Importing and Exporting Apple Juice Concentrate in Flexitanks

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Bulk liquid transportation doesn’t have to be a burden. If you want a simplified process, Techno Group offers reliable flexitanks that offer a cost-effective solution for the shipment of non-hazardous liquids. We convert standard cargo containers into transportation systems, making it easy to export non-hazardous liquids affordable and easy.

You can also trust our services due to our dedication and expertise. If you’re looking for a safe means to ship bulk liquids, we have the solution to your transportation needs. You have an opportunity to access our safe flexibags for sale if you’re a syrup distributor, supplier or packager. Here’s an insight into the use of flexibags for apple syrup or juice concentrates.

Why You Should Use Our Flexitanks

Flexitank fitted Container
Fitted Container For A Flexitank

Also called a flexibag, a flexitank is supposed to fit into a 20ft standard container. The size depends on the product’s gravity and weight limitations at destination and origin. The bag is the equivalent of an ISO tank for non-hazardous liquids.

With our flexibags, you can reduce unloading and loading times up to 90%. Moreover, the shipment of 31% more cargo can occur compared to drums and IBC totes. Our bags can equally reduce man-hours. With the initiation of the flexitanks over 20 years ago, the liquid transportation sector has undergone a revolution.

A flexitank has become the sole substitute for our clients who seek to save on the transportation of any kind of liquids, including soft drinks, concentrates, and non-hazardous chemicals. Our bags offer lower loading and labor expenses and no repositioning costs-this option is ideal for remote destinations.

Furthermore, these bags offer a safe transportation mode with almost no likelihood of contamination. If you’re seeking an innovative way to decrease your carbon footprint, we recommend you invest in our quality flexibags.

Besides being a safe environmental substitute, you don’t need to wash flexitanks and you can recycle or discard them. This bag features a new configuration, allowing it to fit two or three smaller flexibags in a 40ft ocean container.

With a barrier and standard films, the newly configured bags have autonomous welding. Furthermore, they’re appropriate for food-grade, pharmaceutical, and chemical products and provide an optimal oxygen permeation.

Our clients value the fact that the newly configured tanks are self-restraining, comprising a non-slip mat that doesn’t permit movement. Before the new design, the bags covered the containers’ whole floor. The bags’ new design however, permits temperature-control and refrigeration for liquid shipment that needs to remain cold.   

Transporting Apple Syrup in Flexitanks

The flexitank’s structural configuration isn’t the only thing that’s evolved recently. Our clients can now export and import apple syrup faster and cost-efficiently. Given syrup’s thick consistency, the liquid won’t flow out of our bags easily or quickly.

A flexibag comprises a heating pad underneath for warming the syrup, allowing it to flow out of the bag effortlessly. These days, newly invented heater pads exist for flexibags, so syrups can heat in 1/3 of the time of conventional heater pads.

The new pads take 18 hours compared to 48 hours consumed by conventional heaters to heat a similar product. The life cycle of the new pads is up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted work. Additionally, they have water-resistant or shock insulation for considerable heating parameters and durability. The electric heating system isn’t merely for syrups but also other kinds of liquid with thick consistency such as coconut and palm oil.

Benefits of Flexibags

Similar to any transportation mode, these bags offer some unique advantages, not frequently seen in other means of liquid transportation. They include:

  • Enhanced Shipping Capacity

The maximum volume of each bag is 24,000 liters inside a common freight container. Therefore, you can ship about 50% extra cargo than bottled shipments and 40% more than drummed shipments. 

  • Greater Availability

Other transportation units for bulk liquid need cleaning and shipment to where they’re required after use. This could result in shortages when you have to transport non-hazardous liquids. With flexibags, shipment can occur virtually anywhere globally within days before loading them into a readily accessible 20ft common container. We usually inform our clients that flexibags aren’t one-size-fits-all substitute; they have some drawbacks.

  • Lower Cost

Oftentimes, we find that the cleanup, rental, and return expenses associated with IBC units, ISO tanks, and other liquid containers surpass the flexitank’s cost and the 20ft freight container. After all, you’ll merely pay for the disposable bag and container freight.

  • Secure and Safe Packaging

With numerous layers each comprising valves and pumps that seal off water and air, you can relax knowing that our bags are airproof and waterproof. This ensures the safe transportation of bulk liquids, which remain uncontaminated.

  • Trouble-free

The design of a flexibag ensures that our clients don’t need to worry about additional hassles, for instance, processes involved or cleaning products. You can dispose of the bag after one transportation usage.

  • Spaciousness

With a single bulk transport, the tanks can contain up to 25 tons of liquids. Consequently, they’re cost- effective and efficient in transportation.

  • Faster unloading and loading times

These bags are more efficient and convenient than conventional drums or IBC totes. Therefore, the unloading and loading times have proven to be considerably lower than the average transportation methods.

  • More options for packaging and shipping

With flexibags, our customers have more choices to distribute and package. They permit them to transport bulk liquids with minimal to no packaging needed.

If you’re seeking affordable, safe, and secure transportation for bulk liquids, consider the durable flexitanks from Techno Group USA.

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