Top 4 Liquids You Should Ship by Bulk Liquid Transportation

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bulk liquid transport

Bulk liquid transportation describes the transport of huge quantities of liquid from one venue to the next. It’s worth noting that bulk liquid transport tends to be more challenging than solid or dry materials. After all, it requires specialized equipment and can be more hazardous.

The techniques of liquid transportation don’t put bulk liquids in secondary containers for transportation before shipping. Rather, the bulk liquid product undergoes direct placement into the container that will accommodate it.

You want to select a reliable and reputable company such as TECHNO GROUP USA to meet your transportation needs. If you’re in the business of transporting bulk liquids, here’s a list of the top products to ship.

bulk liquid transport.

Bulk Liquid Transport Milk

Over the years, bulk transportation of milk has undergone changes and advancements. Previously, only small quantities could undergo transportation because of possible spoilage concerns and limited transport options.

When dealing with bulk milk transportation, we recommend reliable bulk liquid solutions, for instance, a quality tanker that features careful construction to prevent any contamination. Quality tankers are typically corrosion-resistant and non-absorbent to prevent any likelihood of compromised products.

When it comes to bulk liquid transportation of milk, you can rely on our knowledgeable and experienced transporters. Our staff is well trained and versed in this area of transport, so you can be confident that your transportation needs will be met.

Bulk Liquid Transport Orange Juice

Bulk liquid transportation of orange juice can be challenging because you must maintain it in cool temperatures while ensuring you preserve the freshness and quality. If you’re looking to transport this product in bulk, we recommend our flexitanks as reliable bulk liquid solutions.

These liquid containers function in shipping containers for efficiency. You’ll discover these flexible containers permit efficient bulk transport by transforming traditional shipping containers from dry goods carriers into safe containers for shipping oils, juices, and food-grade liquids. We recommend the use of flexitanks for these reasons:

Money Savings

Flexitanks are one-use-only containers that are ideal for food items such as orange juice. These containers help save money because you won’t have to spend on cleaning or finding storage space.


Flexitank use for orange juice transportation is more sustainable because they undergo recycling once upon use. Therefore, you can be certain that cross-contamination won’t occur in your deliveries.

Easy Loading

When using transportation methods such as barrels, you can expect to use considerable manpower to fill them up and load them into a truck. With our flexitanks, you don’t have to worry about a time-consuming and expensive means of bulk liquid transportation.

Bulk Liquid Transport Olive Oil

If you’re in the business of dealing with bulk olive oil, we recommend flexitanks for safe and efficient bulk liquid transport. Flexitanks offer reliable solutions for businesses that need non-hazardous techniques for transporting bulk products, for instance, olive oil. Flexitanks offer these benefits:

More Capacity

Due to its flexibility and foldable nature, one flexitank can accommodate up to 24,000 liters of liquid, yet it requires only a 20ft. standard freight container. Flexitanks can accommodate approximately 30% more volume than conventional ISO tanks as well as bulk carriers. This way, you’ll transport more olive oil in decreased time, lowering logistics costs while enhancing your economies of scale.

Product Quality

Although olive oil is refined, it becomes rancid upon exposure to light and oxygen, altering product taste, odor, and color. For this reason, olive transportation is very costly because standard tankers need loading, storage, and emptying under stringent light and temperature conditions to maintain product quality. Our flexitanks, on the other hand, comprise numerous layers and comprise valves and pumps to make them water and airproof.

Bulk Liquid Transport Vegetable Oil

When it comes to vegetable oil, the first thing that comes to our minds is that it’s for cooking. Although that’s a major purpose, it has various functions when it comes to industrial production.

This product demands caution during transportation because it faces the likelihood of ruin. Given its delicate nature and the involved variances, we recognize the need for cleanliness because residue from former travels can result in spoilage or compromised product quality. One way we alleviate concerns associated with bulk liquid transport is by ensuring we are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure safe product delivery.

bulk liquid transportationSafe Transportation

Safe liquid transportation is a significant aspect of transporting products from one location to another. In our business operations, we don’t just ensure your liquid products arrive at their intended destination. We equally make sure the same products don’t damage surrounding items. The best way of offering protection to liquid products and the adjacent environment is through liquid transport that involves proper kinds of packaging.

Safe liquid transportation needs sustainable packing solutions. These solutions are available in various sizes and types, but they have their place in safe movement from one location to another.

Understanding which packaging solution is appropriate is an important step you can’t afford to skip. To do so, we recommend you collaborate with a reliable transportation provider. It’s worth pointing out that while companies require suitable products, they equally need to understand why those products suit them. Furthermore, safe liquid transportation implies the recognition of the liquid products and their intended destination.

After all, contamination and other issues can arise at the drop-off or origination point even if the liquids had proper protection during travel. Remember, the transportation and shipping process goes beyond placing the liquid in containers and transporting products on a truck. As such, companies that deal with liquid transportation should take the entire process seriously.

If you’re looking to venture into bulk liquid transportation but don’t know which liquids to start with in your business, we highlight the topmost products that are worth considering.

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