What Are the Beneficial Characteristics of Flexitanks and Flexibags

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Flexibags - Bulk Liquid Transportation Tanker

In today’s world, bulk liquid transportation has become an essential component of international trade. Whether food products, chemicals, or industrial liquids, determining reliable and efficient shipping solutions is vital. An innovative solution that has gained considerable popularity over the years is the flexitank. Our flexible containers provide a range of benefits for transporting bulk liquids; this has revolutionized the transportation of liquids across the globe. Here’s why you can rely on our flexibags for meeting your bulk liquid transport needs.

What Are Flexitanks?

These huge flexible bags comprise durable and robust materials that can accommodate up to 24,000 liters of liquid. Specifically, they’re meant to fit in a standard 20ft. shipping container, maximizing space use. This adaptability feature permits companies to transform ordinary dry cargo containers into effective transport systems for bulk liquid transport, preventing the need for expensive packaging or specialized tankers.

bulk liquid solutionsBeneficial Characteristics

Decrease Shipping Costs

A major advantage of using our flexitanks for bulk liquid transportation is their capacity to decrease shipping expenses considerably. Unlike conventional transportation methods, for instance, intermediate bulk containers or drums, our flexitanks provide a greater volume-to-weight ratio, permitting shippers to transport more liquid in one shipment.

By exploiting container capacity, transportation companies can improve logistics, decrease the number of shipments needed, and ultimately reduce transportation costs.

Decrease product Contamination

You can count on our flexibags to decrease the likelihood of product contamination. These containers comprise pharmaceutical and food-grade materials that meet quality standards. Their design makes them airtight, allowing them to offer an extra protection layer against external contaminants to ensure the purity and integrity of the transported liquids. We find this aspect especially important for sensitive products, for instance, beverages and foods where sustaining product quality is vital.

Environmental Benefits

You can count on the flexitanks from TECHNO GROUP USA if you’re environmentally conscious. Since they’re single-use containers, they eradicate the need for cleaning, return logistics, and maintenance related to reusable containers.

Furthermore, they produce less waste, unlike conventional packaging methods. It’s worth noting that they comprise recyclable materials in their construction, decreasing the overall environmental impact and fostering sustainability in the bulk shipping industry.


Another reason you can count on our flexibags for bulk liquid transportation is their versatile nature. Our flexible bags can accommodate a broad array of liquid products, including edible oils, non-hazardous chemicals, juices, etc. You’ll notice that their design permits easy unloading and loading with different valve options accessible to suit particular requirements. The flexible trait is what makes them appropriate for varied industries and facilitates the transport of various liquids efficiently.

Enhance Efficiency in Supply Chain

Conventional methods frequently entail time-consuming and multifaceted unloading and loading processes. On the other hand, our flexibags allow fast installation and easy connection to the essential pumping systems. Consequently, the streamlined operation decreases unloading and loading times considerably, accelerating the overall shipping process while guaranteeing timely deliveries.

Easy Use

Our flexibags permit easy use and you’ll save time when it comes to unloading and loading the bulk products. It’s time-consuming to unload, fill, empty, and load individual tanks whereas you only need to fill or empty flexitanks in one go with a hose and pump.

Flexibag Loading and Installation

Flexibags have gained a lot of popularity for providing bulk liquid transport needs and transporting liquid products such as juices and oils. Unlike conventional shipping methods, our flexibags provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Nonetheless, proper loading and installation of these bags are vital for safe transportation.

Flexitanks for sale - Shipping ChemicalsInstallation

To prepare for flexitank installation, we ensure that the shipping container is clean and debris-free. Any protrusions or sharp edges must be covered or eliminated to avoid flexitank damage throughout the installation. Once container preparation takes place, flexibag installation is possible. You can count on us to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. After all, installation methods might differ based on the kind of flexitank being used. The flexibag installation should be tight to avoid any shifting or movement throughout bulk liquid transport; this can lead to product damage.


Throughout loading, we fill our flexitanks to the recommended capacity to avoid any potential for spills or leaks. Before loading, our flexitanks undergo inspection for any defects or leaks. The product being transported should maintain compatibility with the flexibag’s material to avoid any chemical reactions.

During this process, we load the product at a slow and stable pace to avoid any agitation or splashing that can cause flexibag damage. Once the flexibag is full, we check it for any bulges or leaks. Proper loading and installation of flexibags is important for the efficient and safe transport of bulk liquids.

Bear in mind that following instructions and careful product loading can prevent any possibility of spills or damage. With proper care and handling, our flexibags can offer a dependable and cost-effective solution for bulk liquid transportation.

Flexitank Use

Generally, it can take between 70 and 90 minutes to fix a flexibag in a freight container and fill it. The fixing of the flexitank in the container alone takes approximately 30 minutes while filling takes the remainder of the time. You simply need to position a new flexibag carefully in the container and the liquid that needs transportation is pumped into it with a special hose and pump. Once we fill the tank, we position a sturdy frame next to the container door to prevent movement in the container. Beware that flexitank installation should occur professionally and utmost care is necessary when handling a flexibag.

If your business deals with transporting bulk liquids, you want to look into our reliable flexibags to meet your business needs. You’ll discover they offer a range of benefits that will set your business apart.

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