10 Aug
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How to Ship Bulk Liquids to Hawaii
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Fl...
We understand that shipping bulk liquids can be overwhelming initially, and while it’s possible to ship bulk liquids, it depends on what you’re shipping and the location. In numero...
15 Jul
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How to Save Money When Shipping Bulk Liquids
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport
While the transportation of goods is a common practice around the globe, you might not give it much thought if you aren’t in the transport industry. This is especially true when it...
05 May
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Top Reasons to Use Flexibags or Flexitank for Bulk Liquid Shipping
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport
Previously, bulk liquid transportation was deemed possible through huge tanks, which caused contamination and spacing concerns. This was due to inappropriate washing techniques and...
21 Mar
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What Types of Liquids Can I Ship with Flexitanks and Flexibags?
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Ot...
If your business deals with bulk liquid transportation, you’re probably familiar with the challenges that accompany this field. Some of the challenges we’ve experienced include qua...
05 Apr
What Types of Liquids and Oils Can You Ship in Flexitanks?
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport
Flexitanks offer a cost-effective solution to storing and transporting oils, dry and liquid non-hazardous cargoes. A flexibag is a bulk liquid container comprising numerous polyeth...
15 Mar
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Why You Should Consider Using Techno Group USA Flexibags for Bulk Liquid Transport
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Fl...
Conventionally, the transportation of huge quantities of liquids takes place in IBCs, plastic, or metal drums. However, the cost of storage tanks or drums can eat into your profits...