What Industries Use Flexitanks For Bulk Liquid Shipping?

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In our modern world, commodities are available for people practically everywhere. With rapid advancements in technology and transportation over the previous decades, we now have the ability to grow food, or manufacture goods in one place and then transport the finished products all over the world. Shipping of bulk liquids is also done by companies delivering containers of many types of products to consumers or to factories or warehouses where they can be stored or processed as needed. Shipping of bulk liquids requires corrosion resistant tanks or containers that will not only allow for safe transportation, but also maintain the integrity and quality of the product being transported. Transport carriers have long used International Organization for Standardization (ISO) tanks for transporting liquids in bulk, and this has been considered the best option for a long time. But a new type of container has been developed that is better in many ways for bulk liquid transport- Flexitank.

What is a Flexitank?

A Flexitank is an innovative solution for safely storing and transporting bulk liquids. It is a collapsible container made of an outer reinforced layer of polyethylene. Flexitanks come in different sizes and are filled after being placed in shipping containers, thus making for an easy process as compared to ISO tanks or other containers. Additional expensive modifications are not required since the shipping containers provide the required support/reinforcement. The result is an inexpensive and safe way to transport bulk liquids. Flexitanks are cheaper and easier to clean, fill, empty, and transport, as compared to ISO tanks. At Techno Group USA, we have become the leaders in bulk liquid transportation and storage solutions by designing and manufacturing our own tanks since 2011. With our proprietary design, our Flexitanks, also known as Flexibags, provide a reliable, safe, and efficient way to transport and store non-hazardous bulk liquids for our clients. With the goal of continuing to serve our clients with the best service, we consistently revise and improve our Flexitanks.


Which Industries use Flexitanks?

Thousands of products can be shipped in Flexitanks. The major types of industries that use Flexitanks for transporting their products include:

  • Wine & Spirits Industry: Using Flexitanks is an ideal way to transport bulk wine because it is cheaper than using barrels. The materials used in the manufacture of Flexitanks are much cheaper than steel drums, and the onloading and offloading process is much quicker and easier. Additionally, cleaning costs of Flexitanks are also minimal. All of this means cost advantage for companies transporting wines.
  • Food Industry: This industry makes up the largest share in the bulk liquid transportation business. Edible oils, juices, water, concentrates, and many other food products can be safely transported in Flexitanks. FDA-approved food grade Flexitanks are also available for storage and transport domestically, or across borders. Agricultural practices have benefitted from mechanization and there has been tremendous improvements in food production, making transport of food products very feasible.
  • Chemicals and Industrial Products: This industry occupies the second largest market share in bulk liquid transport. Many types of non-hazardous chemicals can be transported using Flexitanks. It is much cheaper to transport chemicals in single-use Flexitanks since the high cost associated with cleaning and repositioning, say, ISO tanks or drums, is not needed in case of Flexitanks. The refilling process is also quite time-consuming when using other shipping method other than a Flexitank.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: This is another industry thatuses Flexitanks for transportation. Using outdated drums that may be rusted or leaky, can adversely impact the quality of pharmaceutical products, which, needless to say, can have serious consequences not just for the pharmaceutical company, but also for the people that end up as consumers of the impacted product(s). So, liquids that need quality control and preservation, such as pharmaceuticals or food products, are best transported in Flexitanks.

As you can see above, Flexitanks is a transport solution of choice for many industries for a huge variety of liquids. Flexitanks offers a lot of advantages over the traditional drums, tanks, and barrels that have been used for bulk liquid transport so far. Due to lower repositioning, loading, unloading, and cleaning costs, Flexitanks may be preferred over traditional tanks. Flexitanks are also lightweight and mobile, easy to clean, and recyclable. They come in different sizes, so companies can choose the size of Flexitank that suits their needs and maximize loads.

At Techno Group USA, we have shipped more than 100 million liters of bulk liquid worldwide, and we are confident of helping companies ship liquids and reduce costs in the future as well. While many companies use Flexitanks, not all manufacture high-quality products. At Techno Group USA, not only do we manufacture the best quality products, but we can also manufacture them according to the specifications of our clients. This ensures not only the best quality product, but also the best value for money. We are confident in the excellence of our products and services. To find out more, and to know how Techno Group USA can help you with your bulk liquid transport needs, just visit the Techno Group USA website. Here you can find a wealth of information about our company and processes, what sets us apart from other companies, all about our innovative products and solutions, our experience in various industries, our personal approach to each of our clients, feedback from customers, and much more.

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