Bulk Liquid Transportation Of Fruit Pulp In Flexitanks

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Transporting fruit pulp in bulk is a challenge. It needs to be kept stable, allowed to keep cool, and moved quickly from one destination to another. There are multiple ways of transporting fruit pulp, but here’s why Flexitank container liquid storage is the best for this kind of liquid transport.

How Pulp Is Transported

Right now, most major transporters tend to transport their fruit pulps in the standard drums often used for transport. These can be kept chilled, so they’re often seen as the most obvious choice when it’s needed to move the product elsewhere.

While drums do have their advantages, they aren’t the best way to transport fruit pulp. Thanks to their shape, you won’t get the maximum storage available on the truck they’re stacked onto. They will always leave some dead space, making it less than efficient to use them. Plus, as there will be many drums to be stacked onto a truck, it will take time to get them all on.

Another disadvantage of using drums is that they’re a reusable product. That’s good for the environment in the short term, but it’s actually a disadvantage to you. The problem with them is that they need to be cleaned after every use. That costs you money, and you’ll have to pay to have the empty drums sent for cleaning. Plus, there’s always the risk of cross contamination if a drum isn’t cleaned correctly. That means a potential loss of profit, which obviously you want to avoid.

Why Use Flexitanks?

So if drums aren’t as ideal for bulk liquid transport, what should you use? Many in the industry are now turning to Flexitanks for their transport needs. Why should you look into using them for your fruit pulp transport needs?

One use item: The beauty of a Flexitank is that they’re designed to only be used once. That’s perfect for food grade items, as you can ensure that no cross contamination occurs with your deliveries. Once the tank has been filled, it will be used for transport and then recycled once it’s been emptied. It’s so easy to ensure that everything is safe when it’s being transported, and you’ll never have to worry about a container not being cleaned out again.

Save money: Of course, when you’re transporting any liquid in bulk, you want to ensure that you’re saving money. Who doesn’t want to ensure they’re not spending as much as they need to? This ties in with the previous point, as the containers are one use only. Because of this, you’re not sending them away to be cleaned, which eats into your profits. Plus, it’s much cheaper to store Flexitanks as you can fit so many more into the same space.

Use all the available space: This is one of the main reasons why transporters like to use Flexitanks. With most tanks, there will be times that you’re not using all the space available to you. This is especially true if you’re using drums. With a Flexitank though, this won’t happen. A Flexitank is laid out on the bottom of a container, and then filled up through the nozzle at the top. When this happens, the tank will expand to fit the container. You’ll get as much liquid as possible on the truck, lowering costs and making the most of the space available to you.

Can be kept at the right temperature: This of course is very important if you’re transporting fruit pulp, as it needs to be kept at a certain temperature. If you’re using drums you can chill them as you transport them, but Flexitanks are much more suitable to this job. They come insulated, so the fruit pulp will easily keep its temperature as you transport it. This helps you keep it in the best possible condition when it’s on the road.

Easy to load up: Moving around drums of any liquid isn’t easy. It’ll take a lot of manpower to fill them up and get them on the truck, ready for transportation. That’s why many are turning to Flexitanks, as they’re so much easier to fill up. All you need to do is attach a hose to the nozzle and pump the liquid in. There’s no need for heavy lifting, and it will be done in a matter of minutes. It lowers costs too, as you need less manpower to do it.

Lower weight: The weight of your tank affects how much liquid you can move at any one time, as you know. The heavier the tank, the less you can move, as a truck can only hold so much weight safely. That’s why Flexitanks are becoming so popular. They weigh less than other tanks, so you can fill them up with more liquid and therefore use less trucks to get it on the road. Again, this is going to save you a lot of money.

Flexitanks Are The New Way To Transport Liquid

As you’ve seen now, Flexitanks are a great way of moving several liquids, including fruit pulp. They’re excellent at transporting food grade liquids as they’re FDA approved, and are one use only so there’s no risk of cross contamination. Plus, many aspects of their design make them a low cost option for most companies.

If you’re looking for bulk liquid solutions for fruit pulp, then a Flexitank is just what you need. They’re highly cost effective, easy to load up, and safe for food grade liquids.

Author: miamiseo