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Flexitanks, also known as flexibags, are versatile shipping solutions used to transport liquids in bulk. Offering superior value and lower overheads when compared to traditional liquid shipping solutions, flexibags can help you to improve efficiency and boost your bottom line.

Learn about the best applications for flexibags and talk to Techno Group USA for ordering, technical support, and a fully integrated logistics service.

Applicable Products You Can Ship with Flexibags Today

Our flexibags have been designed to provide the most efficient shipping of liquids including food products, industrial oils, and non-hazardous chemicals.

Some commonly shipped products are:

  • Motor oils and performance additives.
  • Beverages and components like fruit juice concentrate.
  • Liquid food additives.
  • Potable water.
  • Cooking oils and industrial vegetable oils.
  • Synthetic resin, polyether, paint, dye, glycerin, propylene glycol.
  • Chemicals and reagents.

Flexibags are ideal for the above product groups and similar non-hazardous products. Cost-efficiency and minimized handling can make the entire shipping process simpler.

The technical properties of flexibags will appeal to a wide variety of users. Consider the specific advantages of the flexitanks design before we look at some of the key benefits when shipping perishable food grade products.

Flexibags for Sale vs Traditional Bulk Shipping Solutions

Custom Tanks techno tanks
Custom Tanks techno tanks

When looking at three popular shipping methods, the advantages of flexibags for sale become clear.

  • Tanker shipping is the most efficient and affordable large bulk shipping method when considering the sea leg, but there are considerable costs to consider for the last leg (door-to-door delivery). Tanker shipping is only suited to companies dealing in extremely high quantities of liquid products.

  • ISO tank shipping is more practical for shippers who move products in bulk but not in the volume that ocean tanker shipping would require. The downside to ISO tank shipping is that there are expensive equipment and handling costs. This method is uneconomic if there is no return load. Tanks are costly to clean and require an excessive amount of space for stockpiling.

  • IBC totes are even costlier than tanker and ISO tank shipping. They require specialized cleaning between loads and have a lower overall payload when compared to flexibags. Handling costs can add up, and totes attract high storage costs and space requirements.

Flexibags for sale are ideal for door-to-door delivery, making them usable from the point of origin all the way to the last leg of the journey. They are suited to single-use and attract low labor, handling, filling, and loading costs. There’s no need to transfer products at different stages of the journey, so sensitive food products, chemicals, and oils remain uncompromised. Payloads are maximized when using flexibags for sale. You’ll enjoy a 50% higher payload than bottles, 44% higher when compared to drums, and 15% higher when compared to IBC totes.

Flexibags are comparable in capacity to ISO tanks but without all the added complexity or cost. A single flexibag is suited for shipping up to 24,000 liters of product in a standard 20-foot shipping container. Any dry goods container can become an efficient bulk liquid shipping solution with the addition of flexibags for sale.

Flexibags are the Most Efficient Solution for Shipping Wine

Techno Group USA produces flexibags for sale that can be used to ship wine anywhere in the world. Shipping wine comes with significant challenges. Temperature fluctuations and handling can introduce risks. Oxidation from poor storage can compromise a batch of wine.

Wine shipping is one of the best uses for flexibags.

Oxidation occurs when the wine is exposed to the air, and the process begins relatively quickly. Some wines benefit from oxidation (it’s the reason many people use decanters in their homes), but this is a process that should occur right before consumption, rather than during shipping of bulk wine. If bulk wine begins to oxidize, its flavor and quality will diminish. Too much exposure could lead to dangerous contamination and a completely compromised product.

Obviously, you want to keep your shipments safe for the end consumer. You have high quality standards, and you expect these to be maintained, even when shipping liquids in bulk.

Our liquid shipping solutions will help to protect your product. Shipping wine is one of the best uses for flexibags.

Our custom wine flexibags are like traditional flexitanks, but they include special materials that are designed specifically for wine and other perishable liquids. They limit oxygen transfer between the ambient air and the container, reducing the transmission rate by as much as 50%. With the addition of aluminum foil layers for the most sensitive goods, the oxygen transmission is reduced further.

Suitable for more than just wine, our specialized food grade flexibags for sale can be used for olive oil (another product that is sensitive to oxidation), bulk beer, spirits, and fruit concentrates.

Flexibags from Techno Group USA have passed certification and approval processes for the FDA, Halal, Kosher, and the FSSC2200 Food Safety System Certificate. For complete confidence in the integrity of your wine or similar perishable products, insist on flexibags for sale when you need a bulk liquid shipping solution.


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