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Flexitanks are the ideal solution for shipping potable water to Africa. These tanks are also the perfect alternative to outdated drums that are no longer logistically viable. These units easily fit into containers for shipping non-hazardous liquids to domestic or international destinations. These fluids include bulk water, oils, juices, wines, concentrates, and even pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. Also known as Flexibags, these units are usually loaded into 20’ food-grade, ISO containers for maritime transport.

TechnoGroup USA is an industry leader in Flexitanks and logical solutions for maritime shipping. With years of extensive industry experience, they continue to offer the best tanks and bags for all types of bulk liquid transportation. This includes potable water to Africa, which is needed right now due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is affecting the livelihood of many countries, cities, and villages on the continent.

How effective are Flexitanks for shipping liquids worldwide?


Flexitanks are durable, sturdy, and flexible at the same time. These one-time units are used globally for transporting over 60 different non-hazardous liquids and commodities. These single-use bags feature multi-layered bladders made of polyethylene with outer coverings of woven polypropylenes. These units continue to soar in global popularity and are rapidly replacing traditional IBCs and iron drums.

Flexitanks can hold up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons) of potable water for shipping to Africa. These units easily fit into standard 20-feet freight containers that are both slip and shuffle-free. Flexitanks for sale maximize the volume of water you can ship, transport, or store for African destinations.

Made from materials approved by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), you can rely on for daily, weekly, or monthly bulk-liquid shipping. Again, these items carry a wide range of liquids, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and non-hazardous liquids and concentrate. Flexitanks continue to play a pivotal role in modern logistics operations for bulk shipping companies. They reduce operating costs while increasing liquidity in organizations across the globe.

Why Flexibags are the right solution for bulk shippers?

Flexibags require no cleaning and are easy to fill and store or transport. Since they are for one-time use, you can maximize your shipping loads across the board. These units are also easy to load, unload, and perfect for shipping across the ocean, land, or rail.

Flexitanks are ideal since they are small, light, and easy to transport. With one-step loading and unloading, they include materials that are recycled and reused for environmental protection. TechnoGroupUSA also features a highly-dedicated team that is committed to excellence in meeting customer needs. This includes timely logistical solutions, along with top-notch Flexitank water storage bags for new and existing clients. From bulk-shipping companies to independent contractors, you are sure to see an increase in loading volumes and a decrease in shipping costs. These are essential for companies to become or remain competitively viable in the bulk-liquid shipping industry.

Additional Benefits of Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks

Flexitanks are cost-effective and ideal solutions for bulk-water shipping to Africa. They are far better than conventional ISO tanks and drums with no repositioning costs. Similarly, your loading costs will decrease as will the loading labor. This is an efficient, convenient way to meet the demands of your clients without losing a ton of money in the process.

TechnoGroup USA can even add a top valve to the Flexitank for top loading. Similarly, they can customize the valve size to meet your needs effectively. The team can also add vents to Flexibags that relieve pressure across the board. Also, heat pads or thermal insulation can be added to Flexitanks for accommodating different types of products and atmospheric conditions. Since temperatures can change at a blink of an eye, heat pads preserve the quality and integrity of your bulk-liquid – but are not mandatory for shippers or clients.

Techno Tanks™ are designed in the USA

Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are proudly designed in the United States. These units are manufactured at TechnoGroupUSA’s cutting-edge facility overseas. With competitive pricing, all Flexitanks must pass stringent requirements and quality control before going to market. Similarly, the overseas facility complies with all local and international guidelines and regulations.

Flexitanks are also great for storage

Flexitanks are also suitable for short-term or long-term potable water storage. You can easily store Flexibags at climate-controlled warehouses without taking up too much. They will preserve the contents pre, during, and post-shipping and loading. They are also versatile and perfect for on-site containers waiting to be loaded for transport to Africa or other global destinations.

As a proven way to store bulk-liquids of non-hazardous goods, you no longer have to rely on traditional reservoir systems or drums for storing and shipping. Drums – at one time – were the preferred mode of transportation of bulk-liquids to international destinations. This is no longer the case as Flexibags are much more flexible, cost-efficient, and perfect for year-round shipping. They can also be used once, so you do not have to worry about reusable items that can leak due to poor manufacturing or constant usage.

Flexitanks were created for military applications. However, they have evolved for use in the commercial bulk-liquid shipping sectors. TechnoGroup USA remains a global leader in Flexibag production with high-quality units made from top-notch materials. All tanks are approved by the FDA and are great for shipping to Africa or storing all types of products in-house.

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