What You Need to Know About Bulk Liquid Transport Equipment

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Techno Group USA is your bulk liquid transport specialists with years of extensive experience. They offer reliable solutions that comply with all safety standards and regulations. If you own a shipping company, you know how troublesome it can be shipping bulk liquids via conventional means. These methods are highly expensive, and the ongoing maintenance also takes a massive chunk of your profit margin and dividends.

With this in mind, you can trust Techno Group for featuring cost-effective alternatives to traditional drum rolls, ISO tanks, and IBC totes. Again, these components are expensive to buy and relocate for time-sensitive domestic or global shipping deliveries. They are equally as fragile compared to Flexitanks – a proven solution for the worldwide transportation industry. Flexitanks or Flexibags are single-use units that easily fit into standard 20 ft. containers. They are easy to load, unload, and store – and increase your liquid storage loads and overall bottom line.

Avoid the limits of traditional bulk liquid shipping

At Techno Group, they go above and beyond to meet your specific, individual needs with time and budget. Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are ideal for container liquid storage. These units have passed stringent quality-control tests and are perfect for shipping over rail, land, and sea. They are also cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and easy to dispose of when no longer in use. Here are some more perks of purchasing Flexitanks from Techno Group – an industry and global leader in bulk liquid transportation tanks.

Flexitank filled techno tanks
Flexitank filled techno tanks
  • Flexitanks can be stored within standard 20 ft. shipping containers for up to 24,000 liters of liquid capacity.
  • These units reduce the weight as compared to outdated tanks, drums, and toes.
  • These cutting-edge tanks are designed for single-use but are recyclable if needed.
  • Adding Flexibags to your shipping overhead and inventory saves time, money and improves your profitability across multiple departments.
  • These products can store or ship over 60 non-hazardous liquids and commodities. These include bulk water, wines, concentrates, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, oils, and much more.
  • Flexitanks can quickly be loaded and unloaded from one container or vessel to another.

You will find that these items are more efficient and result in net savings. They also reduce the human resources needed to load these tanks as compared to conventional drum rools. The bladders within Flexitanks are durable and preserve the bulk liquids’ quality en route to their destinations. You never have to worry about leaks, tears, or protrusions, unlike drum rolls that can rust and cause irreparable harm and damage to the liquids’ integrity and liquid transport quality.

What else can Flexitanks do you for your business?

When it comes to liquid bulk transportation companies, go no further than Techno Group USA. They have a great name in the industry with professionals that assist new and existing clients across the board. From timely logistics and monitoring to Flexitanks for all business niches and sectors, the company continues to lead the way with innovative products and solutions.

However, it is common for a customer to ask a range of questions before deciding on investing in Flexibags. This includes cost, quality, deliveries, and how these units will improve the bottom line? Techno Group tanks feature a proprietary polyethylene blend that ensures your bulk liquid cargo is never compromised. Again, there are no worries about leaks or bursts, and the company has successfully shipped over 100 million liters in their tanks with a 100% success rate to date. From storing or shiping food products, oils, industrial items, pharmaceuticals, wines, and spirits, Flexibags facilitate a wide array of shipping applications and be fully compliant with U.S FDA requirements.

Increase profits with economical bulk liquid solutions

Traditional shipping drums have a limited lifetime. The same can also be said of totes and older tanks. These units can never fully meet the growing demands of the international shipping industry. They are too expensive and not proven to safely store and protect your bulk liquids from point to point.

At Techno Group, they continue to innovate and expand with solutions for driving business. No matter which industry you serve, their bulk liquid transport tanks are flexible, versatile, and increase profits for new and existing brands. Here are the three cornerstones that the company strongly believes in:

Custom Tanks techno tanks
Custom Tanks techno tanks
  • Honesty, integrity, unique ideas, and cost-affordable solutions that bring value to any organization. Techno Group understands business challenges and has a proven track record of success in addressing these concerns.
  • Custom-built bulk liquid tanks help any business increase their shipping and lower costs. Flexitanks and other products offer optimal benefits that enhance overall operations. They are evergreen products with advanced liquid solutions that run leaner in any competitive economy.
  • Techno Group USA helps your shipping company stay ahead of the curve. They have the tools, products, and services to improve your bulk liquid storage and distribution process. They also offer excellent customer service 24/7 to answer all your questions and concerns.

Techno Group continues to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. They consistently improve their products with innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. From Flexitanks and marine bladders to first-class logistics, the company takes care of everything you need from start to finish.

If you are struggling with bulk liquid transport problems, speak with Techno Group USA today. They have industry experts that have – and continue to help businesses improve their shipping protocols and services. Learn more today by visiting their website at the link below.


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