How To Transfer Wine Using Techno Group USA Products

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Are you in the market for a new way of transferring wine? There’s lots of ways to transfer food grade liquids, but none of them are perfect. If you’re trying to find something better, then you need to check out the Techno Group USA products that are currently offered. Here’s how you can safely transfer wine using their products.

Flexitanks And Wine Transfer

The tanks that Techno Group USA specialize in are called Flexitanks, also known as Flexibags, and they’re perfect for transferring any food grade liquid. They have been approved by the FDA, so you know that they’re safe to use with any wine you want to move around the country.

These tanks are actually more akin to bags, that are filled up with the liquid you need to transfer. The walls are made of strong polyurethane, so it’s more than capable of taking on long journeys without leaking or puncturing.

The specific tanks used for wine transfer here come in a range of sizes, so you can move as much or as little as you need. They can hold a lot more than a regular drum or barrel, with the largest tanks holding up to 24,000 liters at a time.

How To Use Flexitanks

If you’ve decided to invest in some Flexitanks to transport your wine, then you’ll need to know how to use them. Unlike drums, the filling and loading process is somewhat different. Here’s how to use your Flexitank to get the best results.

Unlike a drum or barrel, you’ll fill up the tank when it’s already in its container, ready for shipping. The nozzle in the top makes it very easy to pump in the wine ready to be moved. Once the tank has been filled, you’ll seal it up and then close up the container.

Once the wine has arrived at its destination, you’ll be ready to unload it. Again, it’s very simple. You pump the wine back out of the tank and into its new container, ready to be processed.

It’s incredibly simple to use a Flexitank, and it makes the whole shipping process a whole lot easier. Once you’ve tried it out, you won’t want to go back to traditional shipping methods.

The Benefits Of A Flexitank

Flexitanks filled techno tanks
Flexitanks filled techno tanks

So the shipping process is easier with a Flexibag. Why else should you consider using them for transferring wine? Here are a few reasons you should be aware of.

No risk of contamination: Something you always have to be aware of is the risk of contamination when shipping in drums. These are sent off to be cleaned when they’ve been used, and usually they’ll be thoroughly cleaned out, ready to be used again. With liners, you usually shouldn’t have any problems. However, every now and then a cleaning won’t quite be up to standard, or a liner will break, and there will be contamination.

Flexitanks don’t carry that risk, as they’re a one-use item. Once you’ve used one, you’ll recycle it. If you need to make a fresh shipment, you’ll use a brand new Flexitank. This gives you serious peace of mind, as you know you won’t have to worry about your shipment having to be discarded through circumstances out of your control.

Ship more in the same container: Using drums and barrels, you’ll see that you can’t make the most of the space you have in a container. There will always be ‘dead space’ between them, so you’re not using all the space available. That leads to you having to put more containers on the road, which makes costs add up.

When using a Flexitank, that’s not a problem. The tank will fill to fit the space its put in, so every inch of the container will be used. That’s good news for you, as you’re saving a lot of cash when it comes to storage costs.

Save on storage costs: That’s not the only way you’ll save money, though. When using regular containers, they need to be stored when they’re not being used. You’ll need to find space to hold them all, and that costs money. Because of that, you’re spending lots of cash on your drums before you even ship anything in them.

You can slash those costs by using a flexitank for wine. As they’re bags, they fold up a lot smaller than your regular containers. You can hold lots in a smaller space, which will save you money.

Less manpower needed for transport: Usually, you’ll need a few people working on loading and unloading trucks when using barrels. They all need to be filled up, loaded onto pallets, wrapped, then lifted onto the truck itself. That’s a lot of work, which translates into a lot of time and money for you.

A Flexitank saves a lot of effort in this regard. You’ve already seen just how easy it is to fill and empty one when you use one to transfer wine. Because it’s so much easier you’ll need less staff to move the liquid, and it will only take a fraction of the time to do so.

When it comes to transporting wine, there’s no better option than a flexitank. They save you money on so many fronts, and they are a lot safer than other shipping containers. Pick yours up now from Techno Group USA and see just how they make transferring wine easier.

Author: miamiseo