15 Mar
Export oil
Why You Should Consider Using Techno Group USA Flexibags for Bulk Liquid Transport
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport, Fl...
Conventionally, the transportation of huge quantities of liquids takes place in IBCs, plastic, or metal drums. However, the cost of storage tanks or drums can eat into your profits...
27 Apr
Import and Export Apple Concentrate in Flexitank Bulk Liquid Solutions
Category: bulk liquid transport, Other Tanks
Apple concentrate is a product used in everything from beer and wine to various foods and even some natural cosmetics. In its purest form, apple concentrate is nothing more than pu...
27 Sep
Understanding Bulk Liquid Transport Equipment
Category: bulk liquid transport
The freight industry trasports three types of goods: gases, liquids, and solids or dry goods. All these three categories of goods have their own specialized type of equipment requi...
30 Aug
Flexitank or ISO Tank Containers for Bulk Liquid Transport
Category: Flexitanks
Flexitanks and ISO tank containers are both used for bulk liquid transportation. Some customers prefer one solution over the other based on tradition but there is still a lack of c...