What Makes Flexibags and Flexitanks the Best Option for Bulk Liquid Shipping?

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Flexitanks for sale are large-sized containers that transport non-hazardous liquids from one place to the next. These containers permit the transportation of bulk liquids safely and securely. They comprise polyethylene layers while the external layer is polypropylene-covered. Previously, tank containers were the major means of transporting liquids until the invention of flexibags took place. Our flexitanks function by converting typical containers into bulk liquid transport units. These containers are a substitute for the more conventional drums and tanks that transport non-hazardous liquids in bulk. Here’s a look at why we recommend them for bulk liquid shipping and how you can get flexibags for sale.


What Are Flexibags and Flexitanks for Sale?

If the cost of storage tanks or drums is affecting your profits, we recommend flexitanks for sale. These solutions are ideal if your business entails bulk liquids, for instance, edible oils, certain kinds of industrial oils, etc.

Flexibags are simply huge, soft plastic bags that can accommodate thousands of liters of liquid. You can empty and fill them the same way you would soft, flexible pouches. Once you place the container in a sturdy freight container, you get a flexitank.

The U.S. army is credited with the development of flexibags in the 1960s for water transportation for troops and diesel transportation for military vehicles. Since then, the bags have undergone gradual evolution into modern-day flexibags. You can seal the flexible and foldable containers once you fill them with liquid contents.  These bags can fit into 20 ft. dry vans that align with ISO standards.

Our storage bags permit you to load and discharge liquids from the bottom, top, or both. It’s worth noting that special pumps fill and empty liquids from these bags. Furthermore, the pump for discharging or filling liquids should be positive-displacement and self-priming.

These containers typically feature anti-suction ball valves for connecting to a pump. These types of valves are effective in ensuring leakage prevention throughout the discharge and filling of fluids. Moreover, they prevent residue from remaining in the tanks.

flexitanks for saleWhy Are they the Best Option?


Our flexitanks for sale are one-use containers and are ideal for liquid transportation. Our bags will help you save money long-term while ensuring stress-free and safe transportation. You won’t need to spend extra money on cleaning or locating storage space because they undergo immediate recycling upon emptying.

Environmental Friendliness

The materials that produce our flexibags are recyclable, ensuring there’s zero wastage.  The plastic material, together with other auxiliary components of the bag typically undergoes recycling, so there’s no clutter, unlike containers and drums, which might comprise various materials, and thus are not easily recyclable.

Easy to Use

These large-sized containers enable easy use, allowing you to save time on unloading and loading the liquid cargo. Remember, individual tanks are time-consuming when it comes to loading, unloading, filling, and emptying while the filling or emptying of flexitanks occurs in one go with the aid of a hose and pump.

Enhanced Shipping Capacity

Since flexitanks can accommodate up to 24,000 liters in a general freight container, it’s possible to ship approximately 50% more cargo than bottled shipment, 15% more than IBCs, and 40% more than drummed shipment.

Flexitanks for Sale Enhances Their Availability

Other bulk liquid transport units need cleaning and shipping before they reach their intended destination. This can result in shortages when there’s a need to transport non-hazardous liquids. With our flexitanks for sale, you can transport them virtually anywhere worldwide within days and load them into readily accessible 20-foot general containers. Just remember that they aren’t a one-size-fits-all substitute.

Flexibags versus Drums

Drums are available in various kinds. That is, they can be fiber, plastic, or steel-made. Irrespective of their kind, they need an inner lining or coating for sustaining food hygiene, along with strapping and a pallet for safety.

For numerous businesses, drums have offered a standard means of bulk liquid transportation. They provide some benefits because of their size uniformity, making it easy to transport and stack them. Nonetheless, they offer a challenging means of transportation despite the associated benefits.

  • Our flexibags enable enhanced space utilization compared to drums since they’re expandable and you can fill up the available space. This leads to a potential decrease in the shipments needed along with a decreased cost of transportation.
  • Bulk liquid transport through drums is more costly because of their handling, weight, cleaning, and relocation prerequisites.

flexibags for saleFlexibags versus ISO Tanks

ISO tanks have been known to provide a standard means of transporting non-hazardous and hazardous bulk liquids. This distinguishes them from flexibags for sale. The stainless steel-made tanks are designed for sea, road, or rail transportation. They eradicate the likelihood of transferring liquid products from one container to the next because the same vessel functions during the journey.

These tanks allow easy storage during layovers and delays. They’re also robust and reusable because of their stainless steel frames and their ability to resist damage and adverse weather conditions. Typically, these tanks can accommodate up to 26,000 liters; this capacity is slightly larger than a flexibag’s capacity.

Despite their numerous benefits, ISO tanks aren’t the most optimal solution for bulk liquid transportation. A major concern is the cleaning, which frequently leads to increased costs since their cleaning must take place at an approved facility. Furthermore, they’re costly to replace and produce. Although ISO tanks have their merits, our flexibags for sale offer a cost-efficient and innovative solution.

  • Flexibags are single-use, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning, unlike ISO tanks
  • Flexibags are economical when it comes to stocking, and you can easily ship and transport them in a 20ft. container anywhere

If you’re seeking an economical means of transporting bulk liquids, we recommend our reliable flexibags for sale. You’ll discover that they provide the flexibility of transporting your product to regions that are a distance from direct ports in different countries, while simultaneously allowing superior access to interior markets.

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