Ways to Provide Water for Developing Countries with Flexibags

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Flexibags offer the perfect solution for transporting portable water in developing countries. Furthermore, they provide the perfect substitute for obsolete drums that aren’t logistically feasible.

Our flexitanks for sale fit easily into containers for transporting non-hazardous liquids to international or domestic destinations. They are suitable for transporting bulk oils, water, juices, and concentrates. Furthermore, they’re sturdy, durable, and flexible.

The single-use bags comprise multi-layered polyethylene-made bladders with exterior coverings of woven polypropylenes. They’re ideal for developing countries because they maximize the water volume you can transport, store, or ship. Here’s a look at ways developing countries can access water.

Ways to Provide Water


Solar Stills

Originally, the development was for survivalist and military usage where a plastic sheet covered holes dug in the ground. These have the dual ability to decontaminate and desalinate water. The solution entails harnessing the sun’s power to distill water to produce portable, clean water.


Our flexitanks for sale are appropriate for long-term or short-term portable water storage. The benefit of these storage bags is that you can store them in climate-controlled warehouses without occupying too much space. Also, our flexibags maintain the contents during, before, and after loading and shipping. You’ll also notice their versatility and suitability for on-site containers awaiting loading for shipping to developing countries or other international destinations.

The proven means of storing bulk non-hazardous liquids prevent the inconvenience of depending on conventional reservoir systems for shipping and storing. Previously, drums were the favored means of transporting bulk liquids to global destinations. This isn’t the case nowadays because of the development of flexibags, which are more cost-efficient, flexible, and suitable for year-round shipping.

Why Flexibags

Disaster Relief

We recommend flexitanks for sale if you’re seeking a reliable means of transporting water in developing countries. In particular, our flexibags come in handy during emergency operations and disaster relief. During preparedness, our flexitanks occupy negligible space; they enable easy transportation and immediate use. In developing countries, portable water should be readily accessible, particularly in a situation where it might be scarce. For example, the storage of portable water is essential for natural disasters and field hospitals.

Temporary Storage and Single-use

In some applications, liquid storage is required temporarily. In such cases, there’s no need to invest in a steel tank. Such circumstances typically take place in abrupt droughts where storage needs can vacillate. In such instances, our flexitanks for sale can reduce the overall storage expenses.


A prominent benefit of using our flexibags for sale is their multifunctional use. You’ll save the resources needed for transportation, installation, and production upon using the same tank. You could also prepare a used flexibag for a separate application by cutting and decontaminating it in various applications. It’s worth noting that the process decreases the overall storage tank capacity.

Recyclable and Upcycle

Once our flexibags for sale have attained their lifespan, they make great options for upcycling for the production of second life products and recycling as a plastic resource. Consequently, there’s minimized waste, contributing further to environmental sustainability.

Logistical Efficiency

Once you empty a flexitank, it folds up into a tiny package for transportation, easy handling, and storage. The same applies to a filled flexibag because it doesn’t need any kind of special installation, housing, or conditions. It’s worth noting that flexible tanks comprise distinct material properties and the capacity to maintain a huge load. Furthermore, other preparations aren’t necessary before use.

Labor labor prerequisites

Our flexibags for sale are extremely light and enable easy handling. You’ll also notice that they need less labor throughout production and deployment, unlike the handling of permanent storage tanks.

Decreased Carbon Footprint

Flexibags need minimal materials to construct. Furthermore, their weight to content ratio is extremely low, thereby reducing energy consumption and emissions for handling and transporting. Both aspects contribute to a low carbon footprint in flexibags. Consequently, they have a negligible environmental effect in terms of the required energy throughout the life cycle. Also, the storage tanks don’t require any distinct procedures and enable immediate deployment on any surface.

Cost-effective and Safe

Oil and certain industrial chemicals are corrosive and their safe storage can be quite complex. Furthermore, oil spills can be environmentally disastrous and very costly for any business. Therefore, you must ensure the adoption of optimal materials to avoid disastrous effects. The development of flexible tanks can occur with the most appropriate material for a particular liquid. Thankfully, we can collaborate with you to develop a tailored and safe product for your application.

Flexibags Provide a Better Alternative over ISO Tanks

Flexibags make better storage options than drums and ISO tanks. To begin with, flexibags can undergo recycling, making them environmentally friendly. Also, they’re always accessible for use because they don’t need cleaning post-use, unlike ISO tanks.
Another benefit is that they’re safer than drums and ISO tanks. It’s worth noting that these storage tanks make it possible to recycle a typical ocean container. Conversely, you’ll have to empty an ISO tank to a different destination.

They Can Accommodate Various Capacities

Flexitanks can accommodate between 10,000 and 24,000 liters of liquid. You can therefore select from different sizes based on your preferences and the product you’re transporting. The common models include 16,000, 20,000, and 24,000 liters.

Faster Unloading/Loading

These storage bags don’t need a forklift to unload or load a container, making it easier and more affordable to unload and load than IBCs and drums. If you’re seeking a cost-effective means of providing water for developing countries, you might want to consider our reliable polyethylene-made flexibags. You can also count on our storage bags if you deal with the transportation of bulk liquids.

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