Why Flexitanks are Better Than Traditional Methods of Bulk Liquid Transport

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Flexitanks are an innovation in bulk liquid transport, offering a more affordable and efficient way to ship liquid products.

Whenever shipping in bulk, your business needs reliable solutions that reduce handling, overhead costs, and logistical challenges. Flexitanks outperform all traditional bulk liquid transport solutions, including ISO tanks, IBC totes, and drums.

Discover the advantages of the bulk liquid solutions available from Techno Group USA.

What are the Biggest Challenges of Bulk Liquid Transportation?

Any organization that ships liquids regularly will know that the task is challenging. Along with the handling and logistical hurdles, there are cost inefficiencies to overcome. Your own business could be forfeiting a significant portion of its bottom line if your bulk liquid transportation operations aren’t optimized.

Some of the most significant challenges to overcome include:

  • Finding bulk liquid solutions that keep products intact and ready for consumption or use as intermediate products.
  • Preserving the integrity of products without having ingredients degrade in quality.
  • Maximizing efficiency so that shipping costs are minimized.
  • Overcoming the high amount of handling that is required to prepare, pack, ship, and deliver liquid products to their destinations.
  • Eliminating the cost of containers, especially the high cost of cleaning and returning rigid bulk liquid transport containers to their points of origin.

All these challenges add up to make your operation less efficient. Flexitanks are bulk liquid transportation solutions that have been designed to address these issues. When comparing flexitanks to the most popular bulk liquid solutions used today, it becomes clear that you could significantly improve the shipping aspect of your business while reducing your overheads for a stronger bottom line.

In today’s competitive economy where labor and transportation costs are increasing, it should be your priority to transition to a more affordable and efficient method of bulk liquid transportation.

Without Question, Flexitanks Provide the Most Economical Bulk Liquid Solutions

Flexitanks are both reliable and economical and are the ideal alternative bulk liquid solutions to ISO tanks, drums, and totes.

Techno Tanks™ flexitanks are designed to convert 20-foot shipping containers into bulk liquid haulers. This makes them suited to all typical shipping methods, including road, sea, and rail. Flexitanks can go anywhere that traditional containers can.

Capacities range from 16,000 to 24,000 liters, offering more storage than totes and drums, and comparable storage to tanks at a lower cost. The tare weight is low so shipping expenditure is made more efficient. Flexitanks are food grade and are perfect for high-risk perishable products like wine, beer, and cooking oil. Without the need for repositioning or cleaning, there are no round trip leases required when shipping with Techno Tanks™.

Compare flexitanks to the most common bulk liquid solutions and you’ll immediately see that they are the superior option that could help you to meet your short and long-term business goals.

Flexitanks Outperform ISO Tanks for Bulk Liquid Transportation

ISO tanks are popular for their size and dependability, but they come with expensive downsides. Typically, only the largest organizations can absorb the significant cost of shipping in tanks.

Compare some key aspects of ISO tanks for bulk liquid transportation to flexitanks…

  • ISO tanks can carry up to 26,000 liters of product, compared to 24,000 liters with flexitanks.
  • They are prohibitively expensive to purchase, forcing many businesses to lease.
  • Round trip leases are costly, requiring extra handling, cleaning, servicing, and re-positioning.

Why shoulder all the costs of ISO tank hire after your leg of the journey is complete? Even with the extra capacity, ISO tanks simply don’t make sense if you don’t own your own tanks and operate your own management/maintenance chain.

Flexitanks Are More Efficient Than IBC Totes

When we look at IBC totes, another popular bulk liquid transport solution, flexitanks also come out ahead.

  • IBC totes can be packed in lots of 18 per container, for a total of 21,000 liters.
  • Totes require servicing, cleaning, and relocation after use.
  • Handling is expensive and inefficient when shipping bulk cargo using IBC totes. With 18 totes needing to be filled, handled, and emptied/transferred, there’s a lot of wasted time and cost.

A single flexitank can replace 18 totes in a container with a higher total capacity. Handling is vastly reduced, allowing for shipping that is more economical and efficient.

Flexitanks are Vastly Superior to Traditional Shipping Drums

Drums are even less efficient than IBC totes. 80 can be shipped per container for a total product volume of 16,000 liters. Drums have a relatively high tare weight, they can’t be palletized for export, and are expensive to ship. They’re environmentally hazardous and require similar cleaning and repositioning as other traditional solutions.

Drums simply don’t offer good bulk liquid solutions, and the industry is largely moving away from them for bulk shipping. Flexitanks are the obvious alternative, offering more capacity, lower cost, and lower handling requirements.

Talk to the Flexitank and Logistics Experts for the Best Bulk Shipping Solutions

It’s evident that flexitanks can outperform traditional shipping methods, offering more efficient bulk liquid transportation at a lower cost with fewer handling requirements. If you’re ready to improve the operational efficiency of your business when shipping non-hazardous liquids, it’s time to talk to the experts.

Techno Group USA is an innovator in flexitank design, and we offer a complete logistics service to get your products moved all the way through to the last mile. Forget clunky and expensive shipping methods and make the switch to flexitanks by contacting us today.

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