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31 Jul
flexitanks for sale
When Should You Use a Flexibag or Flexitank for Bulk Liquid Transportation?
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Bulk shipping of liquids demands a dependable solution that fulfills all safety standards while making certain efficiency exists throughout bulk transportation. Conventionally, bul...
16 Jul
International Bulk Shipping Rules and Regulations You Need to Know
Category: bulk liquid transport
The idea of providing bulk liquid solutions internationally can seem daunting to say the least. After all, this task demands a lot of trust. For starters, the carrier you collabora...
16 Jun
Angle Cut Flexitank
Most Efficient Way to Load and Unload Bulk Liquid Transportation FlexiBags
Category: bulk liquid transport
Flexibags provide the most efficient means of transporting bulk liquids from one location to another, whether via water or land. Our flexitanks provide superior protection against ...
05 May
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Top Reasons to Use Flexibags or Flexitank for Bulk Liquid Shipping
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport
Previously, bulk liquid transportation was deemed possible through huge tanks, which caused contamination and spacing concerns. This was due to inappropriate washing techniques and...
31 May
Bag solo
Ways to Provide Water for Developing Countries with Flexibags
Category: bulk liquid transport
Flexibags offer the perfect solution for transporting portable water in developing countries. Furthermore, they provide the perfect substitute for obsolete drums that aren’t logist...
23 Apr
What is Bulk Liquid Food Grade Transportation?
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
Food grade transportation is a specialized area, so selecting reliable bulk liquid transportation is crucial to ensuring appropriate handling of your freight. The company you choos...
21 Mar
Flexitank for oils techno tanks
What Types of Liquids Can I Ship with Flexitanks and Flexibags?
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Ot...
If your business deals with bulk liquid transportation, you’re probably familiar with the challenges that accompany this field. Some of the challenges we’ve experienced include qua...
05 Apr
What Types of Liquids and Oils Can You Ship in Flexitanks?
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport
Flexitanks offer a cost-effective solution to storing and transporting oils, dry and liquid non-hazardous cargoes. A flexibag is a bulk liquid container comprising numerous polyeth...
15 Mar
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Why You Should Consider Using Techno Group USA Flexibags for Bulk Liquid Transport
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Fl...
Conventionally, the transportation of huge quantities of liquids takes place in IBCs, plastic, or metal drums. However, the cost of storage tanks or drums can eat into your profits...
20 Feb
How to Transport Bulk Liquids 101
Category: bulk liquid transport, Other Tanks
Bulk liquid transport poses some challenges for shippers and recipients. For one, you need to maintain the integrity and quality of the items you are sending abroad. There are also...
05 Feb
The Best Export Markets for Small Businesses to Make Money
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, S...
Business, regardless of the customer base or industry, is based on a major principle-demand and supply. For small businesses, a demand reduction could have major implications for y...
21 Jan
Best Practices for Shipping Bulk Liquid Internationally
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
Bulk liquid transport to international destinations must follow specific guidelines and protocols. For one, your cargo must be labeled accordingly for identification purposes. This...
05 Jan
How to Bulk Transport Liquid Overseas Safely
Category: Types of Liquids, Flexibags, bulk li...
If you’re looking to transport bulk liquid overseas, the prospect might leave you feeling nervous. After all, bulk liquid transportation involves a lot of trust. To begin with, you...
05 Dec
Flexitank manufacturing
How Flexibags are Manufactured to Assure Liquid Transportation Safety
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
Flexibags for sale or collapsible tanks offer safe storage solutions and their manufacture can take place faster than the construction of new storage facilities. Furthermore, our c...
18 Nov
How to Export Goods to Israel
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
The United States and Israel have had a long-standing relationship since the State’s inception in 1948. The economic ties between both nations have continued to flourish over...
05 Nov
techno tanks flexitank
Why Flexibags are the Best Option for Bulk Liquid Transportation
Category: Flexibags, Flexitanks, Other Tanks
Flexibags are standard containers comprising a bag or bladder for storing and transporting non-regulated liquids. With the bladder insider the 20 ft. container, fluids remain prote...
05 Oct
australia logistics
How to Export Goods to Australia
Category: bulk liquid transport
On the surface, Australia appears like a comparatively easy place to conduct business. After all, it’s Anglophone and hasn’t experienced the recession faced by other western econom...
23 Oct
How to Export Goods into Europe – Important Procedures to Follow
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks, O...
Exporting goods to Europe is a process that has specific guidelines and procedures. These must be strictly adhered to by forwarding agents to prevent miscommunication and costly de...
25 Sep
Export oil
Philippines Import and Export Procedures You Should Know
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
The Philippines consists of various islands and its exports and imports reach almost USD $80 billion annually. Some of the country’s high-volume import and export partners include ...
05 Aug
Side Cut
Most Common Flexibag Storage Sizes and Uses
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Fl...
A flexitank is a bladder that fits into a 20ft freight container and converts into a non-hazardous transportation unit. And Flexibag provide a storage solution and can function alm...