Two Options for More Efficient Bulk Liquid Transportation

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Every day, thousands of American companies rely on bulk liquid transportation services to conduct business and secure future growth. Whatever kind of product you need to move domestically or internationally, there will always be challenges involved.

Some of these challenges are in the form of efficiency and convenience. Others are based around cost. No matter what challenges you face, flexible bulk liquid solutions could offset much of the difficulty.

At Techno Group USA, we’ve developed some of the most advanced flexible storage and transportation tanks used by industries across America. If you’ve been looking for better ways to move your products, an overview of two popular solutions is the best place to start.

Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks for Food Grade Bulk Liquid Transportation

techno group logistic operations flexitanks
techno group logistic operations flexitanks

There are several flexible tank companies offering solutions on the market today, but you won’t find any that are quite as compelling as Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks. Our proprietary design is innovative and durable. We can help you to reduce your shipping costs without sacrificing the integrity of your liquids.

If you need bulk liquid shipping at a lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint, you’ll enjoy the benefits that we can offer.

Flexitanks are ideal for non-hazardous shipping of beverages, oil, chemicals, and a range of food products.

Consider the advantages that you will enjoy from moving to a flexible bulk liquid transportation solution:

  • Flexible bladders expand to fill standard shipping containers. A dry goods container becomes a versatile liquid shipping container.
  • Without the need for palletized plastic totes and drums, you can maximize container space and see a better return on your shipping investment.
  • Handling time is reduced, and liquid can be transferred to a tanker or storage vat with minimal inconvenience. Bottom valve discharge reduces transfer waste.
  • Flexitanks are made from a proprietary polyethylene blend, which is approved by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). The integrity of your cargo is never compromised, which is important when shipping concentrates, sauces, oils, and base food ingredients.
  • Flexitanks can be containerized for shipping oversea, rail, and land.
  • Because they’re single-use, our tanks don’t need to be returned to base. A one-way trip reduces costs.
  • Flexitanks are fully recyclable.

For a long time, shipping solutions failed to keep up with industry demand. This has all changed with innovative products like Flexitanks. If you want to realize efficiency gains and cost savings, it’s time to talk to the team at Techno Group USA.

Flexible IBC 1,000-Liter Tanks

We’ve looked at two of the largest flexible bulk liquid transportation tanks that can be used to transform standard containers into efficient liquid storage systems.

But what if you’re looking for something with a smaller capacity that is suitable for small-scale shipping or large-scale shipping of many unique liquids? Our Flexible IBC 1,000-liter tanks are the perfect option.

Flexible IBCs are designed to safely transport chemicals like additives and liquid colorants. Some of our clients use them for personal care products like gels, liquids, and cosmetics. Fluid dairy products are ideal for our IBCs, as are beverage concentrates. This solution is also suitable for animal and vegetable oils, sauces, and syrups.

Our IBC containers are designed and manufactured to resist vibration and shocks, making them durable for shipping overland, rail, and sea. Materials are FDA approved and fabrication takes place in our clean certified manufacturing facility.

Unlike drums and inflexible IBCs, our 1,000-liter tanks are single-use, so there are no associated cleaning fees. Materials are biodegradable and can be recycled for use as other products. You don’t need to return containers to base, so you will ultimately reduce your shipping overheads.

If you primarily work with drums but have found the cost and handling fees to be increasingly prohibitive, you’ll love the Flexible IBC 1,000-liter tanks that we offer.

Work with an Innovator in Bulk Liquid Transport Solutions

Our largest Flexitanks support capacities between 10,000 and 24,000 liters. If you need to ship non-hazardous liquids, it’s time to rely on a solution that has been developed for efficiency and low cost.

Talk to Techno Group USA today and we’ll help you to streamline your bulk liquid transportation projects.

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