When Should You Use a Flexibag or Flexitank for Bulk Liquid Transportation?

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Bulk shipping of liquids demands a dependable solution that fulfills all safety standards while making certain efficiency exists throughout bulk transportation. Conventionally, bulk liquid transportation took place through containers, for instance, IBC totes and ISO tanks. Over the years, however, many have switched to our flexibags for transportation. The major reason for the shift is attributed to the fact that flexitanks for sale have emerged as a more viable and cost-efficient substitute for numerous businesses.

Our storage containers will prove invaluable if you’re seeking an economical means of transporting your bulk liquid products. Here’s a look at when you should use these bags for transportation.

Product Quality

If you’re concerned about maintaining product quality during transportation, our flexitanks for sale help sustain product quality. Our storage bags comprise several polyethylene layers, each featuring a pump and valve, making them weatherproof and airproof. Furthermore, our flexibags for sale are mostly designed for single-use, resulting in a decreased probability of contamination.


Enhanced Availability

Other units for transporting bulk liquids demand cleaning before shipping to their intended destination upon use. This can result in shortages when the need arises to shift nonhazardous liquids.

With our flexibags for sale, you can carry out shipping virtually anywhere worldwide within days before loading them into a readily accessible 20ft. general container. It’s worth noting that our flexibags aren’t a one-size-fits-all substitute. 

Reduced Shipping

Our flexibags for sale come in handy when you’re looking to save time in loading and unloading. The convenience associated with loading and unloading these storage bags is undeniable. You don’t have to worry about maneuvering a huge tank using a forklift or other means. Instead, you just need to position our flexitanks for sale above others resulting in a considerable decrease of the time needed to load and unload.

Moreover, our storage bags allow you to increase more liquids to one load, yielding more revenue. In this case, our clients don’t have to worry about containers, which would typically generate additional freight charges. Another major benefit is that you need to handle washing containers, which consume time besides are expensive.

Temperature Protection

Clients who deal with temperature-sensitive products can count on our flexibags to offer quality service. Depending on the nature of your products, you can use our flexitanks for sale, which provide thermal insulation. You’ll discover this is particularly crucial for items that are temperature-sensitive or products that might be traveling through adverse weather.

What to Consider when choosing Bulk Transportation Carrier

If your business deals with bulk liquid transportation, we recommend you choose a dependable carrier. After all, a lot could go wrong, causing a dramatic impact on crucial business relations. It’s no wonder most companies use a 3rd party to transport their merchandise to the intended destination. Just remember that transportation companies aren’t similar. That’s why you must watch out for these factors when making a decision:

Flexitanks for Sale with High Safety Standards

When it comes to product handling, you want a company that prioritizes safety. This is particularly true for liquids and food products. A bulk carrier should be in a position to enlighten you on the safety standards before you engage its services. Thankfully, you can rely on us to adhere to superior standards when it comes to safety because we value our customers. 

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The carrier you choose should be reliable. It’s worth noting that experience is vital to reliability. With numerous policies and choices in this industry, it’s important that the company you choose demonstrates the essential procedures for handling routine and unforeseen circumstances.

Personalized Service

Businesses aren’t the same. That is, some companies require trucking while others air transportation. Others might even require a combination of the two. You might not know when your bulk transport needs will change, hence you need to find a company that offers versatile options. For instance, if you need to transport food from one storage facility to the next, you require refrigerated transport.

You can count on our team because we recognize the needs of food dealers and are equipped to respond to their needs. Forging a relationship with a company that can handle various facets will save you money and time. At TechnoGroupUSA, we take pride in offering personalized and versatile services.

Flexitanks for Sale that are Efficient

Although trucking remains a common means of food transport, rail and air play a role as well, particularly in global shipping. Therefore, the company you choose must have an international network of business relations that can help take your business to another level.

It’s important to note that not all vessels can accommodate the same product quantity. For you to maximize your load, you require options. Fortunately, you can count on us to offer customized services for our customers. You’ll also realize that efficiency is at the core of our business practices.

Flexitanks for Sale that are Affordable

The cost is certainly a significant factor when determining the means of transport to use for your bulk products. The cost of bulk transport relies on the number and size of items you’re transporting together with the distance. Also, the nature of the goods affects the price because some items are subject to restrictions.

Flexibags Product Type

Besides the cost, you must consider the products you’re shipping when choosing a carrier. For safety purposes, the FDA imposes stringent restrictions on how to transport certain kinds of goods. For instance, milk and other perishables need specific temperatures maintained. On the same note, fragile or hazardous goods need caution during transportation. Therefore, certain kinds of product transportation can only occur in particular vehicles.

This guide offers valuable information if your business deals with bulk liquid shipping and is wondering when to use flexibags.

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