Advantages of Flexitank for Transportation of Bulk Wine and Olive Oil

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Techno Group USA has bulk shipped more than 100 million liters of liquid around the world. We manufacture the best Flexitank shipping products.

Learn how our unique Flexitank for wine and Flexitank for oil shipping can protect your products.

The Advantages of Using a Flexitank for Wine

Transporting wine in bulk is an affordable way for producers to distribute their products before they end up in consumer packaging. Bulk wine that is rebranded and packaged for consumers, blended, or used in the production of other products is often transported using inefficient liquid containers that lead to inflated costs and unnecessary logistical complexity.

Using a Flexitank for wine comes with significant advantages that producers can’t afford to ignore.

Our custom Flexitank for wine is similar to our standard Flexitanks but is produced using materials that are specifically formulated for wine in bulk quantities. The material ensures that the oxygen transfer rate is drastically reduced, helping to preserve the product. Our EVOH barrier reduces the oxygen transmission rate by 50% when compared to standard shipping solutions. A Flexitank for wine has an even lower transmission rate with the help of additional aluminum foil layers.

When using a Flexitank for wine, producers will enjoy:

  • Economical and efficient transportation with more affordable packaging. Our Flexitank for wine is overall more affordable than traditional iso tanks.

  • Flexitank materials are biodegradable and can be recycled without contamination. The packaging material is also disposable. Businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact can use Flexitank for wine to help achieve their long-term goals.

  • The low oxygen transmission rate inherent to Flexitank for wine is also beneficial for other liquids. Beers, spirits, and fruit juices can be shipped in Flexitanks at a lower cost and with minimal product degradation in transit when compared to iso tanks.

Flexitanks aren’t just flexible in terms of their physical properties. They are also flexible beyond applications like beverage shipping. Olive oil is another product that is frequently shipped over long distances in bulk. Flexitank is the ideal shipping solution for olive oil.

Using a Flexitank for Oil

Olive oil is one of the world’s most used liquid fat products for cooking and food enhancement. Hundreds of millions of gallons are shipped around the world every year. Shipping olive oil can be costly because specific conditions are required to preserve the integrity of the product. Using a Flexitank for oil is one of the best ways to preserve olive oil in transit.

Olive oil in its extra virgin state is considered to be one of the highest quality oils around. Shipping extra virgin olive oil is challenging because oxidation can completely ruin the product.

High storage temperatures and exposure to oxygen can compromise extra virgin olive oil to the point where it can no longer be marketed at ‘extra virgin. Unpleasant flavors and aromas develop quickly if olive oil isn’t shipped in a cool environment with minimal exposure to oxygen.

When olive oil oxidates, it becomes rancid, and free fatty acids increase by volume. The taste profile is altered, resulting in an unpleasant product that any discerning or even inexperienced buyer would easily detect. Exposure to both light and oxygen will change olive oil’s color, making it no longer marketable in the way that the manufacturer intended.

Olive oil is expensive, both to produce and to purchase as a consumer. Unsurprisingly, the retail price of just 500ml of premium extra virgin olive oil can range from $7 to $30 for oil produced in California. The fact is that producers and middle buyers are dealing with an expensive and extremely sensitive product. Protecting it is essential.

A Flexitank for oil can help to protect the product in much the same way that a Flexitank for wine can.

When considering oil, light, heat, and oxygen are the key risks. High heat is mostly avoided when shipping olive oil in containers because the product is kept shaded. Refrigeration is unnecessary for olive oil in transit. Light is eliminated when using Flexitanks thanks to the thick multilayered material and the surrounding container.

Flexitank for oil can be produced with the EVOH barrier to protect against oxygen transmission. This means that olive oil has little risk of oxidation, rancidity, and overall degradation that would make it unmarketable or even unconsumable.

Enjoy All of the Inherent Benefits of Flexitanks

Flexitanks developed specifically for wine and olive oil shipping help to preserve products so that they reach their destinations safe, unaltered, and ready for processing and delivery to consumers or intermediates.

Some of the advantages shared between different types of Flexitanks, including Flexitank for oil and Flexitank for wine include:

  • The ability to make door to door delivery.
  • Cost savings with no return loads needed.
  • Availability in remote areas.
  • Extremely low positioning costs.
  • Higher payload (up to 15%) when compared to IBCs.
  • 44% more payload than drums.
  • 50% more payload than bottles.
  • Lower cost and complexity of unloading.
  • Minimal product loss when transferred.
  • Maximized payload per container due to the lightweight Flexitank materials.

Add to this the fact that Flexitanks are clean and environmentally friendly and it’s easy to see why they are preferred by a growing number of wine and oil producers and shippers.

Flexitanks view
Flexitanks view

The Best Solutions for Sensitive Food Grade Shipping

Forget ISO tanks that are expensive to purchase or hire with round trip leases. IBC totes need cleaning and servicing and they’re easy to damage and expensive to relocate. Drums simply aren’t efficient and can’t be palletized for export.

Contact Techno Group today and get assistance choosing the best shipping solution for your product. We offer logistics and Flexitank services and are ready to help you achieve your shipping goals at the most reasonable cost.

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