Import and Export Apple Concentrate in Flexitank Bulk Liquid Solutions

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Apple concentrate is a product used in everything from beer and wine to various foods and even some natural cosmetics. In its purest form, apple concentrate is nothing more than pure apple juice with most of the water removed. It’s an ideal solution for manufacturers who need a natural liquid product that is more efficient to ship and store. By removing the water content, concentrate is much more efficient than shipping fully hydrated apple juice.

Flexitanks are the bulk liquid solutions of choice for companies that want to save even more money when importing or exporting apple concentrate anywhere in the world.

Why Flexitanks are Ideal for Shipping Apple Concentrate

With apple concentrate and similar liquid apple products, shipping can be expensive. There are only a few bulk liquid solutions on the market today, and the traditional ones simply aren’t as efficient as Flexitanks.

Traditionally, manufacturers have shipped apple concentrate in either…

  • ISO Tanks
  • IBC Totes
  • Plastic Drums

While these shipping containers have traditionally seemed beneficial and affordable, they simply don’t stack up to Flexitanks.

Plastic drums for apple concentrate shipping attract high packaging costs, high labor costs for handling (filling, transporting, and emptying), and they don’t utilize space well. They also can’t be palletized for export.

IBC Totes can be palletized for export, but they still aren’t overly efficient. Totes need to be cleaned and maintained between journeys, so there is a high cost associated with them. A heating solution for totes is often expensive. Without heating, it can be time-consuming and inefficient to transfer apple syrup and concentrate. IBC totes are often prohibitively expensive for manufacturers.

ISO tanks have a high capacity but they come with all of the same downsides as IBC totes. They are expensive to rent, must be returned to base for cleaning and maintenance, and the heating solutions aren’t efficient or cost-effective.

Thankfully, it’s not necessary to rely on these bulk liquid solutions. Flexitanks can take the place of tanks, totes, and drums when shipping apple concentrate and similar products.

Flexitanks are the Most Efficient Bulk Liquid Transportation


The technical aspects of shipping in Flexitanks are slightly different when compared to other bulk liquid transportation solutions. To understand what makes Flexitanks unique, we need to define what they are…

Flexitanks are flexible containers. Techno Group USA produces a proprietary Flexitank design using a special polypropylene blend. Flexitanks convert standard shipping containers for container liquid storage by expanding and filling the interior of the container. A single flexitank in a 20-foot freight container can hold up to 24,000 liters of product, or 6,340 gallons.

Bulk liquid transportation in a Flexitank is more affordable because the container doesn’t need to be returned to base. Once emptied, the container will collapse and can be disposed of responsibly. The materials used are recyclable, so companies that use Flexitanks for container liquid storage can decrease their carbon footprints.

Ideal for Shipping Apple Concentrates

Flexitanks are the perfect solution for a complete range of nonhazardous liquid products. From cooking oil to cosmetic dyes, Flexitanks are used around the world. For apple concentrates, there are some specific benefits to enjoy.

  • Flexitanks are designed and engineered with a special process that limits light and oxygen transfer. This dramatically reduces oxidation, which keeps apple concentrates and other products fresh.

  • Flexitanks can be heated with thermal pads. These pads are highly efficient and make the concentrate easier to transfer. Heating through drums, totes, and rigid tanks can be overly expensive and not as efficient.

  • Flexitanks can be filled at the source with the help of the logistics service from Techno Group USA. In fact, all aspects of the shipping process can be managed by our logistics professionals.

Ready to Start Shipping Liquid More Efficiently? Here’s How to Get Started

20k liter pillow tank

Flexitank shipping is suitable for road, sea, and rail. Anywhere that a container can go, a Flexitank can go. The process begins by talking to Techno Group USA. Any business looking to import or export apple concentrate can talk to us today to learn about pricing for our bulk liquid shipping options.

Apple concentrate is collected at the source and loaded into a Flexitank. All steps are taken to protect the integrity of the product. Flexible tanks are placed inside standard shipping containers with paper liners that meet the highest industry standards. Our flexible tanks are FDA-approved.

  • Techno Group USA offers a complete logistics solution. Want to know how to ship in a Flexitank? Simply call us and we’ll put all of the pieces in place.

  • Techno Group USA offers cross-pumping operations to transfer apple concentrates and other nonhazardous liquids. This can be integrated as part of our logistics service.

We have shipped more than 55 million gallons of product around the world. With 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are the ideal company to supply container liquid storage and shipping solutions.

Shipping apple concentrate and other liquid goods is as easy as talking to Techno Group USA today. Innovative Flexitanks will change the way that you look at shipping. More efficient and affordable, Techno Tanks are key to sustainable shipping.

Author: miamiseo