How Flexitanks can Save You Money on Shipping Bulk Liquids

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save money with flexibags

Liquid shipping can be challenging and while various methods exist, flexitanks offer a more efficient means of transportation. These systems are increasingly becoming popular with good reason. They come in the form of a huge bag that comprises layers of polypropylene and polyethylene.  

Typically, you fill them from a nozzle and hold them in 20ft dry containers where you can move or ship them to their intended location. They’re meant to substitute drums, IBCs, and ISO tanks. If you’re wondering how they can save you money, here’s how:

Decreased Packaging

When you use our flexitanks for liquid transportation, you eliminate all the waste caused by conventional shipping. If you’re shipping huge liquid volumes the conventional way, you must use containers or bottles, packaging, and pallets to prevent the containers from breaking.

You’ll need shrink wrap to maintain the crates in position as well. You’ll discover that investing in our flexibags is cheaper than investing in the packaging necessary for shipping the product. We recommend this method because it decreases the money spent on the packaging materials.

Increased Volume


The product volume that we can transport at a go in the smallest container is with flexitanks. In comparison, the volume we would transport in crates and bottles would be considerably less than if the same volume was in our reliable flexibags.

The ability to ship more products simultaneously decreases the cost of extra materials required to ship products. If we ship one flexitank, it might hold sufficient product that would be more costly if shipped conventionally.


When using a conventional tank, you need to clean and return it after product delivery takes place. This demands extra personnel and time, particularly if you’re shipping chemicals. On the other hand, you use flexitanks once.

Fewer Employees Required

Conventional packaging needs employees to wrap the skids, package the containers, and prepare the consignment for transportation. This can take more than a couple of employees to facilitate. When you decide to use our flexibags, it will only take a couple of people for shipment preparation and loading to take place.

Decreasing the number of employees required saves money on labor and all the benefits that accompany the maintenance of full-time workers such as health insurance.

Shortened Unloading and Loading

It takes a few people to load liquid into a flexitank within 90-120 minutes. In comparison, it takes 3-5 hours to fill a 20ft ISO container. Moreover, after loading takes place into the flexibag, it doesn’t have to change containers. This means it moves from the manufacturer to the end-user. Conversely, conventional shipping means that the product occasionally needs transferring to various containers, placing the product’s integrity at risk.

A flexitank eliminates this risk and decreases labor costs. After unloading, our flexitanks undergo recycling and disposal takes almost no time.


When transporting bulk liquid using methods such as drums, you’ll notice wasted space. When loading them up into a truck, you’ll notice gaps you can’t fill in between. Furthermore, the more drums you own, the more trucks you’ll need for transportation. This implies that you’ll end up spending more on fuel, drivers’ wages, etc.

Although the wasted space could accommodate more liquid, there’s no way to fill it.  With flexibags for sale, wasted space isn’t an issue. When you fill these bags, they enlarge to use the available space. It will amaze you just how much more you can fit into the available space. In turn, you’ll save considerable money in bulk liquid transportation.

Decreased Leakage and Wastage

techno tanks flexitank container preparation

There’s no guaranteed way for stopping leaking while in transit and accidents are a possibility. Either a hole will emerge in a bottle or drum or an accident might occur, causing the breakage of containers.

Whenever this occurs, the liquid becomes unusable and you must write it off. This will undoubtedly take a portion of your profits. You’ll notice decreased leakages when you use our flexibags for sale. Our bags have solid protection and insulation from external damages as they sit comfortably in the container.

Numerous shipping containers and leaks mean more costs and work. Once you maximize the product amount you transport, you’ll decrease the costs automatically.

No need for Storage

When you aren’t using your drums, you’ll need to store them. In most instances, that implies incurring storage costs for renting storage space until you require them.

A flexitank offers a much better alternative when it comes to storage. They consume less room when they aren’t filled since they’re deflated bags. Therefore, you require less storage space. Moreover, they’re recyclable once you use them, so there’s no need to find space for them again. You simply dispose of and recycle them.

Maximize Payload

When it comes to filling a truck, a drum’s weight is a major consideration. On its own, one drum is okay until you put several and the weight adds up fast.

Remember, there’s only so much weight you can put into a truck, so if they become too heavy, you’ll need to split the payload between two or more transport cars. Consequently, drums double the transport expenses. That’s where a flexitank comes in to solve the problem. On its own, the bag is super lightweight. Since they’re much lighter, you’ll be able to fill more liquid into the car overall.

If you’re looking to ship bulk liquid efficiently, you should consider flexitank shipping. This mode of shipping allows you to enjoy a shorter unloading and loading time while allowing you to save time and maintain product integrity.

Author: miamiseo