Meeting Safety Requirements for Bulk Liquid Transportation

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Safety is paramount whenever shipping liquid in bulk. By following industry standards and government regulations for safety, you can ensure that your cargo remains intact and in full compliance. Adhering to safety requirements is simpler when using the most advanced shipping solutions.

Techno Group USA produces Flexitanks for bulk liquid transportation. We are also a fully integrated logistics company and can help you get your liquid from origin point to destination while avoiding typical setbacks.

Learn how one of the most reliable liquid bulk transportation companies can save you money while also ensuring that safety requirements are met.

Flexitanks Outperform Traditional Bulk Liquid Transportation Tanks

With safe, secure, and affordable shipping storage solutions, you can maintain the integrity of your cargo while avoiding incidents.

Flexitanks outperform traditional bulk liquid transportation tanks by a significant margin. All you need to do is look at the comparisons to common container liquid storage and shipping options to see the difference.

  • 55 Gallon Drums have been used extensively for the transportation of bulk liquids over the years. They’re durable and with 80 drums in a single container, it’s possible to ship up to 16,000 liters. However, drums are now seen as an environmental risk, they’re wasteful in terms of the space they take up and the materials that are used to create them, and they require cleaning. The cost is high, especially because drums need to be returned to the point of origin.

  • IBC Totes can be palletized and with the right configuration, it’s possible to fill a standard shipping container with 21,000 liters of a product. However, just like drums, totes require cleaning and an extensive amount of handling. Cleaning and servicing are both costly and IBC totes need to be returned or stored after a shipment. This adds significant logistical complexity and cost that can reduce the bottom line of your business.

  • ISO Tanks are efficient, but they have been superseded by Flexitanks as bulk liquid transport solutions. An ISO tank can store up to 26,000 liters of liquid for either transportation or storage at a warehouse or similar facility. Each ISO tank comes with a high leasing cost and must be returned to base for cleaning and service. This essentially doubles the cost of bulk liquid transportation. Even if you purchase your own tanks, you’ll take on significant costs for maintenance, cleaning, and transporting empty tanks around after shipping your products.

Let’s compare all of these options to Flexitanks…

Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional containers. They are used to convert standard 20 ft. shipping containers into bulk liquid containers that store up to 24,000 liters. The tare weight is much lower than any of the three solutions mentioned above. Flexitanks don’t need to be sent back to base because they are recyclable. There’s no expensive round-trip lease, which significantly reduces your overhead and boosts your bottom line.

Safety is just as important as efficiency. Techno Group USA will ensure that your next shipment is fully secure and compliant with relevant rules and regulations.

Safety Guaranteed with One of the Leading Transportation Companies

As one of the most trusted liquid bulk transportation companies, there are several ways that we make Flexitanks compliant with safety standards and general industry standards for quality.

Our Flexitanks are manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility. This 9001 standard is focused on quality protocols and is internationally recognized. It gives you confidence knowing that we create all Techno Tanks™ to meet the highest standards of quality and durability and that we have the processes in place to ensure consistency. You’ll never end up with a dud when purchasing Flexitanks or availing of our logistics service.

Our Flexitanks are FDA compliant and ready for food-safe shipping. Our products are popular for shipping food-grade oils and liquid ingredients like sauces and additives. Our tanks hold an EU Food Grade Certificate, certifying that they are safe for food ingredients that will be shipped anywhere throughout Ireland or Continental Europe. With both FDA and European Union Approval, our bulk liquid transportation solutions effectively meet the standards of every major jurisdiction around the globe.

Techno Group USA is a member of the Container Owners Association. Our Flexitanks are compliant with the COA-Recommended Code of Practice for Flexitanks. This code is a set of rules and guidelines designed specifically for the testing and manufacturing of Flexitanks, as well as the operation of Flexitank and container combinations. Elements of the code of practice include testing criteria for ISO containers, labeling for safety, insurance terms, and ensuring that Flexitanks have no negative influence on either the cargo or the container being used for transport. The COA-Recommended Code of Practice for Flexitanks is one of the most robust documents ensuring that your cargo remains safe.

As one of the few liquid bulk transportation companies offering both shipping and storage solutions as well as the logistics service, we can ensure the safety of your product throughout every step of its journey.

Talk to Us Today to Get Started with the Most Efficient Liquid Transport Solution

It’s clear that we are one of the liquid bulk transportation companies that can offer not only efficiency but also confidence in the safety of your cargo. By meeting industry and regulatory standards with our Flexitank containers and our logistics process, you can have complete confidence in our bulk liquid transport solutions.

Choose the more affordable and more efficient way to ship non-hazardous liquid goods. Talk to Techno Group USA today to learn more and begin the consultation process.

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