4 Ways To Save Money With Flexitanks   

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Techno Group is a seasoned and reputable company with years of experience. As your bulk liquid transport specialists, we are proud to feature our signature line of Flexitanks. These sturdy, durable units are perfect for transporting your bulk liquids to domestic or international destinations. They also save you time, money, and ensure a safe and spill-free transportation of bulk water, wine, juice, concentrates, glycerin, etc… With this in mind, here are 4 ways Flexitanks have – and continue to help customers save money:

  • Flexitanks or Flexibags maximize the transport load of your bulk liquids.
  • They are approved for intermodal logistics.
  • Flexibags are cost-effective, safe (approved by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration – FDA), and easy to transport.
  • Flexitanks  reduce man hours by having a one step loading and unloading process.

More Reasons to Choose Flexitanks

Flexitank water storage bagsFlexibags liquid transportation are ideal for transporting or storing bulk water. Similarly, they are utilized by companies across the world for transporting additives, foodstuffs, and other essentials. At Techno Group in USA, we offer Flexitanks for transport to over 60 different non-hazardous commodities. These units feature multi-layered bladders made of high-end polyethylene. This single-use tanks also include outer woven polypropylene coverings that can hold up to 24,000 liters of bulk liquids. Here are a few more ways to save time and money with our signature products:

  • Flexitanks and/or Flexibags hold wine, water, juice and concentrates and they can be used for temporary storage.
  • Your liquids are fully protected en route to your desired destinations. No product loss during transfers and no contamination.
  • Flexitanks unlike ISO Tank are pliable and folded into a box. They don’t require large space to be stored and they can easily be transported and relocated.
  • Flexitanks have been proven to reduce operating costs while increasing liquidity in new and existing organizations as they help maximize product transportation load, reduce man hours for loading and unloading, and don’t require cleaning or return trip fees.

Why Flexibags are Ideal for Liquid Storage?

From warehouses and go-downs to pick up and drop off centers, Techno Group caters to liquid storage demands across the world. In fact, we are one of the top Flexitank companies in the world today. This means we stand by all our products and offer innovative solutions for bulk-liquid shipping companies. We also stay abreast of all the latest industry developments and trends. This enables us to enhance our inventory to meet industry and customer demands across the globe. From Flexitanks and Heat Pads to Storage Fuel Collapsible Tanks, we showcase a full range of storage – transport products to meet your needs within time and budget.

We also offer Cross-Pump and spill emergency services. Similarly, we are able to help you maximize loads that save you time and money. With timely answers to all product-related or logistical questions and concerns, we are just a phone call or e-mail away. Our highly-dedicated team is well-versed in all products and can help you find the right solution to achieve desired results. If you transport any non-hazardous liquids in bulk quantities Techno Group USA can help your improve your operations.

Reduce your Operating Costs with Flexibags

Flexibags for sale require no cleaning or maintenance. Similarly, Flexitanks can transport or store oil, wine, and so many other bulk liquids of different grades. This allows you to secure higher transport volumes and maximize loads. In the business world, time is always of the essence; this is why you need Flexitanks that work well on land, rail, and across oceans. These units are small, lightweight, and easy to transport. In addition to their great mobility, they are easy to load, unload, and all materials are recycled and reused for environmental protection.

As a proud member of the Containers Owners Association (COA), Techno Group USA even helps petro-chemical and agricultural companies store or transport liquids with the best tanks. From oil products and pharmaceuticals to industrial and food grade products, we continue to meet the needs of countless industries and sectors with first-class products that deliver outstanding results. For more information on Flexitanks, simply contact us today.

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