What Makes Flexitanks an Ideal Choice for Bulk Liquid Transportation?

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Techno Group is your source for Flexitanks, supplies, and logistics. With years of extensive industry experience, we offer the safest and most convenient way to transport bulk liquids. In fact, our signature Flexitank preserves the quality of your liquid product for storage or while en route to its destination. Whether for water, wine, juice, or even concentrates and glycerin, this is truly an innovative solution for transporting bulk liquids domestically or internationally.

Why Choose Flexitanks?

loaded flexitank techno tanks

From additives to water, Flexitanks will meet your liquid storage needs within time and budget. In fact, these products are utilized globally to transport over 60 different non-hazardous commodities. With multi-layered bladders comprised of polyethylene, these single-use tanks are the perfect alternative to traditional, conventional drums. Similarly, they feature outer coverings of woven polypropylene and can easily hold up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons) of bulk liquids. Here are some more benefits of buying Flexitanks from Techno Group:

  • Cost-effective, safe, and reliable tanks that easily fit into standard 20 ft. containers.
  • Flexitanks or Flexibags protect the quality and value of your bulk liquids in storage or transport.
  • We use materials for Flexibags that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).
  • From liquid foodstuffs to bulk liquids like wine, water, juice and concentrates, Flexitanks are proven to reduce operating costs and increase liquidity in organizations.

The Benefits of Flexibags for Liquid Storage

As one of the top Flexitank companies in the world, Techno Group is committed to excellence in all water storage bags and accessories. We stand by all our products and are proud to feature innovative solutions for bulk-liquid shippers and brands. Our inventory is consistently updated with the latest in Techno Tanks – Flexitanks – Flexibags, Heat Pads, and Storage – Fuel Collapsible Tanks, Cross-Pumps, Spill Services, and timely logistics and transportation.

We also offer Flexibag supplies for all new and returning customers. From maximizing loads to helping your business save time and money, our highly-dedicated team is just a phone call or e-mail away. In fact, we can discuss with you all the suitable products for your Flexitank. This includes non-hazardous liquids, along with food products, industrial products, and more. With over 10 years of industry experience, we have the tools and knowledge to achieve all your desired results. Here are some more reasons why Flexitanks are an ideal choice for your bulk-liquid shipping needs:

  • Flexibags require no cleaning or maintenance.
  • Secure higher transport volumes and maximize your loads.
  • These products work well on land, rail, and even the ocean.
  • Flexitanks are small, light, and easy to transport –very mobile.
  • Save time and money with one step loading and unloading.
  • All materials are recycled and reused for environmental protection with green options.

Advantages of Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks

drum vs flexitank techno tanks
drum vs flexitank techno tanks

The flexitank market continues to boom across the world. In fact, more global companies look to flexitanks for transporting their bulk liquids on a daily-weekly-monthly basis. While liquid foodstuffs remain at the top of the heap, these technologically advanced units also store chemicals, oil products, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and even wines and spirits. As a proud member of the Container Owners Association (COA), we can help your petrochemical or agricultural company with the best bulk-liquid tanks at the best prices.

With innovative design and timely deliveries, Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks are manufactured with innovative designs and the highest grade of materials. We maintain strict quality control with each tank and have already shipped over 100 million liters of bulk-liquids worldwide. This only cements the fact that our products are 100% effective and produced to help your companies increase volume and reduce costs.

The Techno Group Guarantee

At Techno Group, we are always here to answer all your product-related questions and concerns. Similarly, we can help you choose the right tanks for your bulk-liquid storage or shipping demands. With safe, reliable, and large capacity Flexibags, we are sure to meet your needs in a timely and professional manner.

For more information on Flexitank water storage bags, simply contact us today.

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