What Liquids Can Be Shipped in Flexibags and Flexitanks?

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Techno Group USA is an innovator in shipping supplies and logistics, and the creator of Techno Tanks™. Our flexible tanks and bags are used to ship a range of products in the United States and internationally. Find out how Flexibags and Flexitanks for sale can benefit your business and see common liquids that are shipped using our solutions.

What are Flexibags by Techno Group USA?

Flexitank fitted Container
Fitted Container For A Flexitank

Flexibags offer an alternative solution to our large flexible tanks. With a lower capacity, they are better suited to situations where unique liquid products should be separated, or where similar products will need to be stored in individual batches or delivered to unique last-mile addresses.

If your organization needs to ship in bulk but with the flexibility of smaller individual units, Flexibags would be ideal.

Our Techno Tanks™ flexible IBC 1,000-liter bags are designed to replace drums and other large footprint shipping solutions like bottle-in-cage containers. They are intermediate bulk containers that offer significant benefits in both utility and efficiency.

With a 1,000-liter capacity, flexible bags could completely replace your existing shipping solutions.

Flexitanks are Dependable, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly Shipping

Our bag solutions are dependable, offering peace of mind for companies that actively ship their products within the United States or overseas. The combination of a flexible bag made with the highest quality materials, and a paper IBC container, helps to cut down on shipping footprint and cost, without compromising the stability of the liquid stored inside.

Our solutions are so dependable that a paper IBC container can withstand up to 10,000 lbs. of compression force. You can have absolute confidence knowing that your products are protected from the moment they leave your facility until they reach their intended destination.

Our flexible shipping bag solutions are also economical. In today’s competitive economy, reducing cost and increasing efficiency is key to success. With 55-gallon drums and similar traditional shipping solutions, there are extensive costs associated with cleaning, maintaining, and returning rigid containers to base. Paper IBC solutions with flexible bags don’t require the same maintenance and cleaning.

You may have some concerns surrounding the environmental responsibility of using disposable liquid shipping bags. You’ll be impressed to learn that the paper used to protect our flexible bags is made from renewable resources and is 100% recyclable. Containers are biodegradable and the overall carbon footprint is reduced when using disposable/recyclable solutions like ours.

Flexible tanks are:

  • Dependable thanks to advanced materials and high compression force resistance.
  • More economical without the need to return containers to a point of origin.
  • More environmentally friendly thanks to the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

The solution is already very compelling at this point. Now it’s time to consider what can be shipped inside flexible shipping bags.

IBC Application Examples

Our Flexibags for sale and paper container solutions are ideal for a range of non-hazardous liquids.

Some of the most common liquids shipped using IBC 1,000-liter bags include:

  • Cooking oil.
  • Syrups and sauces.
  • Beverage concentrates.
  • Fluid products from the dairy industry.
  • Personal care products including gels and liquids. Examples include moisturizers, hair care products, cleansers, liquid soap, etc.
  • Nonhazardous chemicals like additives and liquid colorants.

Techno Group USA is a full-service shipping solutions provider. In addition to our innovative Flexibags for sale, we also offer logistics services to efficiently move your products from base to their destination, at the lowest possible cost, and without compromising the quality of service or the cargo itself.

Shipping in Flexitanks

Our Flexitanks are bulk liquid solutions designed to convert any standard shipping container into a 24,000-liter bulk container. By converting a dry goods carrier into a liquid carrier, it’s possible to ship anywhere that containers can go, using land, rail, and sea transport.

The benefits enjoyed with our flexible bags are shared with our flexible tanks. There are no return-to-base costs because tanks are designed for one-way transport. Tanks are made from the highest quality materials and are recyclable. Efficiency is key. You could significantly cut down your shipping and handling costs with the help of our flexible tank shipping solutions.

Our flexitanks are made from a proprietary polyethylene formulation and are approved by the FDA for carrying liquid food products.

Examples of products frequently shipped in flexible tanks include:

  • Food products including animal and vegetable oil, beverages and beverage components, syrups, sauces, beer, wine, and water.
  • Industrial products including mineral oil, technical oil, lubricating oils, base oils, adhesives, water-based paints, emulsions, and biodiesel.
  • Non-hazardous chemicals like cleansers and detergents, latex, brighteners, alkylate, choline chloride, silicate, propylene glycol, and others.

Typically, any type of non-hazardous chemical, industrial, or food product can be transported using flexible tanks.

Techno Group USA has developed unique solutions for carrying wine, olive oil, and other oxygen-sensitive perishables. Contact us today to talk about custom solutions that keep the quality of your products intact.

We’re Standing by With Efficient Bulk Liquid Solutions

Ship in confidence and at a lower cost without compromising quality. Techno Group USA offers the most innovative shipping solutions, including our Flexibags for sale, flexible tanks, and logistics service.

Talk to a representative today and enjoy all the benefits that come from the most reliable bulk liquid shipping solutions on the market.

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