no worries and no hassles. We can take care of more than your tanks.

We provide:

  • Proper equipment to transport your cargo.
  • Shipping and forwarding services.
  • Import/Export operations.
  • Fitting of flexitanks in containers.
  • Disposal of empty flexitanks at destination.
  • Technical support for loading and discharging.
  • Team training.
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