5 Ways to Reduce Bulk Liquid Transport Costs

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Transporting liquids in bulk from one place to another is vital for easy accessibility of edible items or other products. Many companies need trustworthy partners who provide bulk liquid transportation for them in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner from one destination to another. Needless to say, having a competent and experienced bulk liquid transportation company is a must. At Techno Group USA, we pride ourselves at offering our clients the best bulk liquid solutions.

Considerations for Bulk Liquid Transport

There are a lot of different factors that come into play for effective transport of bulk liquids. The transportation should be reliable with trained professionals handling the entire operation, proper sanitization and sterilization procedures need to be followed, all industry regulations need to be met, and the vehicles and tankers/containers need to be reliable. Depending upon the liquid being transported, there may also be additional public safety requirements that would need to be met, such as when transporting volatile acids or liquified natural gas. Because of all these aspects, bulk liquid transport needs to be taken seriously and liquid bulk transportation companies need to be ready to deal with all that this transportation entails.

Flexitank vs Iso TankThere are many different industries that rely on successful bulk liquid transportation, such as the spirits industry, dairy, or those in the petroleum business. If there is any problem with transporting liquids, it could mean heavy losses or even bankruptcy for these businesses. So, they need to ensure that their transportation partners are not only reliable but also provide services at a reasonable price. Since the bottom line is very important for any business, if there are steps that can be taken to reduce costs, it is always a welcome proposition. Here are 5 ways that businesses can reduce their bulk liquid transport costs:

  1. Do your research. Planning ahead and knowing what you are going to ship, where, and when, can help you find the right bulk liquid transportation company. Last-minute shipping is always more expensive. So, finding a good transportation company and knowing their schedules, prices, etc. will help you not only in picking the right company, but will also save you transportation costs. At Techno Group USA, we have experience in several industries, and so we are able to come up with ideas and solutions that would be most beneficial for your business. We know that the needs of every company can be unique, and we have the ability to custom build bulk transportation tanks for your needs so you can gain the maximum value from your transportation solutions.
  2. Choose the right shipping method. Your chosen shipping method can have a big impact on your costs. Shipping by air is generally the most expensive than, say, shipping by land on a truck. But air transportation is also the fastest if you need to expedite a shipment. Techno Group USA is one of America’s leading FlexiTank companies, and our bulk liquid transportation tanks are suitable for shipping via rail, land, or sea.
  3. Understand the factors that will impact your shipment. Transport companies will generally charge for bulk liquid transportation based on several factors. These include handling, loading and unloading, any special services required for your shipment, the origin and destination of your shipment, time frame, and insurance. While these are all acceptable charges, there can be a big difference in what you pay for the same shipment. For example, if your shipment requires liftgate service or a receiving dock at the destination, this will be an added cost for you. But with Techno Group USA’s Flexitanks, also known as Flexibags, loading and unloading can be done by directly transferring liquids from one vessel to another. This will spare you the extra costs associated with staffing even when compared to large ISO tanks.
  4. Choose the right container. Depending upon the type of container you choose your costs for bulk liquid transportation can be higher or lower. In case of ISO tanks, the rental costs will be higher, and they require more storage space (and so, higher storage costs), when compared to say, Flexitanks. If you choose to transport using IBC totes, these have a much higher cost of packaging, and higher freight and storage costs as compared to Flexitanks. The tare weight of Flexitanks is much less as compared to drums, totes, and tanks, which means more savings for you. So, if you are transporting any type of non-hazardous liquids, choosing Flexitanks by Techno Group USA makes a lot of sense.

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  5. Review potential risks. Assessing risks and eliminating errors will ensure that you are not confronted by higher/extra costs for your bulk liquid transportation. When you transport with Techno Group USA, know that we fully understand the intricacies associated with shipping of bulk liquids. This helps us eliminate errors such as leaks, spills, and other damages. Our Flexitanks provide added confidence for us as well as for our clients because of how durable they are. We have a 100% success rate in transporting more than 100 million liters of liquids!


With the tips above, you can save your business a lot of money, and yourself a lot of stress by ensuring that your bulk liquid transportation needs are successfully met each and every time. With Techno Group USA’s innovative bulk liquid solution of Flexitanks, you can rest assured that you are getting the most efficient and cost-effective bulk liquid transport available anywhere.

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