How Mattress Companies in Canada are Importing their raw materials with Flexitanks

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Mattresses are essential for bedrooms in all shapes, sizes, and designs. These units are mainly quilted with fastened cases of heavy cloth for optimal comfort and longevity. Mattresses are usually made with materials like straw, cotton, foam rubber, hair, and even metal springs (raw materials). They may also be filled with water or air – especially for portable, mobile mattresses for guests and loved ones.

In North America, Canada is an industry leader in both mattress imports and exports. From Sealy and Tempur-pedic to Sleep Number, the country is blanketed by numerous brand mattress and bedding stores. However, Canada is also one of several countries that import raw materials with Flexitanks. As a global leader in Flexibags, Techno Group USA produces flexitanks that are ideal for the transportation of raw materials. Similarly, these units are great for shipping non-hazardous bulk liquids like water, wine, juice, and concentrates to worldwide destinations.

Why choose Flexitanks to import raw materials?

Flexitanks preserve the quality and integrity of your raw materials during transit. They are perfect for shipping additives, latex, colorants, desinfectants and other materials used for mattress production. The Flexitanks for sale will improve your company’s shipping downtime. These units are used globally to transport over 60 different non-hazardous commodities to global destinations. As single-use tanks, you never have to worry about reusing these units or contamination.

Flexibags consist of layered bladders made of polyethylene with outer coverings of woven polypropylene. They continue to replace outdated, conventional iron drums throughout the bulk-shipping industry. Flexitanks are designed to hold up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons) and easily fit into standard 20-feet freight containers. These units are also good for storing raw materials in warehouses that are waiting to be shipped to manufacturing plants for production. Here are some more perks of flexibags for companies:

  • Flexitanks maximize the volume of raw materials you can transport to desired destinations.
  • These units are made from custom, formulated blended polyethylene with materials approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Flexibags reduce operation costs and increase liquidity in organizations. This improves overall company logistics and the bottom line.

Techno Group USA remains a crucial component in mass Flexibag production for a range of applications. With high-quality tanks made from innovative materials, these units are guaranteed to meet all your needs within time and budget. Again, all tanks are approved by the FDA and are great for shipping or storing all types of products.

Additional benefits of Flexibags for bulk material shipping

With these reliable, dependable, and sturdy units, your company can maximize the space for shipping non-hazardous goods. With benefits for both storage and shipping, these units have truly overcome many existing and new challenges faced by bulk-liquid shippers. Here are some more advantages of Flexitanks to keep in mind:

  • Flexitanks – on average – weigh much less than drums, totes, and standard tanks. They are flexible, mobile, and can genuinely reduce your freight costs.
  • Flexitanks take up minimal space before they shipped to your desired destination. This improves space allocation and speeds up both unloading, loading, and storage.
  • These units have been tested over and over to ensure optimal performance for bulk-liquid storage of shipping.
  • These tanks can even be folded before use – this allows you to store them on-site with reduced costs.
  • Flexitanks are made for single-use, so there is never any contamination to worry about. You do not need to clean these tanks since they are not reusable.
  • Flexibags are in use by countless companies across the world. They continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer/client reviews across the board.

The Canadian mattress industry continues to soar

The Canadian mattress industry continues to grow and expand. With thousands of beds and headboards manufactured each year, Canada relies on flexitanks for importing raw materials. The latter comes from the USA, along with Europe and especially the Western part of Canada. With this in mind, many mattress companies are rethinking their bulk shipping/storage applications and techniques. While iron drum rolls are still in the market, they do not provide the safeguarding of Flexitanks and accessories.

Techno Group USA understands the demand for its products across North America and the world. This is why they work with new and existing companies/clients to ensure a favorable outcome and experience. With a proven track record of success in Flexitank production, the company continues to help businesses of all sizes with their bulk-shipping needs. From mattress companies in Canada to global bulk-liquid shippers, Techno Group USA remains at the forefront of the shipping industry with timely, innovative solutions. If you are struggling with loading times, high overhead costs, and other shipping problems, simply contact them today or visit their website to learn more.

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