Benefits Of Using Flexitank Water Storage Bags

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Moving potable water to areas where it is needed is a unique challenge. You’ll need to be able to place it in containers that can hold the amount needed, keep it safe, and avoid leaks. On top of that, you need to be able to move that water about easily. Now, Flexitanks are becoming the go to container liquid storage solution when it comes to water. Here’s just some of the benefits of using them when you need to transport and store large amounts of water. They are great for remote locations, disaster areas, desert areas and have countless more applications.

What Are Flexitanks?

A Flexitank is essentially a large polyethylene bag, designed for holding liquids. It will have a multiple layer design which aims to prevent leaks and keep the water pure. It also has a valve to load or discharge the liquids, either on the top or the bottom of the bag. When using the Flexitank, you’ll see that it sits directly in the shipping container, and is filled up and emptied from there.

No Contamination Risk

No matter what food grade liquid you’re moving, you need to reduce the risk of contamination wherever possible. By using flexitanks which are one time use solutions, you eliminate the possibility of product contamination. Having to loose product due to cross contamination is costly and could be unhealthy.

It’s also a risk when moving water for disaster relief needs. In these cases, every drop of water you use is precious. You don’t want to risk losing a large amount of it because it was contaminated en route to its destination.

Flexitanks have been made to eliminate that risk. Once you’ve used one, you recycle them rather than clean them and use them again. When you use Flexitanks, you’re using a brand new bladder every time you ship. That eliminates the risk of contamination at a single stroke. It’s always good to know that your water is safe when you transport and store it.

Eliminate And Reduce Costs

One of the main reasons why companies use Flexitanks is because of their cost effective nature. As a bulk liquid transportation option, you’ll never see anything as cost effective as these.

There’s lots of ways these tanks help reduce costs. Firstly, being easier to fill up and load onto trucks, you’ll spend less time and resources on handling operations.

As you fill a Flexitank, the bag will expand to fill the space in the container and maximize the volume transported or stored. With drums or barrels, you would have gaps between the tanks that can’t be used for liquid storage; with a flexitank, all that space is going to be well used. Being able to maximize your container loads, You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit onto a single truck. Because of this, you’ll be able to put a lot less trucks on the road and generate benefits and savings from the larger scale.

Then there’s the fact that Flexitanks are one use only items. As you’ll only be using them once, you won’t have to worry about them having to be cleaned. With a drum, you’ll need to ship it to a facility in order to be cleaned and stored. Once you’ve emptied a Flexitank you are done, so you won’t have to pay for cleaning or repositioning. Prior to shipping, you also need to store your tanks, flexitanks are a breeze to store too, so you can fit a lot more units in the space currently dedicated to drums or totes. You could even reduce the storage space and use the free area for more profitable operations.

Designed For Food Grade Liquids

These are all great benefits to using a Flexitank, but are they actually the best method for storing and moving water? We believe so. The benefits are countless and they’re approved by the FDA for storing all food grade liquids.

Many companies trust them to store and transport liquids like wine, oils, milk, and more. They’re excellent for holding a liquid like water, as it’s a safe, clean vessel. This is something you need to consider if you’re moving water for disaster relief purposes (or any type of bulk liquid for that matter). That water has to be as clean as possible when it reaches its destination. With a Flexitank, you can be sure this will be the case.

Quicker Handling Speeds

loaded flexitank techno tanks
loaded flexitank techno tanks

Finally, a good benefit of using a Flexitank is the fact it can be loaded up and shipped out quickly. When using drums, you’ll need to fill each one up individually, and then load them up onto the truck using a forklift. It takes time and manpower to do so.

Using a Flexitank as a bulk liquid transportation tank though, you drastically improve your handling speeds. You’ll see that you can put the Flexitank into the shipping container and fill it up in there, using a pump to push the water in through the dedicated nozzle. Once it’s full, it’s ready to go.

The same goes for the unloading process, too. You’ll just need to pump the water back out, without even having to remove the bag from the shipping container itself.

Speed is of the essence when moving water for disaster relief reasons. Being able to handle it quickly will shave a lot of time off your delivery speeds. It also reduces costs, too. You’ll need less people, as it’s so much easier to get loaded up and ready to go.

Flexitanks are an excellent resource if you’re looking to move or store water, for any reason. They’re incredibly safe, resisting leaks and eliminating contamination. Being so easy to fill and move, they’ll reduce costs too.

Author: miamiseo