Tips for Shipping Liquids Overseas

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Shipping Liquids Overseas

Shipping liquids overseas can be a complex business endeavor. Therefore, if your business deals with products such as beverages, perfumes, or other liquids, we understand the importance of recognizing the various state and federal laws surrounding the shipping of liquid items.

While it’s possible to ship certain liquids domestically rather than internationally, you can ship others through surface transport instead of air transport. For this reason, we recommend you consider various factors when transporting liquids. We highlight what you should know about shipping liquids overseas.

Flexibags - Bulk Liquid Transportation Tankers

The Liquid Being Shipped

We recognize that various regulations and laws surround various liquids in terms of shipping. When it comes to basic perishables such as juices and soups, shipping is allowed through most carriers with the right packaging.

For liquid products that are considered dangerous, more stringent policies exist. When it comes to hazardous items, most of us think of toxic chemicals, explosives, and poisons. However, the shipping group incorporates numerous seemingly daily items.

To qualify as hazardous shipping materials, items simply need to be potentially hazardous to those who store or ship the item in case it spills, drops, or contacts with another substance. This can comprise items, for instance, paint thinner and paint, perfume, and hair spray. Once you determine the suitable class of your liquid item and have followed the essential policies surrounding it, you want to find the right packaging such as our reliable flexibags for sale.

Examine the Carrier’s Policies

Some carriers will transport certain liquid products, but not others. Beware that carriers might impose extra charges or expect supplemental labeling or shipping instructions. Whether you’re shipping internationally or domestically can influence what’s permitted for shipment and the shipping method.

Since numerous restrictions exist, and each location and carrier might vary, we recommend you contact your carrier to determine the precise means of how to ship your bulk liquids using their service to ensure the safe and secure arrival of your shipment.

Options for Liquid Shipping


Our flexibags for sale offer a reliable option for shipping liquids overseas. These containers have been a game changer in the non-hazardous liquid industry since they allow efficient shipping at affordable costs with minimal environmental impact.

You’ll discover that our flexibags provide a cost-effective and versatile solution for transporting bulk liquids overseas. They can accommodate up to 24,000 liters and permit easy loading onto typical 20 ft. containers.

It’s worth noting that our flexible bags are meant for one-time use, preventing possible contamination. Using our flexible containers offers numerous benefits, for instance, faster unloading and loading, cost-effective transportation, as well as maximum payload because of the equipment’s low weight.

These containers are suitable for non-hazardous commodities such as juice, water, and other safe liquid products, making them ideal for sea and land shipments to destinations overseas. However, we urge you to maintain the recommended weight limits and avoid overloading the tanks to avoid leaks and optimize the loads.

Furthermore, you must determine the items permitted in the intended destination. Thankfully, you can count on the services from TECHNO GROUP USA, which provides the needed logistical support, including transport and communication.

With our flexible bags, you can apply identification labels easily for shipping officials. This will save you money and time while allowing you to comply with the criteria for shipping bulk liquids.

Benefits of Flexitanks

These flexible liquid containers can transport most kinds of non-hazardous and food-grade liquids. Our flexibags comprise numerous layers of polyethylene with an exterior covering of woven polypropylene. You can count on our flexibags for sale to offer a cost-effective alternative because they decrease the amount and cost of packaging needed to transport bulk liquids in shipping containers.

These containers are also affordable in terms of unloading and loading. Furthermore, they’re not time-consuming when it comes to unloading. Our flexible containers are very efficient since they enhance the transportation capacity considerably because the tank exploits the accessible space, making them more convenient than smaller containers, which consume space because of their shape.

ISO Tanks
ISO Tanks

ISO Tanks

These reusable, stainless steel tanks permit easy cleaning and never contaminate because of their construction. They’re quite robust and offer a safer choice for transporting hazardous liquids, for instance, gasoline and fuel. However, ISO tanks are considerably harder to obtain because of the inflated demand over the recent supply.

Flexibags and ISO Tanks offer the best choice for transporting huge liquid quantities internationally. However, other shipping choices exist for unique circumstances.


Liquid shipping drums can accommodate low quantities of liquid but can function as a substitute to ship liquids overseas via ordinary shipping containers. Typically, a 20ft. shipping container can accommodate up to 80 drums heaped on pallets, and each drum can carry 200 liters in total.

Selecting the Right Bulk Carrier

You’ll discover that selecting the right carrier for your bulk liquids is a great business decision. On the same note, beware that the wrong decision could lead to huge business debts and losses. Since numerous carriers exist, you should understand how to choose the right carrier with these factors.

Safety History

We prioritize the safety of our clients’ liquid freight, so you can count on us to handle your products carefully. You want to make sure you understand the safety history of the potential carrier. While researching, you want to determine whether the carrier has had safety issues and the cause of the same. Also, you want to determine whether the carrier has implemented any measures to prevent the matter from recurring.


Like other businesses, we recognize that experience plays a huge role in its success. After all, there are certain lessons, mistakes, and techniques that only experience can teach. The duration in which a carrier has been in business will give insight into how experienced the company is. The more experienced it is, the higher the likelihood that it has shipped your type of bulk liquid before.

Shipping bulk liquids is an intricate business that needs caution, especially if you’re dealing with the overseas market. Our guide offers tips that will help you ship liquids overseas if you’re looking to be effective in business.

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