Manufacturing Flexitanks to Exceed Industry Standards

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If you run any kind of business that has domestic or international liquid shipping needs, you’ve likely used or at least heard of Flexitanks in the last decade. While the technology to create flexible liquid storage solutions has existed for decades, it is only relatively recently that these have been adopted on a large scale.

Due to the popularity and the benefits of flexitanks, there are countless companies that manufacture their own solutions for shippers today.

At Techno Group USA, we understand that we are just one of many flexitank companies, but we offer significant advantages in terms of the quality of our products. Our goal has always been to create innovative solutions that are affordable as well as accessible and deployable. With a Techno Tank™, you can ensure the integrity of your product, no matter where you are sending it.

Take the time to learn about what makes our company and our product different, and see how you could completely transform your shipping process in 2020.

Stability in Our Proprietary Flexitank Design

Our flexitank water storage bags, reservoirs, and bulk shipping solutions are designed to meet the needs of producers.

  • Our tanks are made to the highest standards using resilient materials that have been tested in our facilities and in countless shipping projects. Techno Group USA products have even been operational in such extreme locations as forests and deserts.

  • Tanks are fully insured to cover loss of product and manufacturing defects in the very unlikely case that damage occurs.

  • Flexitanks for sale are made with polyethylene and an outer covering of woven polypropylene for strength and stability. Our materials are FDA approved.

The Flexitank Barrier – How It Sets Us Apart From the Competition

The flexitanks for sale at Techno Group USA are made with materials that are FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved for food and beverage transportation. Shipping food products is a major industry. With innovative solutions like ours, producers can enjoy a wider global reach with the potential to vastly expand their addressable markets.

In the early days of our development, we worked with an American olive oil importer. Their suppliers followed strict quality control processes to ensure that the products weren’t compromised at the production facility.

However, at some point during shipping in a flexitank bladder, the product was being contaminated with naphthalene. This is an organic chemical compound, but it can be dangerous to human health if ingested in high concentrations. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has not performed verified tests on naphthalene, although it estimates that a probable lethal dose is between 5 and 15 grams.

Flexitank for oils techno tanks
Flexitank for oils techno tanks

While the contamination, in this case, was not enough to cause lethal side effects, the contaminated product no longer met the standards of the importer.

Despite an investigation, it was impossible to identify how the contamination occurred, but it was determined that it happened during transportation. This created a problem for us, for which a unique solution was found.

It was necessary to protect the olive oil from naphthalene. Our designers produced a flexitank barrier to get around this problem. The barrier creates an additional layer of protection for the flexitank. It prevents oxygen ingress (as well as other potential contaminants) and was found to be 100% effective at eliminating naphthalene in subsequent shipments.

In addition to the barrier, enhanced loading methods were developed. When filling a flexitank, the entire volume is filled with no air left inside. This ensures the total integrity of the shipment, whether it’s olive oil, food additives, sauces, or similar products.

The flexitank barrier is just one of the ways that we set ourselves apart from the competition. Techno Group USA ensures minimal add-on costs when using the barrier for shipping. Now our clients can enjoy bulk liquid shipping solutions, with complete confidence, while still getting the cost savings that have made us so popular in the market.

We Aren’t Ending Our Innovation Here

Any company that stops innovating is at risk of being left behind. At Techno Tanks USA, we understand this. It’s not just about our own business. We want to ensure that our more than 1260 satisfied customers can continue to enjoy safe food-grade shipping solutions at the most competitive costs.

Our flexitanks for sale are constantly being re-engineered. Not every iteration provides benefits, but our R&D team never stops trying to push the boundaries. New ideas and materials are extensively tested to identify gains in product stability or cost reduction. It’s this never-ending drive for perfection that has kept us ahead of the competition.

Our flexitank barrier is one example where continuous development allowed us to create a novel solution. As new developments occur, you can rest assured that they will be extensively tested and appraised with our partners and clients before being deployed into the market.

The technology behind flexitanks is well understood. Our industry peers can clearly create products that meet the basic needs of the market. However, if you want a shipping partner that can constantly offer new benefits and cost savings, or solutions to problems that you haven’t even identified yet, then Techno Group USA is the company to talk to.

There’s No Shipping Method More Economical or Safer Than Flexitanks

In addition to our industry-leading quality and innovation, there’s no ignoring the fact that flexitanks are the lowest cost bulk liquid shipping option available today.

If you want to learn more about our process or discuss shipping and tank purchase, talk to now. Our logistics team is standing by to make your next shipping project a success.

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