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05 Apr
Flexibags for Sale
Why do Automakers Choose to Ship Antifreeze in Flexitanks?
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
Flexitanks are fast becoming the global shipping market’s preferred solution for bulk liquid shipping. Flexitank reservoirs are far more economical than traditional shipping method...
05 Mar
bulk liquid
Why Flexitanks are Better Than Traditional Methods of Bulk Liquid Transport
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Flexitanks are an innovation in bulk liquid transport, offering a more affordable and efficient way to ship liquid products. Whenever shipping in bulk, your business needs reliable...
21 Mar
What Liquids Can Be Shipped in Flexibags and Flexitanks?
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Fl...
Techno Group USA is an innovator in shipping supplies and logistics, and the creator of Techno Tanks™. Our flexible tanks and bags are used to ship a range of products in the Unite...
21 Feb
Best Uses for Flexibags – Versatile Bulk Liquid Shipping Solutions
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Flexitanks, also known as flexibags, are versatile shipping solutions used to transport liquids in bulk. Offering superior value and lower overheads when compared to traditional li...
12 Jan
Angle Cut Flexitank
How Flexitanks are Used for Bulk Liquid Transportation
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
Bulk liquid transportation comes with significant logistical and cost challenges. Finding efficient shipping and container liquid storage solutions is key to keeping your operation...
05 Feb
Meeting Safety Requirements for Bulk Liquid Transportation
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Safety is paramount whenever shipping liquid in bulk. By following industry standards and government regulations for safety, you can ensure that your cargo remains intact and in fu...
12 Jan
Advantages of Flexitank for Transportation of Bulk Wine and Olive Oil
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Techno Group USA has bulk shipped more than 100 million liters of liquid around the world. We manufacture the best Flexitank shipping products. Learn how our unique Flexitank for w...
31 Dec
What Industries Use Flexitanks For Bulk Liquid Shipping?
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
In our modern world, commodities are available for people practically everywhere. With rapid advancements in technology and transportation over the previous decades, we now have th...
23 Nov
Liquid Bulk Transportation Rules That Companies Use To Ensure Quality And Safety
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
The role of any bulk liquid transportation company is to ensure maximum quality and safety across the board. Techno Group USA is a global leader in bulk liquid solutions with years...
10 Dec
5 Ways to Reduce Bulk Liquid Transport Costs
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Transporting liquids in bulk from one place to another is vital for easy accessibility of edible items or other products. Many companies need trustworthy partners who provide bulk ...
16 Nov
How To Transfer Wine Using Techno Group USA Products
Category: Flexitanks
Are you in the market for a new way of transferring wine? There’s lots of ways to transfer food grade liquids, but none of them are perfect. If you’re trying to find so...
30 Oct
ocean tanker
What You Need to Know About Bulk Liquid Transport Equipment
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Techno Group USA is your bulk liquid transport specialists with years of extensive experience. They offer reliable solutions that comply with all safety standards and regulations. ...
14 Oct
Flexibag Supplies You Should Consider Using
Category: Flexitanks
Techno Group USA is your source for affordable Flexitanks and supplies. These units are designed to maximize your loads for international bulk liquid shipping or storage. They are ...
29 Sep
bulk liquid transportation
Top Uses for Bladder and Pillow Tanks
Category: Flexitanks, Other Tanks
Bladder tanks are ideal for container liquid storage solutions. No more accurate is this than for long fishing or boat trips that require sufficient fuel capacity and reserves. Tec...
18 Aug
Premier Bulk Liquid Alliance Announces New Member
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
12 Sep
Why Techno Group USA is the Best Flexitank Company
Category: Flexitanks
Techno Group USA is your source for the best in Flexitanks, supplies, and logistics. While there are many flexitank companies globally, Techno Group has its own signature proprieta...
31 Aug
bulk liquid
Benefits Of Using Flexitank Water Storage Bags
Category: Flexitanks
Moving potable water to areas where it is needed is a unique challenge. You’ll need to be able to place it in containers that can hold the amount needed, keep it safe, and av...
14 Aug
foam matress
How Mattress Companies in Canada are Importing their raw materials with Flexitanks
Category: Flexitanks
Mattresses are essential for bedrooms in all shapes, sizes, and designs. These units are mainly quilted with fastened cases of heavy cloth for optimal comfort and longevity. Mattre...
31 Jul
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How Do Automakers Ship Antifreeze to their Assembly Plants in the US with Flexitanks
Category: Flexitanks
Altering your antifreeze is a significant aspect of preparing your vehicle for cold weather. Antifreeze is a liquid agent that prevents a vehicle’s engine from overheating du...
13 Jul
Flexibags for Sale
Shipping Potable Water to Africa in Flexitanks
Category: Flexitanks
Flexitanks are the ideal solution for shipping potable water to Africa. These tanks are also the perfect alternative to outdated drums that are no longer logistically viable. These...