Why You Should Use Flexitanks To Transport Wine

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Transporting any food grade liquid is a difficult proposition, but wine is something that needs the right conditions to be kept well. It’s difficult to keep it in the right conditions when transporting it in bulk, so what do you do? If you’re looking for new options, you can try Flexitanks instead of drums or regular tanks. Here’s why you should make the switch when it comes to transporting wine.

Flexitanks Are A Much Easier Transport Option

The first thing you’ll see when using a Flexitank is just how much easier they are to fill up. Unlike drums, you don’t have to fill up multiple containers at once, and get them all onto the truck when you’re ready to go. That’s time consuming and difficult to get done without a lot of staff on hand to make it happen.

A Flexitank, on the other hand, can hold so much more in one go. On average, they hold around 24,000 liters, depending on the type you buy. That makes loading up so much easier, as you’re only filling up that one tank. They’re easier to fill as well, as they just require filling from the nozzle in the top once they’re already on the truck. No more having to load multiple drums on, just get the empty bag on and get filling. This only needs about two people, so you’re saving a lot on labor too.

Flexitanks Are FDA Approved

If you’re transporting any kind of food grade liquid, you need to know you’re using the right containers for it. You need a container, whether it’s drum, tank or otherwise, to be approved for use in transporting edible liquids.

That’s why a Flexitank for wine is the best option, as they’re approved by the FDA. That makes things easier for you, as you can just fill them up without having to take other measures. For example, some tanks need FDA approved liners before food grade liquids can be put inside.

Wine Is Safe From Cross Contamination

One of the problems with using a regular tank is that once you’ve used it to transport your goods, you need to send them back for cleaning. That works 99% of the time, and the tanks are ready to take another liquid without any problems. That other 1% of the time though, something gets left behind in the tank and cross contaminates the liquid inside. That results in lost profit and waste for you.

That’s why a lot of businesses are switching to Flexibags, as they are a one use only item. Once they have been filled, transported, and emptied, they cannot be used again. That means that every time you use one, you’ll be getting a brand new tank that has 0% chance of cross contamination. It’s the best way to guarantee that it won’t happen to your product.

Save Money With Flexitanks

One of the biggest benefits of Flexitanks is the money they save you. There’s several different ways that you’ll see savings with this transport style.

Firstly, Flexitanks cost very little to store. They fold flat before they’re used, so they need much less room for storage. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck, as you’ll be able to fit a lot more into the space you would normally use for drums.

Then, there’s the fact that they’re one use only. Because of this, they don’t need to be sent back to the depot to be cleaned and sent out again. You won’t be paying to send empty tanks back on the road, saving in fuel, labor and time.

As they won’t come with the risk of contamination, they won’t lead to losses when it comes to spoiled produce. It’s amazing how much more profit you’ll get when you factor out this loss.

Finally, you’ll see that Flexitanks are great as they use up all the space in the container they’re put in. Drums and smaller tanks can’t do that, as there will be gaps no matter how densely you stack them. With a Flexitank though, you’ll fill it up and it will expand to use all that space. Because of that, you’ll see that you can get a lot more on one truck. Because of that, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of trucks you send out, saving money.

Flexitanks Are Great For The Environment

Every business now is looking for ways they can improve their business’s impact on the environment. The Flexitank is just one of the ways you can really make a difference. As they increase capacity on your trucks as described above, you’re not putting as many trucks out, so you’re reducing your emissions. These emissions reduce further when you see the tanks don’t need to be transported back empty, too.

The tanks themselves are recyclable too. Even though they’re a one use only item, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to end up in landfill. They’re sent to be recycled once used, so you can be sure you’re not contributing to waste.

These are small changes, but they make a big difference when it comes to the environment.


As you can see, the Flexitank brings you all kinds of benefits when it comes to transporting wine. You’ll avoid cross contamination, find it easier to load up transport vehicles, and get a lot more wine into each container. It’s time you looked into using Flexitanks at your business.

Author: miamiseo