Improve Bottom Line with Flexitank Bulk Liquid Transport Solutions

When shipping liquids in bulk, you need a reliable solution to comply with all safety standards and meet efficiency targets. With some options, shipping bulk liquids can be burdensome. Traditional methods come with a high cost of investment and significant ongoing maintenance expenses. Containers like ISO tanks and IBC totes can be expensive to purchase and relocate, and they’re incredibly fragile when considering their cost. Even traditional drum storage has become cost-prohibitive for some businesses.

Techno Group USA offers a superior bulk liquid transport solution. Flexitanks solve many of the problems that have existed for decades in the transportation industry. It’s time to take advantage of reliable container liquid storage to reduce your costs and increase your bottom line.

Go Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Bulk Liquid Solutions

To truly understand what makes Techno Group solutions so special, it’s important to understand the limitations of traditional rigid liquid containers.

  • Flexitanks ISO Tanks typically store up to 26,000 liters of liquid for warehousing and transportation. These tanks are expensive to produce, and those costs are passed on to you. Round trip leases are required as ISO tanks need to be returned to base, usually without any product. This increases your costs two-fold for no discernable benefit. ISO tanks require servicing and cleaning, so even if you own your tanks, you’ll suffer from high overheads that erode your profits.
  • IBC totes can be palletized to fit up to 20 individual totes within a container, for a total of 21,000 liters of storage. Like ISO Tanks, these totes require cleaning and servicing, and they need to be relocated after shipment, for which you will shoulder the cost. These totes are prone to damage and because of this, they have a relatively short lifespan. Totes are a liability for your business due to their fragility and high maintenance needs.
  • Traditional 55-gallon drums have been used extensively for bulk liquid transport. They’re durable and you can typically ship up to 80 drums per container for a total of 16,000 liters of product. Weight and handling requirements make drums expensive to ship. Like other rigid liquid containers, they require cleaning and relocation after shipment.

While all three shipping solutions were at one point seen as acceptable standards, they have never fully met the demands of the shipping industry or businesses like yours. They’re expensive and have a limited lifetime. They’re also inherently wasteful because they are returned empty to the point of origin.

Reduce Costs with Flexible Bulk Liquid Transportation Tanks

Flexitank Bulk Liquid Transport Solutions

You don’t have to settle for inefficient container liquid storage. Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are a superior alternative to ISO tanks, drums, and totes. They’re suited to rail, land, and sea transportation, making them perfect for your extensive distribution needs. You can now ship your liquid products safely and at a lower cost.

Flexitanks can be housed within standard 20 ft. shipping containers for up to 24,000 liters of liquid capacity. Tare weight is significantly reduced when compared to drums, tanks, and totes. These innovative tanks are single use, but they are reclaimable and recyclable. This eliminates the need for round trip leases and significantly improves your profitability.

The bladders within Flexitanks can be loaded and unloaded by directly transferring liquid from one vessel to another. This significantly reduces staffing requirements and cost. Despite Flexitanks being single-use, easier and more efficient handling will ultimately result in net savings, even when compared to large ISO tanks.

Techno Group produces flexible tanks that are suitable for all business niches. We use a proprietary polyethylene blend which ensures that your cargo is never compromised from leaks or bursts. We’ve shipped more than 100 million liters in our tanks with a 100% success rate. Chemicals, food products, oil products, industrial products, pharmaceutical products, and wines and spirits are just some of the examples of what can be shipped using Flexitanks.

Our container liquid storage solutions are food grade and fully compliant with US FDA requirements.

The Most Economical Bulk Liquid Solutions

Innovation drives business success. No matter what industry you operate in, your ability to create novel solutions will differentiate you in your market. The bulk liquid transport industry is no exception. Techno Group identified a need for better bulk liquid transportation tanks, and with our flexible storage solutions, we have presented compelling options to the market.

There are three pillars to the service that we provide, all of which bring value to your organization.

  • Our unique ideas and solutions are based on experience in several industries. We understand the challenges of your business and know how to address your concerns. Our solutions have been designed with your needs in mind, and we can even custom build bulk liquid transportation tanks for your unique needs.
  • We help your business to grow by improving the value you gain from your shipping solutions. Flexitanks and other container liquid storage options are designed to bring operational benefits. You will reduce your costs and increase your profits. Running leaner is essential in a competitive economy. Our advanced liquid solutions keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Efficient customer service is at the heart of what we do. Our team is standing by to provide support at any stage of your project. Whether you are looking for solutions, technical support, or if you have general inquiries, the team at Techno Group USA is available 24/7.

Leverage the experience of industry experts with targeted solutions. You can continually improve your storage and distribution processes with bulk liquid transportation tanks.

Talk to us today to explore Flexitank options for efficient and cost-effective bulk liquid transport anywhere in the world.