How to Save Money by Using Flexitanks for Bulk Liquid Shipping

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20k liter pillow tank

Typically, bulk liquid transportation takes place in 20-ft ISO tank containers, which offer a great solution. However, they’re frequently costly. That’s where our flexibags come in. We can customize the storage containers to the product that requires transportation and our storage containers are ideal for shipping non-hazardous liquids ranging from fruit concentrates to edible oils.

The materials that flexibags constitute ensure that the contents are at minimal contamination risk, which is very beneficial. If you’re wondering how you can use the bulk liquid solutions to save money, here’s how.

Decreased Liquid Packaging

When flexibags function as means of bulk liquid transport, we eliminate waste caused by conventional shipping. For instance, if you ship huge volumes of liquid the conventional way, you must use containers or bottles, pallets, and packaging to prevent container breakage and shrink wrap to retain the crates in position and other materials.

You’ll find it cheaper to use our flexibag for bulk liquid transportation instead of paying for all the packaging required to ship the product. Furthermore, it decreases the money spent on recycling the packaging materials.

Our storage bags offer an economical packaging option for international and domestic shipments. That is, we deliver raw products to filling destinations where unit distribution and packaging can take place more economically.

Save money through unloading and loading

Bulk liquid solutions decrease unloading and loading by up to 90% because unloading drums needs human personnel.

On the other hand, pumps load bulk liquids from storage containers and tank cars from and to flexitanks. This means you’ll be in a position to unload and load liquids in half the time. If you multiply this by the number of shipping containers transported annually, you’ll discover the cost savings add up.

Enhanced Liquid Volume

A product’s volume that can undergo transportation at one time in the smallest container is with a flexibag. If you compare this with the volume that would need transportation in crates and bottles, you’ll discover it’s considerably less than if you put the volume into a flexibag.

The ability to ship more products at a go decreases the price of extra materials required for the product shipment. If bulk liquid transportation companies ship one flexibag, it might hold sufficient product that would be more costly if shipped conventionally.


When using a conventional tank, it needs cleaning after product delivery takes place. This means it needs more time and personnel, particularly if the chemical shipment was taking place. Conversely, you only use flexibags once. After unloading them, they undergo recycling, which takes almost no time for disposal. This means that bulk transportation companies don’t need to worry about incurring shipping costs to send back the tank. In turn, this saves considerable money.

Cleaning Costs

Flexibags use single-use packaging, so there’s no need for costly repositioning and cleaning. Moreover, the chemicals that clean plastic and metal drums result in gallons of wasted water. By using our flexibags as bulk liquid solutions, you equally decrease an environmental burden. This can be especially significant for companies going green.

Worldwide Use

There’s been considerable growth in the use of flexitanks across numerous industries. The beverage industry was an early adopter of flexibags, maximizing the shipment of bulk juice in 24,000-liter flexibags instead of shipping the extra weight and incurring the potential damage of bottles.

Nowadays, you can find flexibags in most ports worldwide, packaging everything from petrochemicals to edible oils.

Guaranteed Delivery

Testing makes sure that flexibags don’t rupture or tear throughout transport. Some manufacturers even back it up with a guarantee. If you’re a first time flexibag user, the guarantee might give you an added level of assurance to select these storage bags with confidence.

What to look for in a Reliable Bulk Liquid Transport Provider

If you’re looking to transport bulk liquids on a large scale, you must consider various factors. Some of the factors worth considering when looking for a transport provider include:

Safety Concerns

Since most of the products in the non-hazardous categories are food-related, it’s necessary to use reliable bulk liquid solutions. It means considering the safety and health rules in certain areas. Thankfully, you can rely on our solutions and shipping containers, which we maintain using strict standards and are free from rust.

We further make sure that we keep sharp items away, preventing the likelihood of puncturing the bag. Our shipping company recognizes such factors and understands that the journey to transport bulk liquids needs precision and caution. Furthermore, we strive to maintain the integrity of the product being shipped.

Product Range

Since we specialize in transporting bulk liquids, we have a strong grasp of the value of flexibag transportation. Some bulk liquid transportation companies might restrict themselves when it comes to what they can transport. You can count on us to transport a range of bulk items, including vegetable oils and syrups.

Maintaining Liquid things in position

A concern you might have during bulk shipping is movement once flexitank transportation starts. We ensure that we address those concerns by using cradles that keep our flexibags in place. This way, we sustain a steady balance during a trip. This virtually eradicates the likelihood of compromising the product in any way.  

The development of flexitank transportation allows companies to use polymer-based bladders to fit into typical shipping containers. We have established ourselves in reliable bulk liquid shipping of various products. Furthermore, reliability and efficiency are at the core of our business values. Save money today with flexibag shipping.

Author: miamiseo