The Best Export Markets for Small Businesses to Make Money

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Business, regardless of the customer base or industry, is based on a major principle-demand and supply. For small businesses, a demand reduction could have major implications for your company. However, increasing demand via export of products overseas and fulfilling the needs of global customers can help our customers witness increased profits and clients.

International trade doesn’t merely support numerous independent businesses globally. It helps stabilize the international economy as well. For small businesses, we recommend exporting goods such as vegetable oil in flexibags to increase their demand and consequently help them re-invest in their business. Here’s a look at some of the best export markets for small businesses.

Export Markets for Small Businesses



The country has great export opportunities in virtually every area. Brazil is one of the biggest IT markets worldwide besides being a powerhouse in agriculture. If you’re thinking of exporting to this country, ensure your products have proper classification because restrictions differ by classification.


The emerging market has a huge appetite for American services and goods. Promising markets include industrial textiles, electronics, and clean energy. Market challenges include multiple languages, high tariffs, and poor infrastructure when it comes to transportation.


The country has maintained trading relations with the U.S. for a long time and signifies the second- biggest export market for American merchandise. On average, trade between the two countries amounts to over $850 million daily.

The American Commerce Department recommends you retain a lawyer before you make agreements with Mexican partners since the legal system differs from that in the United States. It’s worth noting that promising markets include tourism, plastics, and packaging.

How Exporting Can Benefit Your Business

Demand and Supply

We advise people against restricting their small businesses within their country’s borders because the product demand might be restricted as well. Deciding to sell products overseas can increase orders because it means opening up to a global audience online.

We believe that you might even unearth a new revenue stream you never considered before. The more revenue stream generated, the better to safeguard your business from a decline in domestic sales or a change in purchaser trends.

Business Innovation

We recognize that open borders and trade freedom allows creativity and innovation in product development and design. The ability to learn from the best in various industries and understand various cultures and buying trends help your business develop faster than if you were limited within your home country.

Decrease Risk and Dependence on Local Market

We recognize that risk is simply part of business management, but ways exist to decrease your risk level as a small business. When you consider demand and supply, this could break or make any business, whether you’re a small business or global corporation.

One solution we recommend for risk reduction is income diversification by generating different revenue streams. You can do so by exporting bulk oil in flexibags overseas. An increase in customers means an increased likelihood of people demanding your product. In case your initial customer demand falls, we recommend you divert your attention to overseas clients.

We’ve seen this benefit throughout the global pandemic. While the pandemic has affected some countries slightly, others have had massive implications economically. We recommend income diversification for small businesses through global trade so you can implement strategies to overcome a financial downturn overseas or in your home country.

Flexitanks for Transporting Edible Oils

heating case flexitanks techno tanks

Using a flexitank for oil shipping is proving to be a great substitute for drums, ISO tanks, and IBC’s in reducing transportation expenses of bulk liquid goods. In the past years, we’ve seen the adaption of flexitank containers to a wide range of bulk liquids, including edible oils and chemicals. We recommend flexibags for transporting edible oils to avoid egress while offering superior protection while in transit.   

Benefits of Flexitanks


Our flexitanks for sale provide a great alternative to other bulk containers for transporting edible oils. With superior puncture resistance together with prolonged storage life than other packaging alternatives, our flexibags offer the ideal solution for transporting edible oils. Furthermore, they provide a cost-effective and dependable alternative.

Increased Payloads

When using our flexitanks for sale, you can enjoy increased payload and profits subsequently because they provide 15% more than totes per payload and 40% more than drums per payload. Besides increasing payloads, a flexitank for oil allows you to diversify your customer portfolio to draw customers purchasing smaller quantities.

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Our flexitanks for sale will help you offset carbon footprint when shipping. You’ll discover that they aren’t just economically viable for your business. They also offer a sustainable option for shipping bulk liquids. Using a flexitank for oil is one of the easiest and fastest means of reducing the carbon footprint of the transport process, enabling the shipping of higher liquid volumes at one time.

Easy Export Logistics

Our flexibag’s design eliminates the hassle of transporting different grades of food premixes, edible oils, and other bulk products. In doing this, suppliers and manufacturers enjoy superior flexibility in securing and scheduling deliveries.

Benefits of Flexitanks in the Oil Industry:

  • They permit environmental friendliness by offering oil protection against external contamination throughout than bulk carriers.
  • With our flexitanks, there’s no need to incur the cost of returning the container shipment and cleaning because flexitanks are disposable
  • Flexitank installation is affordable and cost-effective so that the final oil cost will be lucrative

Flexitanks offer a cost-effective solution to storing and transporting oils, as well as non-hazardous cargoes. Their various benefits also allow our customers to enjoy quick and easy set-up. You want to check out this guide if you’re planning to export bulk liquids.

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