How to Export Goods into Europe – Important Procedures to Follow

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Exporting goods to Europe is a process that has specific guidelines and procedures. These must be strictly adhered to by forwarding agents to prevent miscommunication and costly delays. For traditional goods, forwarding agents must first obtain permits from customs departments. These are issued by customs organizations that mandate and oversee incoming products from international destinations.

As part of the protocol, the agent must disclose pertinent details of the goods they want to import. This includes the nature, quantity, and weight of the shipping company. In addition, a shipping bill and order must also be prepared for the shipment of goods. If shipping bulk liquids like wine, water, juice, or concentrates, a reputable company like TECHNO GROUP USA can help you from start to finish.

Exporting bulk liquids to Europe

loaded flexitank techno tanks
loaded flexitank techno tanks

Europe has stringent guidelines for bulk liquid transport. As one of the largest continents representing 55% of the world’s imports, Europe allows all bulk liquids to be shipped to port-of-calls and different countries. These include concentrate juices, superfruit juices, water, wine, and even pharmaceutical liquids for medicinal purposes.

These bulk liquids arrive at the port via bulk tanks, drums, and containers. However, companies like TECHNO GROUP USA make bulk liquid transport more manageable for shippers. Their signature Flexitanks are designed for one-time use and are convenient options for bulk liquid shipping. In addition, they are scientifically tested to withstand corrosive elements to preserve the quality and integrity of your bulk liquids. Similarly, they are easy to load and unload and are mobile solutions for containers or even temporary storage in European warehouses.

Product Description Europe warehouses

While TECHNO GROUP USA provides timely logistics for bulk liquid solutions, specific procedures must be followed for shipping goods to Europe. Generally, product descriptions are essential for trade classifications.  Shipping agents will have access to specific four-digit codes by the Combined Nomenclature (Eurostat). For example, fruit juices are classified under the code 2009. They are further defined as unfermented liquids and are derived from raw materials like purees or concentrates.

There may be different definitions for fruit juices that contain sweeteners, sugar, or acid. In these cases, they are defined as nectar or fruit drinks. Whether you want to export juices, wines, dry goods, water, or other goods, you must fully describe the product in the shipping order, bill, and manifest.

Product Specification and Labelling to import to Europe


The product you want to ship to Europe must be appropriately labeled. This makes the bulk liquid transport smoother, especially with Flexitanks that continue to receive stellar customer reviews and industry ratings. Product specifications and labeling indicate the presence and quantity of the liquids being shipped abroad. For example, lemon juice will have a different classification and label than wine. Similarly, dry goods will have a diverse product definition because they are non-liquid items.

Bulk liquid transport requires bulk tanks, drums, or containers for optimal solutions. Unlike traditional drums, however,  Flexitanks by TECHNO GROUP USA are cost-effective alternatives to conventional methods. The tanks are designed with the latest technologies needed for bulk liquid shipments. These include:

  • Alcohol and wine
  • Vegetable oil
  • Juices
  • Vinegar
  • Syrups
  • Essential oils
  • Mineral oils
  • Artificial colors
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Certain chemicals


TECHNO GROUP USA is an industry leader in bulk liquid transportation tank products and services. They have a proprietary design for their signature Flexitanks that keeps them ahead of the curve. Flexitanks or Flexibags are ideal units for optimal and cost-efficient bulk liquid solutions. They are the safest, most innovative solution for transporting to or storing bulk liquids in Europe. Bulk liquids may include water, wine, concentrates, additives, glycerin, and more.

Here are some more advantages of using TECHNO GROUP USA for bulk-liquid shipping to Europe:

  • Flexitanks are utilized globally to transport over 60 different non-hazardous commodities to the  European market.
  • Flexibags are single-use multi-layered bladder tanks consisting of polyethylene and outer coverings of woven polypropylene.
  • These units continue to replace standard IBCs and conventional iron drums.
  • Flexitanks can hold up to 6,340 gallons of bulk liquids and easily fit into standard 20-foot freight containers.
  • These brands also give you maximum ROI by optimizing the volume you can transport to Europe.
  • Flexitank ingredients are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • These units reduce operating costs and increase your organization’s liquidity by freeing up cash in the supply chains.

What other procedures should you keep in mind?

TECHNO GROUP USA brings years of extensive experience to the bulk-liquid transport industry. As a result, they are an excellent source for bulk liquid solutions to Europe and other destinations. However, with this in mind, there are other things to keep in mind when shipping goods to Europe.

If you are a global shipper, chances are that you receive orders or inquiries. The first step in this process would be to screen the potential buyer and country of origin in Europe. An invoice or bill is then created, and the sale must be finalized before shipping. The goods or bulk liquids are then prepared with accompanying documentations. The latter will include shipping origin, description, specification, and other essential details in the label. Finally, the liquid is placed on a bulk liquid transportation tank courtesy of TECHNO GROUP USA. They will also keep in the loop with timely logistics, monitoring, and ensuring the process is smooth from start to finish.

Contact TECHNO GROUP USA today to learn more about their Flexitanks and accessories for all your bulk liquid transport tank needs.


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