How Flexitanks are Used for Bulk Liquid Transportation

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Bulk liquid transportation comes with significant logistical and cost challenges. Finding efficient shipping and container liquid storage solutions is key to keeping your operation efficient.

Techno Group USA is one of America’s most innovative liquid bulk transportation companies, offering efficient and affordable solutions for bulk liquid transport in the form of flexitanks. Learn how our shipping solutions differ from traditional totes and drums and explore the advantages that are available for your organization.

The Most Economical Bulk Liquid Transportation

Flexitanks are a highly reliable and a more economical solution when compared to traditional totes, drums, or ISO tanks. They are suited to all forms of transportation used in the United States and internationally, including sea, land, and rail.

With bulk liquid transportation solutions from Techno Group USA, your organization can enjoy safe delivery of your products while saving money in the process.

The key features of our flexitanks include:

  • Simple conversion of a standard 20-foot shipping container into a 24-ton bulk liquid transporter.
  • Capacities from 16,000 to 24,000 liters.
  • Low tare weight to maximize shipping potential at a reduced cost.
  • Significant reduction in packing/handling labor requirements, time, and cost.
  • No cleaning required.
  • No need for round trip leases.
  • Flexitanks are made from recyclable materials.
  • Flexitanks are food-grade certified and help to keep products free of contamination.

All of these benefits combine to create the most cost-effective and efficient bulk liquid transportation solution that you can utilize today. We develop flexitanks and also offer logistics services to help you ship your product anywhere in the world.

Contact Techno Group USA today to learn more and start shipping more efficiently.

Comparing Our Bulk Liquid Solutions to Traditional Methods

ibc-tote vs flexitank

The innovations found in flexitanks can significantly improve your experience and bottom line, no matter what kind of traditional shipping containers you are using today. Take a look at how our bulk liquid solutions compare to widely used drums, totes, and tanks.

  • When considering ISO tanks, our bulk liquid solutions vastly outperform expectations. ISO tanks do have an advantage in terms of capacity (26,000 liters vs 24,000 liters for a flexitank) but fall short in other areas. ISO tanks are expensive to purchase or lease, and this is prohibitive for many companies seeking to cut costs and raise efficiency. When leasing, a round trip contract is necessary, which adds to the cost. ISO tanks also require cleaning, servicing, and repositioning between each shipment.

  • IBC totes are popular for shipping liquids and can be configured for container shipments of up to 21,000 liters. Flexitanks offer more capacity in a single container. Totes require cleaning and servicing between shipments and they are expensive to relocate. They are also susceptible to damage that can add to the cost and compromise products.

  • Finally, when comparing to 55-gallon drums, our flexitank bulk liquid solutions are clearly the better option. Drums can’t be palletized for export. They’re prohibitively expensive to ship, relocate, and clean. Drums are also a major environmental risk, and the industry is largely moving away from them for bulk shipping. Inefficient by nature, drums should be avoided when looking for a bulk shipping solution.

Compared to all of the traditional methods of bulk liquid transportation, flexitanks outperform in every key area. Ship your products with peace of mind and improved efficiency with Techno Tanks USA.

1,000 Liter Tanks for Bulk Liquid Transportation

We’re proud of our flexitanks and the innovations that we put into every product. In addition to our largest bulk liquid solutions, we also offer smaller flexible IBC 1,000 liter tanks for transportation. These can offer more flexibility when making multiple shipments to several destinations. Flexible tanks can also be used for efficiently shipping various products within a single run.

Our 1,000 liter tanks are economical alternatives to drums and other large footprint intermediate bulk containers. Tanks are efficient and are used in bulk boxes.

The inner liners of our 1,000 liter tanks are made from FDA approved materials and are suited to food-grade shipping. The paper liners are made from renewable and recyclable materials. They have passed stringent testing to comply with NMFTA requirements. They have passed ISTA shock and vibration tests and can withstand 10,000 pounds of compression.

There’s no cleaning between shipments and no return costs. When initially receiving containers there is less freight expense when compared to traditional drums.

Our 1,000 liter tanks have been designed for a range of products, including those in the following categories:

  • Beverage concentrates.
  • Fluid products from the dairy industry.
  • Food products including syrups, oils, and sauces.
  • Personal care products including liquids and gels.
  • Chemical products like additives and colorants.
  • Industrial products.

For the most efficient food grade bulk liquid transporation that could significantly reduce your shipping costs moving forward, consider 1,000 liter tanks as alternatives to drums or bottle in cage shipping solutions.

We Offer Complete Solutions for Liquid Transportation

At Techno Group USA you will find a range of bulk liquid solutions to suit your business model. Your needs may frequently change. We can supply tanks and bladders for both storage and shipping.

In addition to our container flexitanks and 1,000 liter tanks, we also offer solutions like:

No matter your requirements, talk to us for the most efficient shipping solutions that can be customized for your situation. Bulk liquid transportation is made easier with Techno Group USA. Our technical experience and innovative solutions can boost your bottom line and keep shipping viable in any industry. With the ability to customize, you’ll find that our solutions go far beyond what is offered with typical tanks and drums.

Add in our logistics service and you have an all-in-one solution from a leading flexitank supplier. Safe, secure, and with optimized delivery, we are the best bulk liquid transportation company for your unique needs.

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