What is a Flexitank and Why You Would Need One for Bulk Liquid Shipping

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20k liter pillow tank - Flexitank and Flexibags

A flexibag is a large-sized container that transports bulk liquids safely from one location to another. It comprises numerous polyethylene-made layers. The external part of this container is polypropylene-covered and the container can accommodate up to 24,000 liters. If you’re looking for a solution to address your bulk liquid shipping needs, we recommend our reliable flexitank and flexibags, which can fit into conventional containers. Therefore, shippers don’t need to pay extra fees for unloading, loading, or special handling services.

You’ll also find that these containers are efficient for transporting food-grade products, for instance, beverages and edible oil because they offer superior protection where contamination is concerned. If you’re in the business of transporting bulk liquids, our guide provides in-depth information on flexitanks for sale.

How Flexitanks Work

These flexible bags can fit into a typical container and are used for transporting and storing non-hazardous liquids in transport containers. These containers work by transforming the conventional container from a carrier that deals with dry goods to an efficient and safe container for bulk liquids.

If you’re looking to transport bulk liquids safely, you want to work with a reputable flexitank provider such as TECHNO GROUP USA, which offers quality flexitanks for sale.

Loading and Unloading Flexitanks

Flexitank placement takes place in a container that’s approximately 20ft. It takes about 15 minutes for container installation to take place. Upon installation, companies typically fix the supply hose and place an electric pump to obtain a good liquid supply.

Usually, the loading process takes 30 minutes to complete. Once loading takes place, transportation of the container can take place with ease. It’s worth noting that flexibags have the requisite tools necessary for transporting various kinds of loading. For instance, a range of adapters and nozzles help unload and load equipment.

Also, electricity and steam heat the load before unloading takes place. If necessary, we recommend a protective layer to safeguard the load against unfavorable temperatures during unloading.

Benefits of Flexitanks for Bulk Shipping

Ease of Use

Our flexitanks for sale allow easy installation and management. You’ll find it’s easy and fast to connect hoses for unloading and loading. Also, the flexible bags can transport a range of liquid cargo, including fruit juice and water.


Nowadays, businesses are striving to adopt eco-friendly business practices. Subsequently, they’re constantly seeking ways to decrease their carbon footprint. After all, a considerable percentage of consumers prefer doing business with environmentally-conscious companies with sustainable practices.

With our flexibags, there’s zero waste from surplus materials during transportation. Furthermore, single-use flexibags can undergo recycling while reusable ones can undergo sanitization for a new shipment.

Cost Reduction

Our customers have an opportunity to save money when they use our flexitanks for sale through efficient unloading and loading time, which doesn’t need heavy scheduling of staff for both tasks. Our customers also benefit from low handling costs since there’s no need for unique equipment such as cranes.

Another benefit is that these flexible bags enable space efficiency than IBCs and barrels. On the same note, there are no sanitation expenses, allowing businesses to operate conveniently because of the deceased operation cost. This is particularly beneficial if you conduct business within global markets.

Larger Quantities

Unlike IBCs and drums, our flexible bags fill up easily at once. Therefore, you don’t need to fill up numerous containers and load them onto a truck. When filling flexibags, you do so once inside the shipping container for efficiency. This translates into higher liquid volumes for shipment at one time.

These bags can accommodate more products in one go. That is, they can accommodate 24,000 liters on average-accelerating the loading procedure by filling a single tank. Also, the bag’s form-fitting features allow them to accommodate more products than other options-15% more than inflexible IBCs and approximately 35% more than drums.

Other benefits include:

  • The liquid products don’t face contamination because you can use a flexibag once
  • You don’t need to spend extra money on cleaning. The bags in flexitanks are meant for discard after use
  • You can dispose of flexitanks, making the liquid container environmentally friendly.


How to Save Transportation Costs with a Flexitank

  • Our flexitanks can accommodate a huge quantity of liquid cargo than traditional drums. This helps decrease the freight expenses
  • Labor charges are low due to the efficient loading process. Our flexitanks also make it convenient to load products

Factors Affecting Bulk Shipping

When it comes to bulk shipping costs, you’ll encounter varying rates based on numerous factors. It’s equally important to note that the product you’re shipping directly affects the charges imposed by a carrier.

Freight or Shipping Class

A shipment’s freight or shipping class depends on its density, vulnerability to damage, and ease of unloading and loading. You find that fragile and costly products are more costly since they demand more from a shipping company. This means they fall under a higher freight category.

Flexitank Shipping Distance

The distance covered by a transport carrier will determine the amount you’ll pay. Instead of adopting per-mile calculations, most companies adopt a complex formula to compute risk depending on the shipment’s destination, origin, and type. Based on these elements, shipping rates might decrease with distance, based on haul costs and transport methods.


Weight and Size

When establishing shipping expenses, weight and size are significant factors considered by shipping companies. You should provide us with precise weight and measurements to help us serve you efficiently.

If you’re looking to venture into bulk liquid shipping, your best solution lies in flexibags. Our guide offers valuable information on how they work and why you need them.

Flexibags offer s convenient means of providing bulk liquid transport, and safety standards exist to ensure proper loading, transportation, and product loading. If you’re seeking reliable transportation methods, you can count on us to deliver your products promptly.

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