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Techno Group USA is your source for affordable Flexitanks and supplies. These units are designed to maximize your loads for international bulk liquid shipping or storage. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional iron drums and are easy to load and unload. As one of the top Flexitank companies in the world today, Techno Group USA offers excellent customer service, support, and timely logistics. They work with new and existing clients to build long-term relationships that increase productivity, performance, and bulk-liquid shipping worldwide.

Why should you consider Flexitanks?

There are many advantages of investing in Techno Tanks™ Flexitanks. These single-use tanks are versatile, flexible, and contamination-free. Similarly, they ensure 15% more payload than traditional IBCs and 44% more payload than drums. Here are some more benefits of Flexitanks (a.k.a Flexibags) for your new or existing global storage/shipping company:

  • Techno Group USA ensures door-to-door deliveries of products/supplies for expedited results.
  • No return load is needed, and there is never any risk of contamination.
  • Flexibags and supplies are available for businesses and shippers in remote areas.
  • 50% more payload than bottles with lower product loss for loading/unloading.
  • No cleaning or maintenance costs and no disposal costs – these items are designed as single-use, one-time use tanks.
  • Maximize your loads and increase productivity across multiple departments. Flexitanks are ideal for expedited bulk-liquid shipping and both short-term and long-term warehouse storage.
  • All products are clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly. They are also recyclable, which helps protect the environment as a whole.

Additional benefits of Flexibags for companies

One of the main problems bulk-liquid shippers tend to face is delays in loading and unloading. Even the slightest delay can harm any company’s domestic or international reputation. With this in mind, Techno Group USA consistently modifies its Flexibags to reflect the latest cutting-edge technologies and designs. All tanks are meticulously tested to meet and pass stringent quality control requirements and criteria. This makes the products market-ready with the following additional advantages:

  • Low labor for handling, filling, and loading.
  • Faster loading times as compared with traditional drums and conventional IBCs.
  • No forklifts are required to load or unload containers.
  • Cost-effective and certainly cheaper than drums, IBCs, and tank containers.
  • Decrease delays, increase productivity and maximize loads with timely logistics and measurable results.
  • Techno Group USA is always available to help new and existing customers with any product-related questions or concerns.
  • Logistics, supplies, accessories, and professional communications with clients across the board. It’s as simple as contacting Techno Group USA to learn more about Flexibags and the countless benefits they bring to worldwide shippers and storage companies.

What supplies are ideal for higher viscosity products?

Flexitanks are designed to transport over 60 non-hazardous commodities to worldwide destinations. These single-use units feature multi-layered bladders made with durable polyethylene and outer coverings of woven polypropylene. These units are rapidly replacing outdated IBCs and iron drums for bulk-liquid storing and shipping. Whether you need a Flexitank for oil or a Flexitank for wine, Techno Group USA has you covered.

However, what about products that require heating before discharging the Flexitank? While Techno Group USA guarantees that your bulk-liquids’ integrity and quality will remain intact during storage or en route to destinations, they also offer convenient Head Pads for products that have a higher viscosity. Here are some benefits of these essential supplies:

  • Heat Pads are engineered to safely heat highly viscous products to achieve desired levels before discharge from a Flexitank.
  • Heat pads ensure safe, efficient ways to lower product viscosity so that liquids can be pumped at the desired destination.

There are even more reasons to buy Flexitanks and supplies from Techno Group USA. As a seasoned, reputable company, they are committed to excellence in meeting all your needs within time and budget. From replacements and supplies to bulk-order tanks and accessories, here are some more ways to make the most out of your Flexitanks:

  • Techno Group USA features several Heat Pads that are ideal for different types of liquids.
  • As always, Flexibags can store bulk-liquids, concentrates, pharmaceuticals, wine, oils, and even foodstuffs. All materials used to develop Flexibags are approved by the U.S. Food & Drugs Administration for that extra seal of approval.
  • Flexitanks hold up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons) and easily fit into standard 20-foot freight containers. They can hold, store, or ship dry goods, bulk-liquid goods, and much more.
  • Flexibags play a crucial role in modern logistical operations by reducing overall costs and increasing liquidity in organizations.
  • With these items, you get peace of mind knowing your bulk-liquids are safe and sound. They also help your business free up cash in the supply chain to be used for other expenditures.

What other supplies does Techno Group offer?

The demands for each shipping or storage company tends to differ. What works yesterday might not work today for any organization or enterprise. This is why Techno Group USA offers a wide array of products, supplies, and accessories that meet the growing demand of global businesses in a blink of an eye.

This includes their Techno Tanks™ Flexible Paper IBC containers. These units are economical, dependable, and environmentally-friendlier than drums and bottle-in-cage units. They are designed for use in bulk boxes to increase efficiency and utility across the board.

To learn more about Techno Group USA and their great products and supplies, contact them today or visit:https://www.technogroupusa.com/services/technotanks-flexitanks-flexibags/

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